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Exam week is here and it’s just so easy to forget to take care of my skin sometimes!

The late nights and stress will definitely take a toll on my skin. 
Luckily, Dermagold sent me a package of their Basic Trio a couple of weeks ago to help me get through the next couple of weeks!
I’ve been using the products religiously since and I have to say that this package has been a real blessing!

Bumped into a friend working at Lab Series recently and she complimented me on my skin.
I’m sure I have Dermagold to thank for that!

Why Dermagold is simply pure gold? (See what I did there?)

Dermagold is an independent and homegrown skincare brand, founded by Dr Lim Luping and Dr Grace Ling, made for the discerning user who is serious about simple, effective skincare that goes beyond passing trends and fads. They firmly believe that real, bare-faced, beauty is confident and empowering, and should be the core foundation of every woman or man.

Dr Ling explains: “[Medical-grade] products are too strong to be used in the long term… and over-the-counter skincare might not be that effective.”

Harnessing the best of science and nature, Dermagold combines proven scientific findings with powerful ingredients from nature to formulate award-winning products that not only produce highly effective results, but are also a joy to use as a daily beauty ritual.

Because they believe that skincare is personal, the Dermagold experience has been designed as a modular-based system. Their products not only work cohesively with your existing skincare regime, but can also be arranged to best fit your specific skin concerns at any stage of your life. Proudly homegrown in Singapore, Dermagold products have been specifically crafted to manage Asian skin types and are suited for a humid, tropical climate.

Beyond skincare, Dermagold is a social-minded brand that dares and inspires others, including Singapore’s younger generation, to step up to the challenge of reinventing and improving themselves at every stage of their lives.
With a mission to inspire others to take the first step towards change, Dermagold is actively connecting with like-minded women and the younger generation to build a better future for Singapore.

Dermagold’s Basic Trio

Here are the steps for using the basic trio:
1. Cleanse & Tone
2. Miracle C+
3. Brightening Revitalizer
4. HA Booster

The above steps apply for both day and night.

Miracle C+

The Miracle C+ will enrich your skin with essential boost of Vitamin C Ester. 
The nutrients it provides will strengthen your skin and aid natural healing, lightening pigmentation and acne scars with consistent use. 

Due to its lowered skin irritability of Vit C Ester, a much wider range of people can use it  – including those with more sensitive skin! 

 Significant benefits of using Vit C Ester:

  1. Anti-oxidant properties (reverses the damage of oxidation on skin)
  2. Reverses sun damage
  3. Lightens pigmentation and Brightens skin
  4. Improves skin smoothness and luminosity
  5. Anti-aging properties (stimulates collagen synthesis in your skin, improving firmness and elasticity whilst reducing fine lines and wrinkles)
  6. Balances oil and sebum production

By producing skin food that is high in Vit C Ester, like Dermagold’s award-winning Miracle C, the process of giving your skin sufficient Vit C has become much easier and effective!
Moderating and maximizing the amount of Vitamin C is an excellent way to consistently make sure your skin has what it needs to shine. 

Many of Dermagold’s products contain a higher level of active ingredient than similar products on the market.
This Miracle C+ Serum, for example, contains 18% vitamin C ester!
That’s a whopping 200% more than most over-the-counter products, so its definitely worth your every penny!

Brightening Revitalizer

Another great thing about Dermagold products is how lightly-textured they are, which is perfect for our humid climate here in sunny Singapore.

Dermagold’s Brightening Revitalizer is a semi-fluid gel, which enhances the process of skin renewal and intensely hydrates the skin!
It’s perfect for applying on my skin after a thorough cleansing. 

Moisturizing is super important, especially if you are under the sun for long hours or spending lots of time indoors with air-conditioning. 

HA Booster

Hyaluronic Acid, or HA, boasts the property of being very water-binding to keep even the driest skin super hydrated!

Hence, one of the greatest benefits of HA is its superb ability to seal and lock moisture into the skin, giving much needed peace of mind, especially to those with dry complexions.

HA is ‘smart’ in the sense that the amount of moisture it absorbs can be adjusted to suit the relative conditions of a particular climate, season, and humidity. This means that with the right knowledge, HA can be used effectively even in extra humid climates like Singapore!

Secondly, HA is adaptable and can be utilized to tackle issues such as sagging, haggard skin, or skin that has lost its moisture and elasticity. This is why it popularly used in areas such as medial aesthetics: it can be found, for instance, in injectables such as dermal fillers to give a boost in hydration or to restore the volume loss that results from aging.

HA  comes with a slew of significant benefits, which include:

  1. Great at giving Moisture Boosts
  2. Increases your Skin’s Smoothness
  3. Restores and Retains your Skin’s Elasticity
  4. Restore Youthfulness
  5. Reduces any Wrinkles or Fine Lines

Dermagold’s products are all safe, and very simply, effective; which are key motivations behind their SCIENCE+NATURE equation​s.

When used together, the effects of each of the products will be strengthened.
This is because the active and natural ingredients in each of the three products will activate with one another and work cohesively to improve your skin.

Start a new skincare regime with Dermagold

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Dermagold Miracle C+ $69/15ml

Dermagold Brightening Revitalizer $42/15ml

Dermagold HA Booster $42/15ml


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