The last oxygen facial with SkinPerfect before leaving for exchange

Oh how I miss getting my skin pampered by Skin Perfect SG!

Before I left for my exchange, I made a trip to their newest outlet at Plaza Singapura to get my skin boosted with oxygen. Although the outlet is a smaller branch compared to Liat Towers, its definitely more convenient with the Dhoby Ghaut MRT station situated in the same building!

The Pure Oxygen Facial ($188) promises superior hydration for your skin, promoting healthy cell growth and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles! The best part, no downtime and your skin is fresh, supple and hydrated by the end of the treatment. 

​I know how my previous post didn’t have much pictures so this time, I made sure to take tons of selfies during the treatment process!

After a simple cleansing and scrubbing to remove my makeup, I go through the steaming process, to open up my pores. 
I’ve always hated manual extractions cause they hurt.
But well, beauty comes at a price huh. 
The oxygen machine is rolled in and ready to be infused into my face!
The cool oxygen mist is applied using a nozzle. 
This ensures that the oxygen penetrates the skin a lot easier and deeper!
The therapist also made it a point to focus on the areas just below the eye.
My favourite part, the massage! It’s always so soothing. 
The therapist then goes off to prepare the mask. 
​She applies the formula on with a brush.
I know I look horrendous now, but I’d look beautiful later ~
The mask formula actually hardens on your face and is really cooling.
Those bits are actually lavender and they use an in-house formula.
I laid there for 20 mins with the mask on, falling asleep a couple of times because it just was so comfortable in there!

The mask is then removed and followed up with some toner application as well as a quick neck and back massage. 

Overall, I just cant wait to be back in Singapore to replenish the moisture content in my skin!
It gets really really dry here in Canada. 

Get your #nofilter skin with Skin Perfect and make an appt today!



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