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Maskingdom’s Taiwan Aboriginal Series-B Facial Masks
Combining care with authentic local culture, these Soapberry and Bird’s Nest Fern facial masks
are abundant in vitamin C, making your skin lighter.
It has amazing moisturizing effects as well, making your skin look translucent.
This mask series combines the best from the various indigenous groups of Taiwan, pampering your skin with tried and tested, natural ingredients.
Suitable for normal, dry and sensitive skin.Maskingdom has won several National awards since 2009 so your skin is definitely safe in their hands!

Super love the packaging of each and every mask as well.
They’re uniquely hand drawn with love by illustrator designer, Ele.
The packaging of the mask set is also environmentally friendly, saving water in the process of its production and is made from recyclables as well!


With their synergy, PHYTOPIA aims to transform your daily life into a healthy lifestyle.When I received the Slimway Synergy, I was curious to find out if it really worked.
This is because it is an intensive aromatherapy synergy that combines a unique blend of natural ingredients (Organic essential oils such as Juniper berries and grapefruit as well as Organic Carrier Oils such as Sunflower and Evening Primrose) formulated to shape your body with noticeable improvements in just 2 weeks, and with optimal results being 4 weeks.

All I had to do was apply 10-20 drops of the product evenly to clean skin, avoiding the genetial area. It can be used as an appetite suppressant if you apply it to your tummy area 30 minutes before each meal.

Slimway promises to curb hunger and sugar cravings therefore helping you to shape your figure the natural way!
The main ingredient- grapefruit essence kickstarts your metabolism and suppresses overeating (guilty). It also cleanses and tones your skin to get rid of any impurities that might have been left behind, so that your skin feels smoother to the touch. At the same time, your spirits are kept high and lifted as well, unlike if you embark on depressing diets.

The juniper berry ingredients deals with your water retention, getting rid of that swollen face in the morning!

Suitable for all skin types.

Rmbr to keep your Synergy in a cool and dry place, away from children.
Pls consult your doctor if you’re taking aspirin or other drugs with anticoagulating effects or if you’re pregnant

All-Belle Anion Skin Care TowelThis towel is the most legendary product I’ve ever used.
It works as a make up remover, and all it needs is water!
Yes, you’ve heard right.
There’s no need to use any other makeup products, simply wipe your face using this Anion Skin Care Towel to remove even eyeliner and foundation!

The towel:
1. Allows your skin to breathe healthily and take on a brand-new look
2. Simple and effective physical skin peeling
3. The Nanofiber cleanses deep into pores, dries out acne, disposes of dulling dirt and dried up cells. Use the towel to gently massage in a circular motion around areas of the face with acne to clear your skin and make sure it does not come back again.
4. Germanium also releases negative ions to promote blood circulation and aid the absorption of skin care products

This is definitely the most eco-friendly and economical ways of cleaning up at the end of your day. No need to buy anymore makeup removers and wipes!

You may even use the towel on parts of your body with more active sweat glands, to remove body odor! This is because the towel has nanofibers that have a diameter of 250 times smaller than the human hair!

This towel is uniquely made in Taiwan and is available in 2 sizes and colour.

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