I chose to determine my fate – My breast augmentation journey Part 1

It wasn’t easy to make the choice.
People called me crazy.
“Huh, you not scared meh?”
“What if the doctor screws up? Y’know I heard someone whose nipple turned out slanted, another girl’s boobs burst …..”
To say I didn’t have fear in my heart or nerves in my veins would be lying.However, ever since I was a teen, I’ve always thought about doing breast augmentation aka boob jobs.Watching Bong Qiu Qiu’s boob job video further inspired me.
She spoke honestly, about how she felt being flat, how it affected her confidence, how we just didn’t look as good in clothes, how she hated going to the beach and I cried.
Because I knew that deep down, I felt the same.

Years on, her video is still etched in my memory.
And people continued to make jokes about how flat I was.
I chose to pretend like it didn’t hurt me and laughed along.
After all, I could only accept my fate right?
As I grew up, more ladies around me chose to determine their fate.
I started to hear more stories of ladies going for surgery to enhance their bodies.
Some turned out well, some turned out bad.
But these statistics never stopped anyone anyway.
It was worth a shot.
So I started googling and researching about breast augmentation.
That’s when I chanced upon MH Plastic Surgery.
I was inclined towards this clinic because I’ve heard of Dr Martin Huang’s good name and his many successful cases.
His website had clear, detailed explanations of the procedure as well, which made me feel a greater sense of relief.To be honest, I sat on it for a week but eventually decided to set up a doctor’s consultation with MH Plastic Surgery.
*fingers crossed*The clinic was minimalistic and very clean, located on the top floor of Paragon Medical.
I was greeted my friendly staff and nurses who brought me in to meet Doctor.
He spent more than an hour, understanding my needs and concerns as well as debunked popular myths about breast augmentation.
Doctor also explained why he chose to use the product he uses in his clinic over other types of implant, his choice of procedure and so on.
These went a long way to make me feel more assured and safe in his hands.

Eventually we got to the part where I got to try on different sized implants to pick how I wanted the results to look!
I kinda felt like a barbie doll, but also a dream come true.
After the session, the doctor told me to go back and consider if I really wanted to continue with the procedure.
At no point of the consultation was he pushy or unprofessional.

I took less than a week to decide.
My answer was, YES, I want this for me and my body.
So I got a date and waited for the day to arrive.

Stay tuned as I share more about the surgery and recovery process in my next post ☺

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AXA @ Post Smart Traveller Insurance

As the holiday season approaches, I’m sure many of you are jetting off out of our sunny island for a holiday.
Everyone wants to have a safe and happy trip.
But sometimes, the inevitable happens and we need to be prepared!

Thus, I’ve always covered my grounds and made it a point to purchase travel insurance before I leave the country.

If you don’t know where to buy such a policy, look to AXA@Post’s Smart Traveller insurance!

The policy has great coverage:
1. High medical coverage up to $600,000
2. Protection for lost or damaged belongings up to $10,000 (super impt esp when going to countries where pick-pockets are common)
3. Leisure sports cover (With this, you can do all the leisure water sports you want!)
4. Personal accident cover starts before trip
5. Only buy what you need: choose from golf equipment cover, sports equipment
cover, rental vehicle excess cover, and other optional benefits.

Essentially, you’re able to customize your own insurance policy!

Although I have been lucky enough not to make any claims from AXA during my recent
trip to Ipoh and Penang, I would still like to share about the fuss-free online purchase process.
All you have to do is provide some details on your travels and you’d be able to obtain a quote within seconds.
You can also opt for the comprehensive plan for even better coverage (highly recommended!!)

If you’d like to know more info, check out this link: http://bit.ly/2iihRVpSafe travels!

Brought to you by AXA@Post.

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Download the SG BusLeh App!

Alamak the bus leh????
How come take so long ah???
Reach my stop already not??
Eh, don’t know my Ezlink card enough money a not leh, sekali I cannot board sia.

Cause SG BusLeh is here to help!

The app was launched in 2015, developed by Originally US – a local Singapore-based mobile app development consultancy firm.
(Singaporean make the app, thats why the app uses Singlish!!)
The auntie in me approves heheh.

The app is designed to be super fast like Flash and very easy to use.
Aunties and uncles also can understand.
SO SIMPLE (like what the PayWave Uncle Sim says)

Let me tell you why this app super tok-gong:

  • First bus app in Singapore to feature Singlish
  • First bus app to introduce 3rd arrival timing (before SG BusLeh, bus apps in Singapore only offer up to 2 bus arrival timing per bus)
    • This is good so you can plan your time better!
  • First bus app to introduce bus locator (known as ‘Stalk bus’ in BusLeh, this feature allows commuters to ‘stalk’ and see the actual current physical location of upcoming buses)
    • So you know how fast you need to run to the bus stop
  • First bus app to inform commuters whether upcoming bus are double deckers, bendy or single decks.
    • For ppl who only like double decks (;
  • First bus app to use machine learning to predict how full each bus will be when it arrives.
    • Means, you can see whether this bus got seat a not!!!
  • First bus app to be available for Android Wear (Android wearable watches)
    • Actually, I didn’t know Android also got watch, I must be very suagu.
  • First bus app to also provide NTU and NUS internal shuttle bus arrival timing
    • Wa, too bad grad liao
  • First bus app to also provide SMRT train timing
    • But if train breakdown, don’t blame SG BusLeh cause as the name says, it focuses more on bus ok. Maybe next time create SG MRTLeh
  • First bus app to be able to check your EZ-link card balance using your phone (on supported devices)
    • This one very good, then you will not have to paiseh fumble with coins then everyone stare at you for wasting their time.

These are probably the reasons why SG BusLeh was featured in CNA and Channel 8.
They even won the Most Innovative Solution award from LTA in 2016!
Even I also feel like giving them award.

Oh, one last reason and actually my most favourite reason for downloading this app:
If you are on a bus, Busleh can notify you when your are arriving at your destination stop!
So you will never miss your bus stop again!!

If you super like this app, you can also view this video to see how it works.
I never bluff you ah, it really is very the good.

This app is available both on Android and Apple.

If you lazy to watch video, you can also view these images.

Can tell you if double decker or bendy bus

Make sure your ez-link got money, if not very paiseh yknow.

You can rename the bus stop to be like “My secret lover’s house” or maybe rename your workplace to “Warzone” also can

Tell you when to alight!!!

This app can even work for buses in Pulau NTU, not bad hor

You can stalk your bus heheh

Ok, now I wanna tell you more about the developer, so you can trust them ok!

About Originally US  https://originallyus.sg (iOS app development singapore)

  • Originally US is one of the top mobile app developer in Singapore
  • Specializes in designing and developing amazing mobile apps that look and feel great
  • Clients include insurance giant AIA, River Safari, Mediacorp, CPF and Zalora
  • Clients love Originally US because they deliver quality mobile experience and do not over-promise
  • Originally US fully in-source their development and focus on talents, going through as much as 30 to 50 resumes to hire one developer

RMBR to download and then you never have to ask “where the bus leh??” anymore!

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