Before trying the Mediplus Gel, I’ve never been exposed to All-in-one skincare.
When I first heard the term, I wondered if such a wonderful product could exist.
“Wouldn’t it cause many skincare lines to go out of business?”
I had to try it out for myself and to test for myself what Mediplus had to offer to my skin.

The Story behind Mediplus

The CEO of Mediplus suffered from eczema since her childhood days. Thus, she started working as a skin counsellor in search for a solution to her skin problem. After her experience with over 1000 patients, she finally realized that exposing the skin to aggressive rubbing/touching was the cause of many skin troubles. Therefore, she invented an All-in-one skin care which reduces unnecessary touching & rubbing; with the aim to invent a cosmetic that is suitable for sensitive skin without any alcohol, parabens, artificial colouring & flavour.

Jointly developed with a pharmaceutical company, Mediplus has also been adopted in more than 200 cosmetic surgeries.

​Mediplus has achieved much success, with a sales record of more than 6 million bottles sold in Japan! The company then expanded into Taiwan, with an extremely high satisfaction rate of 98%. This has been duly recognized, as Mediplus was awarded the Monde Selection Gold Prize for 3 consecutive years.

So, what exactly makes Mediplus so wonderful?
Here’s why.

Product Features
· Formulated with 66 beauty ingredients such as Izumo Tamatsukuri Spring Water, which is renowned for beautiful skin
· Radiation tested, SGS tested
· Free from preservatives, alcohols, fragrances, mineral oils etc; making Mediplus-Gel completely suitable for sensitive skin
· All-in-one moisturising skincare to attain beautiful hydrated radiant skin.
· Rejuvenated skin after 1 month of use!

Mediplus has 66 beauty ingredients

Key ingredients are as follows:
◇Super Collagen
⇒ provides both younger-looking and elastic skin
◇Marine Placenta
⇒ Quick and effective whitening effect
◇ Hyaluronic acid
⇒ Improve wrinkles and provides lifting effect
◇ Vitamin C
⇒ Removes dullness, lightens & radiates skin
◇ Hot Spring Water
⇒ Effective for improving rough skin and acne
◇ Highly Concentrated ceramide
⇒ Hydrates & retains moisture level.

With these, you’d notice your skin being deeply moisturized and brightened. Mediplus-Gel is suitable for sensitive, dry skin; with whitening and anti-ageing effects. Blemishes, wrinkles, sagging would also be improved!

How To Use
· Please apply 2 full pumps in the morning and 3 full pumps in the evening from the face to neckline
· After washing your face, spread the gel over your palms and apply gently.· As the gel contains plenty of moisturising ingredients, it may feel sticky after application. Do be patient as the stickiness is a layer that protects your skin from the external environment (i.e. Dirt, Dust etc.) & keeps your skin moisturised.

For details, refer to the following videos:


I really love this gel because I can really testify for its moisturizing effects. I hate when moisturizing products leave a thick gooey after-feeling, especially in our tropical weather but Mediplus-gel is quickly absorbed into your skin and boosts your moisture levels by at least 10 – 20%!
· Mediplus-Gel is only sold through their online store to ensure better quality and price.
Head over to to place your orders or find out more info!Do sign up for the Royal Membership Program which saves you time, effort and provides an automated delivery service. 1 bottle will be automatically delivered once every two months without needing to pay $10 delivery fee.

· First-time purchasers under the Royal Membership Program are entitled to 30 days money back guarantee.
· Mediplus Royal Membership Program costs only $58, saving you $10 delivery fee.
· From your 2nd Delivery onwards, stand to earn valuable rewards when you join the program which entitles you to a range of Free Travel-sized products from Mediplus.

· Note: Cancellations can only be strictly made by calling our hotline (No cancellation fee is charged)
Feel free to request for any postponement & bringing forward of delivery

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    1. Hi Lexi, is there more features that you’d like to know so that I can share more? I had a great experience with this product and I really highly recommend it.

    1. Hi Elizabeth, the product is said to help with pigmentation but as its main property is hydration, I wouldn’t count on it to remove strong pigmentation / freckles. To be honest, any product that is able to do so is probably very harmful to your skin. Usually, will need a more evasive procedure to effectively remove freckles. Just sharing my thoughts!

    1. Hi michelle, yes it is a product made in Japan! I suggest you purchase directly from their website / main SG distributor Benlux. You can also look out for their pop-ups! sometimes they have a booth at Takashimaya

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