ClearSK Medi-Aesthetics launches luxurious new outlet – Club ClearSK!

Visited the exclusive ClearSK® Club, the newest centre by ClearSK® Medi-Aesthetics at Stadium Walk last month! 
It boasts of four luxurious treatment rooms, two consultation rooms, a diagnostic room for face, body analysis as well as before- and after- photo comparisons. 
Super spacious as it is a 3,000 sq. foot outlet!

Loft Lounge Area
The Club ClearSK® is open to all clients and members receive one (1) monthly free trial treatment worth a min. of $300 and also enjoy usage of the Club ClearSK® Lounge – a large loft space with natural sunlight in a quiet oasis at its newest Stadium Walk location within Leisure Park Kallang.  Membership also includes:

  • monthly privileges with participating partners as well as 
  • 10% off for treatments storewide.

Why wouldn’t you sign up?

ClearSK, Singapore’s largest chain of aesthetics centres (12 outlets in total now), has the most complete aesthetic medical solutions for Face, Body and now, also the most revolutionary medical solutions even for hair.​  With treatments designed by doctors, you’re definitely in good hands!

You’d feel really pampered here, with the cushy couches for you to relax in while waiting for your turn as well as during the session. Love the super lux interiors and TWG Tea as well as wine is provided here!


Personal Treatment Room
In house products used by Clear SK which you can buy home!
There’s even an area for you to do your makeup and hair after you’re done for the day!
Decided to do a hair analysis because my dad is balding and I was quite afraid that those genes would pass on to me. 
But seems  like my hair is still doing alright, so yay!
Super accurate body composition analysis machine which allows you to find out which areas of your body you should target!

New Treatments!

ClearSK launched a whole slew of new treatments which targets the body, face and hair. 

1. Medi-Slimming Technology – TwinSculpt

TwinSculpt is the latest fat-freeze technology from Europe that allows two body parts to be treated simultaneously. This twin treatment cuts treatment time down by half, and lasts from between 45 to 70 minutes.

The treatment uses advanced cryo-therapy (fat-freezing) technology to freeze adipose tissues (layer of fat under skin) in sub-zero temperatures with a vacuum suction to break down fat tissues through apoptosis (natural cell death process in body that occurs daily).

Two applicators are used to draw the fatty issues into the handle by creating a vacuum that reduces blood flow to the adipose cells. This facilitates fat freezing and the body’s natural process of fat elimination via the lymphatic drainage system.

It is recommended that you do the TwinSculpt treatment every four to six weeks for the best results. The treatment can be done on several areas such as the tummy, flanks, thighs, back, underarms, elbows and even on the under chin area.

​No down-time is needed for this treatment!

2. Medi-Aesthetics Technology (for Skin) – TwinLift

Originating from the U.S. and developed by ClearSK over years of research with medical advisory, TwinLift is the first twin treatment programme targeted at lifting both upper and inner skin layers simultaneously.

The treatment uses High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) to target areas of skin ageing and penetrates up to 3.5 – 4.5mm deep into the inner skin layer (without hurting the upper skin layer) to reach the subcutaneous & collagen skin layers. The Ultrasound waves will then stimulate new collagen to strengthen the inner skin layers over a period of time.

While collagen is regenerating within the inner skin, the treatment is combined with Radiofrequency to give an immediate boost to the upper skin layer (epidermis). This twin combination helps to achieve firmer skin and reduced appearances of wrinkles for a longer period of time.

The treatment is non-invasive and has no down-time and a treatment session lasts for at least 40 minutes. Depending on the skin’s laxity condition, it is recommended to do four to six sessions at bi-weekly to monthly intervals.

3. Medi-Hair Technology – TwinLaser Hair Infusion

For a healthier scalp and reduced hair fall, the TwinLaser Hair Infusion treatment is a medi-hair growth programme designed by medical advisory for ClearSK. Also a twin treatment programme, the TwinLaser uses lasers of specific wavelength, followed by the infusion of Hair Growth Active Nutrients to stimulate hair regrowth from its roots.

The specific wavelength laser energy stimulates the formation of new hair follicle cells and encourages the hair cells to remain active in their growth phase (growing 1 cm every month). Hair growth active nutrients are then infused to lock in all the goodness back into the scalp – regulating and restoring healthy cells and promoting strong hair growth from the roots up.
The two-in-one treatment lasts for 60 minutes with no down-time and helps protect and enrich the scalp to ensure healthy and strong growth for current hair and new hair. Results can be seen from as early as the sixth treatment.

Goodbye freckles!

After hearing so much about the amazing services that Clear SK provides, I consulted Doctor Shiau and decided to fix an appt to tackle the pigmentation on my cheeks. 
Although some say that freckles are cute, but if you don’t take care of them, 
they will grow in size in the long run!

I didn’t wanna wake up with large spots on my face in the future so decided to try out the Dr Pigment Twin Laser Program to get rid of the pigmentation before it’s too late!

The Twin Laser solves 2 problems at one go by using 2 different lasers: 
1. Lighten pigmentation at upper skin surface (using Pigment N-laser)
2. Prevent its reoccurrence by targeting underlying growth factors in your veins (using Pigment Y-laser which utilises dual yellow and green laser light. This tech helps to halt the production of pigmentation and reduces discolouration and recurrences significantly.)

You may ask, what are these underlying growth factors??
Well, they are in our veins that circulate blood throughout our body. 
When we are stressed, experience heat or hormonal issues, our veins expand and this stimulates the melanin on our skin to expand with it. 
This causes the pigmentations to appear or grow darker. 

The green laser first targets the melanin, the principle component of pigmentation. 
Some might experience darkening first instead, but the skin will renew and the pigment will come off after a few days (This happened for me!)
Others might experience a lightening of the targeted area straight off after treatment. 

The yellow light targets and penetrates deeper into the skin to prevent the pigments from expanding whenever your skin is influenced by external factors. 

.Stubborn pigmentation problems are actually commonly experienced by Singaporeans and can come in a few forms – freckles, age spots, melasma etc. 
These are usually caused by ageing, sun damage, genes, hormones, the environment and lack of protective skin care habits (not using sunblock, resulting in over-active melanin production).

Visited the branch at Scotts Medical Centre, #07-01, Pacific Plaza, 9 Scotts Road, 228210. Pic Credit to owner.

Long walkway showing the many treatment rooms available

Free tea and coffee available.

Wow they even sell makeup!

Check out their awards gallery

They applied some numbing cream for me before the treatment so I wouldn’t feel any pain.

Mega love for lounge area! Super cosy

Time for the treatment to begin!

I had to wear the goggles to protect my eyes from the lasers. Here’s Dr Shiau zapping away at my freckles.

Cooling down.

Ended the treatment with a mask and thought I looked really funny hahahha
I really enjoyed the treatment and trust me, the results are visible!
My freckles are now lighter. 
But of course, you need a few treatments to totally get rid of them. 

ClearSK is currently running an NDP Promo for the treatment I did, find out more here: ​

For more info, visit or call 6100 6886

They have 5 other outlets you could visit: 
– Scotts Medical Centre
– Novena Medical Centre
– Velocity
– Tampines
– Jurong East

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