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Was honoured to celebrate World Hearing Day 2016 in advance with Nessa Asia on 1st March and witnessed the launch of the world’s first hearing aid on a subscription plan with on-demand services to provide better hearing and enrich the lives of elderly as well as those who suffer from hearing loss.

​ 90% of people with hearing loss in Singapore do not use hearing aids even though it impedes their social lives and affects how they interact with their loved ones. 

Nessa hopes to help them reconnect with their senses and show them that hearing aids, like glasses, can add value to their lives. 

The Nessa Asia hearing aid is light, weighing less than 3 grams and is smaller than the size of a 20cent coin!
This can be easily tucked behind your ear and no one will even notice!

Nessa creatively bundles hearing aids with lifestyle privileges, delivered using intuitive technology onto a tablet.

Subscribers will be provided with the following lifestyle and medical privileges on their tablet to include in their package:

1. World’s First Remote Fitting
Nessa Asia’s hearing aids can be remotely calibrated, eliminating the need for follow-up checks with their audiologists to adjust their hearing aids for a more natural hearing experience.
All these can be done at your convenience, in the comforts of your own home. 

2. World’s First Virtual Hearing Aid Medical Concierge
More than being a hearing aid provider, Nessa Asia’s advisors, audiologists and medical practitioners are available 7 days a week to offer personalized service any time users need assistance or advice.

3. World’s First Lifestyle Hearing Aid Bundle for an improved lifestyle
Nessa Asia has also bundled with top lifestyle brands like Spotify, StarHub, Resorts World Sentosa and more to provide people with hearing loss a more dynamic and interactive environment that improves their well-being.
Services will include 4G Internet connectivity, streaming of videos, movies and music as well as privileges from participating brands.
This bundle is also aimed at integrating the elderly into the virtual world that many shun away from, due to the lack of knowledge and confidence in using complicated technology.

4. Affordable Pricing
The packages are affordable and can be paid via giro over 3 years. 
Nessa Asia aims to democratize the access to hearing aids. 
There are 3 different packages to choose from to best suit your needs!

For more information about Nessa Asia, please visit or call their hotline at +65 6816 2868

At the launch event, we also heard beautiful cello music played by a talented student from SOTA and reminded me how precious our sense of hearing was. 
Our silver generation should not be robbed of this gift simply due to old age. 
Nessa Asia’s hearing aids aim to improve social lives, personal confidence and interactions of people with hearing loss. 
No more having to shout to your grandparents to ensure they can hear you!


Hey @joannaspy! It was lovely to meet you again after so long!

Delicious starters served at the event!

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