My 3 month hair journey with Jean Yip SG

For those who have stuck with me throughout the last 3 months,
you would have seen Jean Yip perform incredible hair transformations for me.I was absolutely thrilled when approached by Jean Yip because I knew I could entrust my hair into their hands.
However, I somehow had the impression that Jean Yip normally stays on the safe side, producing the normal everyday kinda looks with browns, blacks and reds.

Nevertheless I was excited to be part of the journey and my my, was I pleasantly surprised.
I walked into their salon at Raffles City, sporting a head of blue (previously done by Des Chow) and that probably inspired them to go a little more crazy with me.

Here’s a recap on the amazing looks they did for me!

Red + Purple

I’ve always wanted purple hair, and they made my dream come true.
It was a red purple mix, I fell in love immediately.

Went out for a shoot immediately once we were done with the hair.
Was glad to be working with photographer Terence!Check out his work on IG, he shot for Asia’s Next Top Model!


I know my hair looks red but I swear it was a lot purple too.


I honestly think the colours faded into each other, and eventually became this beautiful rose gold colour.


Was definitely ready for my next app to see what other magic Jean Yip could do for my hair.


Originally, my hair stylist Dennis wanted to give me a safer colour.
But then his supervisor came over and recommended to do a multi coloured head for me and me always being open to try new things said okay.I had to bleach away the red and purple and after sitting in the salon for like idk 6 hours or so? I walked out with this.



I didn’t quite know what to do with this colour, it became rather hard to match my clothes and I worried that it made my hair look unhealthy.Had to bleach twice before achieving this colour.
Thankfully they applied lotsa hair treatment for me, if not my hair would have had broken off a lot more.

Nevertheless, it was definitely an achievement unlocked and a bucket list checked off. #yolo


Styling for photoshoot w Hayden

Hayden wanted a very strong look for the shoot so we decided to gel up my fringe all the way to the back.The colours looked so so good in the light and on camera!


A photo posted by Hayden Chan (@shotbyhayden) on

Black w tinges of blue

It looks black at first glance, but I swear it has some blue in it.
My hair stylist had to mix a few different coloured dyes together to cover up the different colours in my previous multi-coloured hair.
He doesnt even know how to recreate this colour anymore hahahah but he likes the end result.It’s been a really long time since I had colour as tame as this and wasn’t quite used to it.
My mum kept bugging me to come over to Canada with a more decent crown of glory so I did it her way.



NO BLEACHING WAS DONE. (they said my hair couldn’t take anymore bleaching hahahah)
Which I was pretty impressed by, but that also means the colours will fade off and reveal the previous colours underneath.​Which is what is happening right now.


You can totally see the green hues but I’ve gotten compliments for my hair on the first day of school so I’m not complaining :>

I like the brown parts at the top too hehe.

Here’s a big shoutout to the team at Raffles City Jean Yip, thank you for all the love.
They are such awesome, nice people who are very professional and full of experience.Book your next hair appt with them and you won’t be disappointed!
Oh, they also do nails in that outlet, so be prepared to leave feeling super pampered.

Jean Yip is currently running a $60 Colour and Maxiphlex treatment promo!

Maxiphlex is Jean Yip’s new treatment and is well known for treating coloured hair.
I’ve tried it myself and it really moisturised my hair, making me less guilty for all that my hair has been put through

For more info, head over to their Facebook Jean Yip SG and Twitter Jean Yip Group

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