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(No filter) – 100% true Colour!
With a blink of an eye, it’s been almost a month of sporting my striking blue hair!
I’ve been having mixed feelings about it, because of how vibrant it is. 
It leaves a very strong impression, and it’s super easy to spot me in a crowd. 
But well, it kinda affects my job opportunities and also how people see me. 
It is also rather hard to match my clothes, I find it really jarring to have too many colours on me so I’ve been sticking to my neutrals and blacks (had to stay away from whites for a while because the blue was leaking colour for a long time)
I’ve also had people ask me if I cosplay. I don’t. 

All that being said, I’m still glad I had a go at the blue colour, it’s prolly one of the things you should do in your life for once at least. 

The hair dye used is by a brand called Pravana. They are colour experts and carry award winning colour products used by professional hair stylists. 
The colour has been really lasting over the past month (both good and bad)
Of course, I still had to use navy Blue shampoo to maintain the colour but was still really impressed with how blue it stayed throughout the month.

The bad part being, I wanted the colour to fade faster and stay less vibrant hahaha but it’s just a personal preference. 


Shot by @chrstphrwxd
This latest hair transformation was done by Desmond Chow, an award winning free lance hair stylist. 
Desmond was awarded the SG Hairdressing Award Newcomer Of The Year in 2003  and in 2004 -Wella Trend Vision.

He is currently based at Envy Hair Salon ( which is conveniently located walking distance from Tanjong Pagar MRT. 
The interior of the salon is also really cushy and stylish.
Check out the wide range of products they carry!

Love that chandelier as well.

Comfy leather seats, plugs for you to charge your mobile. 
Desmond is super nice, easy to talk to,
and he will give you very professional advice on what would look the best on you!

Don’t worry, even if you were to totally ignore his advice and do what you think is best;
he’d gladly still do it for ya. 

If you’d like to arrange Appt with Desmond, SMS or WhatsApp 9740 7909.
Only need to give him notice 2 days in advance!
He’d give you his utmost attention throughout the session, no seats hopping!

For all first timers, you get to enjoy a 20% off all services by quoting “amandayong” and following Desmond on Instagram (

I’ve compiled the price list as per below: 


Creative Cut & Cleanse:
Males $49    Females $52 – $58
Students:  Males  $28   Females $35    

Style and Groom
– Wash & Basic Blow Dry:    
Short $25    Mid $30    Long $35

– Wash & Curl up/ Flat Iron:
Short $28   Mid $33    Long $38

Colour Services
– Root Retouch: Very Short, Short and Mid: $59
                              Long & Extra Long $69-$79 
– 1 tone colour: Very Short: $65          
Short: $75    
Mid: $95      
Long: $115    
Extra Long: $135

– 2 tone colour: Very Short   $110
Short             $130          
Mid:               $160
Long:             $190
Extra Long:  $220

– Additional tones (each): $20 

– Pre-lightening (each application):
Very Short: $40
Short:           $50
Mid:              $60
Long:            $70
Extra Long: $80

Texturing and shaping services
– Creative Perm:  
V. Short:$109    
Short $129    
Mid: $159    
Long: $189    
Extra Long: $219 

– Technical Perm:                
V. short: $149                
Short: $169      
Mid: $199                
Long: $229
Extra Long: $259
– Digital Perm:                                                                    
Mid:  $249
Long: $269
Extra Long: $289

– Anti-Frizz Straightening:  
V. Short: $209
Short: $229
Mid: $249
Long: $269
Extra Long: $289

– Brazilian Keratin:                                     
Short: $309              
Mid: $339              
Long: $369
Extra Long: $399

Treatment Services
– Basic Moisturizing              
V. Short: $59
Short: $69
Mid:  $79
Long: $89
Extra Long: $99

– Scalp Treatment:
Short                                $59
Long                                $69

– Heavy Moisturizing              
V. Short $89
Short: $99
Mid: $109              
Long: $119
Extra Long: $129   

– Intensive Revitalize              
V. Short $129
Short: $139
Mid: $149
Long: $159
Extra Long: $169

​Here are also the latest offers provided for GSS 2016!

🏪 46 Peck Seah Street S079316, Envy Hair and Nails.

Monday to Saturday: 11am to 8pm.

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