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Lose up to 5cm* with Bio Sculpture which flushes out toxins and burns fat!Shou Slimming introduces its latest treatment Bio Sculpture – a deep-reaching treatment using FIR (Far Infrared Ray) technology to target localised fatty deposits as well as stimulates the body’s natural cellular stimulation while aiding in natural detoxification.

Sounds cheem? Basically, think of the rays as zapping at your fats and helping you to detox (by making you feel like going to the loo).

This awesome Western technology is combined with TCM methods of targeting the body’s meridian flow, which is key to releasing toxins and maintaining proper circulation.The treatment helps in three key areas: –

1. Detoxification – The rays penetrate into the skin to activate the cells which are not functioning at optimal levels. This action causes the cells to function efficiently, flushing out
toxins and “metals” within the body through the lymphatic drainage. This effect causes overall balancing of the system and helps to balance the body’s hormones.

2. Metabolic Stimulation – Using the mild heat energy from the FIR, Bio Sculpture transfers the energy to the cells and kick-starts a healthy and more efficient cellular system which boosts blood flow and increases cardiovascular and lymphatic functions.
Each treatment is almost equivalent to 30-minutes of light cardio exercise!

3. Recovery – Because of its penetrative abilities and micro-stimulation, FIR reaches to the
cellular level to helps repair and assist in cell regeneration. The treatment helps the body to
recover from any exertion from physical activity, reducing recovery time and aiding in
keeping the body energised.

Through the combination of the above, Bio Sculpture helps in the body’s ability to improve
 which is to burn fat effectively at the cellular level. It also keeps the body’s
hormonal balance in check, reduce internal inflammation and optimises metabolism. What’s
more, this treatment further aids in inch-loss through the tightening of loose skin in recovery. In
addition, the body’s immune system is boosted and further strengthened against illnesses
with FIR’s healing properties through electro-magnetic wave therapy.

The treatment also incorporates bio-microcurrents which mimics the body’s natural electro-
currents and the bio-stimulation penetrates deep into the dermal skin layers. The effect
enhances the lymphatic drainage effects at a cellular level, kick-starting the skin’s natural
production of elastin and collagen to repair cells
 and improve cell production – for firmer and
tighter skin.

3 different types of Nano serums is massaged into the tummy area (where most toxins are stored) to further increase efficacy of the treatment, safely targeting and releasing liquid fat. Bio Clay is also applied to seal in the effects of speeding up overall fat-burning, skin tightening and encouraging overall hormonal balance. As such, the Bio Sculpture treatment targets the feeling of bloating, as well as overall lymphatic drainage and tightens the skin in just one session!At the end of the 75 minutes session, you can lose up to five (5) centimeters in one Bio Sculpture Treatment, due to the immediate effects on the body.
(cue *wow*)

Shou Slimming’s Bio Sculpture Treatment (rtp. $368, incl GST) activates your body to burn fat, detoxifies and reduces the appearance of cellulite.In celebration of this launch, the Shou Slimming Bio Sculpture Treatment is only $89 for a first-time trial session. This treatment is available at all Shou Slimming outlets.

*Shou Slimming does a body analysis for every treatment to assess the individual’s needs.

About Shou SlimmingFlaunt a figure that only Shou can give! Shou revolutionises body slimming using safe and
effective treatments. Its personalised and natural treatments remove stubborn fats in a painless
manner. At Shou, customers do not have to take any pills, meal supplements or undergo
injections, crash diets or sweaty workouts. Their programmes help to shape overall body
contours – allowing customers to achieve the body they have always wanted!

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Shou Outlets

1. One Raffles Place
1 Raffles Place, #04-49/50, One Raffles Place, Singapore 048616
Contact: 6536 9388

2. Novena Square
238 Thomson Road, #03-37/38, Novena Square Shopping Mall, Singapore 307683
Contact: 6252 5822

3. The Seletar Mall
33 Sengkang West Avenue, #04-17, The Seletar Mall, Singapore 797653
Contact: 6384 4788

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