Des Chow – Your personal hair stylist!


(No filter) – 100% true Colour!
With a blink of an eye, it’s been almost a month of sporting my striking blue hair!
I’ve been having mixed feelings about it, because of how vibrant it is. 
It leaves a very strong impression, and it’s super easy to spot me in a crowd. 
But well, it kinda affects my job opportunities and also how people see me. 
It is also rather hard to match my clothes, I find it really jarring to have too many colours on me so I’ve been sticking to my neutrals and blacks (had to stay away from whites for a while because the blue was leaking colour for a long time)
I’ve also had people ask me if I cosplay. I don’t. 

All that being said, I’m still glad I had a go at the blue colour, it’s prolly one of the things you should do in your life for once at least. 

The hair dye used is by a brand called Pravana. They are colour experts and carry award winning colour products used by professional hair stylists. 
The colour has been really lasting over the past month (both good and bad)
Of course, I still had to use navy Blue shampoo to maintain the colour but was still really impressed with how blue it stayed throughout the month.

The bad part being, I wanted the colour to fade faster and stay less vibrant hahaha but it’s just a personal preference. 


Shot by @chrstphrwxd
This latest hair transformation was done by Desmond Chow, an award winning free lance hair stylist. 
Desmond was awarded the SG Hairdressing Award Newcomer Of The Year in 2003  and in 2004 -Wella Trend Vision.

He is currently based at Envy Hair Salon ( which is conveniently located walking distance from Tanjong Pagar MRT. 
The interior of the salon is also really cushy and stylish.
Check out the wide range of products they carry!

Love that chandelier as well.

Comfy leather seats, plugs for you to charge your mobile. 
Desmond is super nice, easy to talk to,
and he will give you very professional advice on what would look the best on you!

Don’t worry, even if you were to totally ignore his advice and do what you think is best;
he’d gladly still do it for ya. 

If you’d like to arrange Appt with Desmond, SMS or WhatsApp 9740 7909.
Only need to give him notice 2 days in advance!
He’d give you his utmost attention throughout the session, no seats hopping!

For all first timers, you get to enjoy a 20% off all services by quoting “amandayong” and following Desmond on Instagram (

I’ve compiled the price list as per below: 


Creative Cut & Cleanse:
Males $49    Females $52 – $58
Students:  Males  $28   Females $35    

Style and Groom
– Wash & Basic Blow Dry:    
Short $25    Mid $30    Long $35

– Wash & Curl up/ Flat Iron:
Short $28   Mid $33    Long $38

Colour Services
– Root Retouch: Very Short, Short and Mid: $59
                              Long & Extra Long $69-$79 
– 1 tone colour: Very Short: $65          
Short: $75    
Mid: $95      
Long: $115    
Extra Long: $135

– 2 tone colour: Very Short   $110
Short             $130          
Mid:               $160
Long:             $190
Extra Long:  $220

– Additional tones (each): $20 

– Pre-lightening (each application):
Very Short: $40
Short:           $50
Mid:              $60
Long:            $70
Extra Long: $80

Texturing and shaping services
– Creative Perm:  
V. Short:$109    
Short $129    
Mid: $159    
Long: $189    
Extra Long: $219 

– Technical Perm:                
V. short: $149                
Short: $169      
Mid: $199                
Long: $229
Extra Long: $259
– Digital Perm:                                                                    
Mid:  $249
Long: $269
Extra Long: $289

– Anti-Frizz Straightening:  
V. Short: $209
Short: $229
Mid: $249
Long: $269
Extra Long: $289

– Brazilian Keratin:                                     
Short: $309              
Mid: $339              
Long: $369
Extra Long: $399

Treatment Services
– Basic Moisturizing              
V. Short: $59
Short: $69
Mid:  $79
Long: $89
Extra Long: $99

– Scalp Treatment:
Short                                $59
Long                                $69

– Heavy Moisturizing              
V. Short $89
Short: $99
Mid: $109              
Long: $119
Extra Long: $129   

– Intensive Revitalize              
V. Short $129
Short: $139
Mid: $149
Long: $159
Extra Long: $169

​Here are also the latest offers provided for GSS 2016!

🏪 46 Peck Seah Street S079316, Envy Hair and Nails.

Monday to Saturday: 11am to 8pm.

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Yunomori Onsen & Spa is finally in SG!!

Yunomori Onsen & Spa, Leading Authentic Japanese Onsen in Southeast Asia Finally Arrives in Singapore!
I’m sure you’ve heard of the hype, it’s all over social media. 

Was super honoured to be amongst the first to explore Yunomori Onsen & Spa (Yunomori)’s very first outlet at Kallang Wave Mall L2. 

Yunomori is renowned for its unique experience of marrying both authetic Japanese and Thai therapies – onsen therapy and Thai spa treatments. 
Using the natural healing properties of mineral water and benefits of spa treatments, these relaxing aquatic therapies can cater to the health needs of everyone!

Spanning 16,000 square feet, Yunomori boasts a total of 11 pools with six variations of bath and other facilities such as sauna, steam bath, massage & spa treatment rooms, a dining café and a lounge. It is a place where you can enjoy the best of both worlds, as Yunomori offers a holistic retreat with a combination of authentic Japanese onsen and traditional Thai message.

Guests will be spoilt for choice with a wide variety of onsen baths available such as Soda spa, Silk bath, Jet bath, Bubble bath, Cold bath and Hot bath. From the simple and traditional to the modern and technological, each bath provides a relaxing and therapeutic experience as well as its unique health and beauty benefits. 

Let me bring you on a tour around the place!

Forgot to take an actual photo of the entrance but it is very similar to this. 
There’s a lot of wood and natural materials used in the onsen to create a very relaxing place of respite.
The yukatas available for males.
(and yes, you do need to remove all your clothes. 
Only a small towel to wipe your sweat is allowed into the Onsen area!)
Female Yukatas are brighter in colour and are available in 2 sizes. 
If you’re not comfortable going full monty (naked), you may request for a tube top and some undies that you can wear into the bathing pools.
There are complimentary lockers available for you to place your items and clothes
​while you enjoy the facilities of the onsen. 
There are also hangers provided to ensure that your clothes do not get crumpled. 
So thoughtful!
The locker works via a key fob so simply tap your fob on the black knob and twist.

Mobile phones are not allowed in the dressing and onsen area 
(you wouldn’t want someone taking photos of you naked right?)
So please leave them in the locker!

Counters available to dry your hair, do your makeup etc.
These showers are super interesting cause you sit down on the stools provided to shower. 
This is to prevent customers from spraying/splashing water at each other accidentally during a shower. 
In house shampoo, conditioner and soap provided for use.

Their spa products by Puri Alchemy are 100% organic and chemical free. 
The brand has won numerous awards as well.
Body masks, scrubs and massage oil are also available for sale.

Now that you’re clean, let’s hit the tubs!

These are the jet baths (39.5 – 41 deg)
which help take away all your stress!
​The jet streams can stimulate blood circulation
Soda bath (38.5-39.5 deg)
Features tech imported directly from Japan!
The water is enriched with a high concentration of natural carbon dioxide
which can increase blood oxygen levels, improve circulation,
reduce high blood pressure and also detoxify the blood
Bubble bath (38.5-39.5 deg)
Imbued with nutrients of carefully balanced minerals.
The arranged temperature and foam will help create a holistic, rejuvenating experience.
Silk bath (38.5-39.5 deg)
The silky hot water reacts with large amounts of micro-bubbles containing hydrogen.
The bath has a soothing nature, helping to relax muscles and
alleviate problems such as rheumatic, arthritic aches, pains and mental stress.
​Enjoy as the bath nourishes your body tissues, tighten the skin and improve skin elasticity!
Onsen bath
This is the hot bath at 41-44 degrees to help relief joints
​and muscular tension, as well as detoxify the body. 
The hot bath is only available for the men. 
Cold Bath to cool down
The water is set to 17 to 19 degrees.
The water will stimulate the body’s natural energy and nerve endings. 
It can also boost anti-ageing effects by closing the pores and tighten the skin!
I’ve also heard that going from the hot bath to the cold bath can help improve your blood circulation!
So it is advised to cool down using the cold bath or rain showers once you’re done with the hot baths.
95-100 degrees
To encourage perspiration for ultimate purification.
Opens up pores and cleanses skin
(Only available for males)
Steam Room also available.
43-49 deg
At 100% humidity, the wet heat opens up pores and Detoxifies the skin and body
Helps to rejuvenate the skin, improve blood circulation and relax the body and mind.

Guests are reminded to rinse sweat off after using the sauna and steam rooms. 

Spa Treatments

For an even more relaxing time, try out their massages as well!

They offer 3 different massages:

– Thai Traditional Massage (from $88+ for 60 mins)
Uses acupressure and deep-assisted stretches to balance your essential energies, improve flexibility and stimulate circulation.

– Aroma Oil Massage (from $138+ for 90 mins)
Blends the best massage techniques in the world. 
The fragrant essential oils boost the effects of the massage with their natural healing benefits.
Problems such as headaches, muscle and tendon injuries as well as aches and pains will be alleviated. 

– Herbal Compress (Add-on, $38+ for 30 mins) 
​An art that has been preserved for thousands of years, this combines the benefits of Thai massage and Thai herbal remedies.
Aromatic medicinal herbs are cocooned within a cloth and steamed to release their healing propertiies.
These are known to help with stress, anxiety, chronic pain and arthritis. 

There are private rooms available, single and couple rooms as well!
Love the minimalist touches in the room. 
Notice that all the corners of the room are curved to help you really relax and feel comfortable.

Dining Cafe

You don’t even need to leave the onsen for your meals. 
Simply dine in!
Their food is really delicious and affordable (because hey, the boss of the onsen also owns Ramen Champion)
I strongly recommend going for the onsen eggs and salmon skewers!

Nutritious beverages, refreshing and traditional Japanese desserts and light savoury bites are also freshly made and available. 

Also, FREE WIFI available here!!

There’s also this super comfy lounge area just beside the dining cafe
​where you can do foot and shoulder massages!

Foot massage – Starts from $38+ for 30 mins
Head and Shoulder Massage -  Starts from $38+ for 30 mins

Yunomori Onsen’s entrance fees are priced very affordably at $28++ (seniors and children) 
and $38+ for adults. 
This gives you access to the onsen for the ENTIRE DAY (10AM-11PM)!!

Don’t forget to add-on massage and spa treatments as well for the most relaxing experience. 

For more info, visit their website at 
or follow their Facebook page at

Kallang Wave Mall 1 Stadium Place, #02-17, Singapore 397628
(Take the escalator near the exit of Fairprice, Carpark B Area 3/4)

Contact Number: 6386 4126
6386 4126

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SkinPerfect SG – PPL treatment {Review}

Prior to this, it’s been a while since I did a facial because well no time, no money, no sponsors hahahah
BUT, I’ve always known of the importance of a regular facial to maintain your skin so I was ecstatic to be working with SkinPerfect. 

SkinPerfect’s goal is to provide the best skincare solution where their treatments are based on science, expertise in ingredients function and innovation to create specific skincare treatments.
They have won various awards such as from SimplyHer Smart Shopper 2014 and Harpers Bazaar 2015 – Best Skin Corrector! 
Was really excited to try out their award winning services for myself.

To start off the facial, I went into the consultation room with the outlet manager, where she did a skin analysis for me. 

SkinPerfect uses an advanced computerized skin analysis system that magnifies the image of your skin beyond the naked eye. Then, a detailed consultation will be conducted, mapping out your facial skin issues. 

I was really impressed with the skin analysis, definitely the most accurate and advanced system I’ve ever seen!

As you can see in the above image, my pigmentation problem is quite serious  :<
Hence I was recommended to do the PPL treatment which can also target pigmentation. 

What does PPL stand for and what does it do?
 Uses Light Laser Technology to deliver a safe and effective Pure Pulse Light (PPL) 
- Kills bacteria on skin’s surface and within the pores
– Evens out and brightens skin tone

- Encourages collagen stimulation helping to firm and tighten skin 
- Actively reduces appearance of fine lines over a treatment course
– Clears out dead skin cells, dirt particles and makeup residue trapped within pores
– Decreases sebum (oil) production, thus reducing the appearance of enlarged pores
– Selectively targets pigments and lightens them through the body’s metabolic process
– Does not cause trauma, redness, or thinning of the skin = NO DOWN TIME!

Sounds super good right? 
Can’t wait to get started!

Let’s take a selfie before the facial!

A tube dress is provided for you to change into. 

Applying the pore packs to remove white and blackheads
The impurities on my face that got removed by the pore packs!!
Okay I know I look damn weird like alien but this was for the PPL treatment. 
They pulse a very strong light into your skin so goggles are provided to protect your eyes. 
The light is able to penetrate within the layers of your skin and perform wonders!
As you can see, no redness = no downtime!
Immediately after the facial, you can continue your daily activities with no fear. 
My skin also looked more radiant, pigmentation lighter in colour and my skin felt firmer!
The Complete Facial Programme costs around $300. 
But be rest assured that you’d get your money’s worth!
The technology and machines used by Skin Perfect are really great and I’ve never been this impressed with a facial!

You can find out more about them on their website and social media platforms:
Their outlets are located throughout Singapore for your convenience:

Orchard >> 6235 7377 — 541 Orchard Road, #21-03/04 Liat Towers Singapore 238881 (This is the one that I visited!)

WestGate >>6425 6966 — WestGate Mall #03-26

Toa Payoh >> 6252 0188 — Blk 177, #01-142,Toa Payoh Central (near HDB Hub)

Parkway Parade >> 6345 1663 — 80 Marine Parade Rd #04-07, Parkway Parade

Yishun Central >> Blk 931, #01-105, Yishun Central 1

Tampines One >> #04-30, Tampines Central One.

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Pink Parlour SG Hair Free Day!

Pink Parlour held their most recent Hair Free Day on 21 May at their Prestige outlet, Capitol Piazza B1. 
PP offers grooming services such as waxing and tanning. 

Walk-in visitors enjoyed one bikini, Brazilian, under-arm or half- leg wax treatment at a special rate of $10 nett!!

​Saw a lot of good reviews on social media so when they were running this promo, I had to squeeze some time out to try out their services for myself!

Super attracted by the posh and pink look of the store!
Pink everywhere!
You can also get your nails done here.
Waiting area.
They have a shower as well, for customers to wash up before their Brazillian wax session.
My personal experience? 
It was relatively painless and waxing really has a much better result!
The subsequent hair growth is also slower so you don’t have to constantly worry about hair removal. 

Check out all their social media platforms and keep in touch for their upcoming promotions.
Of course, do make an appt to try out their services for yourself today!


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Bifesta Konnyaku Jelly Makeup {Review}

Introducing the FIRST ever makeup removers that use natural Konnyaku to remove makeup and oil gently, from your deepest pores. 

The best part: You may use it in the shower! Simply massage the jelly all over your skin and wash it off. 
The jelly like texture is smooth and cushions your skin against the rubbing motions and friction. 

If you dont already know what Konnyaku is: 

Other beauty benefits of the removers include: 

1) Instantly sucking up pore-clogging impurities for cleaner and less visible pores
2) Non-greasy and gentle, giving you moist and refreshingly soft skin!
3) Glides on super easily without tugging at your skin.
4) Saves you lotsa time = more rest time!

Bifesta specializes in only makeup removers, so you can trust your skin to be thoroughly cleansed by them!
Thank you Bifesta for coming up with this amazing and innovative product.
I was so amazed at how easily it could remove my makeup, even for eyeliner!
Been relying on the one with Okinawa Sea Clay to remove my daily makeup.

Check out the pic below to find out which suits you the best!
It also has the pricing available (super affordable right?)
Get yours today, no regrets!

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