SkinPerfect SG – PPL treatment {Review}

Prior to this, it’s been a while since I did a facial because well no time, no money, no sponsors hahahah
BUT, I’ve always known of the importance of a regular facial to maintain your skin so I was ecstatic to be working with SkinPerfect. 

SkinPerfect’s goal is to provide the best skincare solution where their treatments are based on science, expertise in ingredients function and innovation to create specific skincare treatments.
They have won various awards such as from SimplyHer Smart Shopper 2014 and Harpers Bazaar 2015 – Best Skin Corrector! 
Was really excited to try out their award winning services for myself.

To start off the facial, I went into the consultation room with the outlet manager, where she did a skin analysis for me. 

SkinPerfect uses an advanced computerized skin analysis system that magnifies the image of your skin beyond the naked eye. Then, a detailed consultation will be conducted, mapping out your facial skin issues. 

I was really impressed with the skin analysis, definitely the most accurate and advanced system I’ve ever seen!

As you can see in the above image, my pigmentation problem is quite serious  :<
Hence I was recommended to do the PPL treatment which can also target pigmentation. 

What does PPL stand for and what does it do?
 Uses Light Laser Technology to deliver a safe and effective Pure Pulse Light (PPL) 
- Kills bacteria on skin’s surface and within the pores
– Evens out and brightens skin tone

- Encourages collagen stimulation helping to firm and tighten skin 
- Actively reduces appearance of fine lines over a treatment course
– Clears out dead skin cells, dirt particles and makeup residue trapped within pores
– Decreases sebum (oil) production, thus reducing the appearance of enlarged pores
– Selectively targets pigments and lightens them through the body’s metabolic process
– Does not cause trauma, redness, or thinning of the skin = NO DOWN TIME!

Sounds super good right? 
Can’t wait to get started!

Let’s take a selfie before the facial!

A tube dress is provided for you to change into. 

Applying the pore packs to remove white and blackheads
The impurities on my face that got removed by the pore packs!!
Okay I know I look damn weird like alien but this was for the PPL treatment. 
They pulse a very strong light into your skin so goggles are provided to protect your eyes. 
The light is able to penetrate within the layers of your skin and perform wonders!
As you can see, no redness = no downtime!
Immediately after the facial, you can continue your daily activities with no fear. 
My skin also looked more radiant, pigmentation lighter in colour and my skin felt firmer!
The Complete Facial Programme costs around $300. 
But be rest assured that you’d get your money’s worth!
The technology and machines used by Skin Perfect are really great and I’ve never been this impressed with a facial!

You can find out more about them on their website and social media platforms:
Their outlets are located throughout Singapore for your convenience:

Orchard >> 6235 7377 — 541 Orchard Road, #21-03/04 Liat Towers Singapore 238881 (This is the one that I visited!)

WestGate >>6425 6966 — WestGate Mall #03-26

Toa Payoh >> 6252 0188 — Blk 177, #01-142,Toa Payoh Central (near HDB Hub)

Parkway Parade >> 6345 1663 — 80 Marine Parade Rd #04-07, Parkway Parade

Yishun Central >> Blk 931, #01-105, Yishun Central 1

Tampines One >> #04-30, Tampines Central One.

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