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Nouvelle Fusion Finesse Food

Fusion Finesse food usually comes at hefty prices. All this will soon change because at Nouvelle Fusion Kitchen & Bar, fusion fine dining inspired cuisine is available for prices starting as low as $1.50 per plate!
Nothing has been compromised, except for maybe the pricing.

Using the “Nouvelle” modern style of culinary, Executive Chef Lamley and his team fuses the freshness of fine ingredients to serve up innovatively crafted stylish gourmet delights. Customers can also look forward to affordable Signature creations including Crab Meat Pitan Tofu, Duck Confit and Durian Tangy dessert.

​Let’s check out the food!


​Beef Sirloin – $18 / Sirloin Steak with Pumpkin Puree. The steak is slow-cooked to perfection before a light char, leaving it tender yet flavorful.

Duck Confit – $22 / Served with Mushrooms and Spinach. Fall-off-the-bone tender and a flavorful, crisp layer of skin make for a impressive experience!

Crab Meat Pitan Tofu – $8 / VERY unique! The base is formed with sweet crabmeat; followed by smooth, silken, tofu; topped with creamy, buttery, century egg sauce and golden flying fish roe that lends a beautiful crunch to the overall texture.

Canapes on the belt for as low as $1.50 per plate!

Matcha Miruku – $13 / For super cool effects, amazing photos and a creamy matcha experience, MUST-ORDER.

Double Happiness Flower Tea – $8.00 (weakest), Heart To Heart Flower Tea – $8.00, Dreams Come True Flower Tea – $8.00 (strongest)
Nouvelle is also a bar, check out their happy hour promos! 
​$5 per beer EVERDAY from 5-7pm

Nouvelle Fusion Kitchen & Bar is located in *Scape and serves up culinary extravagant in an artisanal décor. Diners can look forward to indulging in incredibly finest cuisine, without bursting their wallet.

Visit today and immerse yourself in a superlative dining experience in a carefully designed tranquil yet quaint dining space, an intimate bar, and private cozy corners!

As main dishes are prepared on the spot, they might take a while.
​But I assure you, it’s definitely worth the wait!

​For more information, visit Nouvelle at *SCAPE, 2 Orchard Link, #03-03, Singapore 237978 or hop over to www.nouvellefoodconcepts.com_ and NouvelleFusion Facebook ( & Instagram (  for more information.


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