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No need for plastic surgery, just use Labottach’s innovative yet effective skincure products!In this review, I’d be sharing my thoughts about the Labottach V-UP Patch, Cheek AC and Revital Eye Patch.
About Labbotach
Wooshin Labottach was first established in 1992 in Korea and has been focusing on researching and developing pharmaceutical and cosmetic products in the past 20 years. After successfully exporting their products to more than 40 countries, (which are mainly in Europe), Labottach is now launching their products in Singapore!What makes them totally different from your typical masks is that, they are not about skin care but skin cure. Plus, with their innovative material and effective formula of ingredients, Labottach offers solutions to aging/ acne/and other sensitive skin problems.Their core products include the Derma Cosmo-Patch (a mask-like product which could be applied onto various facial and body parts). It is made of a highly innovative hydrogel type material that offers 8 hours long lasting moisturizing effects.

Here’s a look at Labottach’s winning technology:

Without further ado, let’s dive into looking at the 3 products!

V-UP Patch – a Moisturizing corset for the perfect V-line

The V-UP Patch is a hydrogel patch which provides moisture and active ingredients to your skin for up to 8 hours (perfect night care!). With skin tightening, moisturizing and lifting effects (proven effective through clinical trials); you’d be able to achieve your dream v-line face!In other words, the solution to chin and upper neck wrinkles.The V-UP Patch can also help to ease pain and side effects caused by cosmetic procedures to the chin.

Another fun fact, this best-seller could also be worn even with your make-up on!

Here’s a look at the key ingredients:

I’ve personally tried this product and I HIGHLY recommend!

Revital Eye Patch – restores & rejuvenates tired and delicate skin under the eye ($10.90-$12.90)The Revital Eye Patch is a nutrition moisturizing veil that fills up the gaps in your skin and provides long-lasting cooling effects which prevents swelling of the eyes.

Perfect for use on dry or loose skin under the eyes, dark circles under the eyes and swollen eyes.


Very comfortable and convenient to use!

Cheek AC Thyol Patch ($13.90-$15.90)

Under Labottach’s Acne line, this hydropatch can be used on troubled skin around the cheek. It not only helps with fast relief of the skin but also skin recovery (esp after pimple popping!)​

Feel free to click any of the links below to find out more!Labottach Singapore Official web shop:

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