Porcelain Face Spa x Smitten (Review)

Haven’t posted in forever and I’m so sorry for that.
Been really caught up with life, yes doing life takes up A LOT of time. 
Hope you guys have been keeping updated with me on IG and snapchat @awfullyamanda!
Not to worry, after exams I promise a whole lot of great content yeah? 

I’ve been getting lots of compliments about my skin, heheh.
Thank you, all you girls are so kind and nice (:
People have been asking me what products I use and how I keep my skin clean, no pores, no blemishes; 
so today I’d share with you my skin secrets!
(and do my best to upload my Beautiful Skin title from HSS DND 2014 HAHAHA)

I don’t use many expensive products and I’m quite lazy when it comes to taking care of my skin.
However, I make it a point to use toner, moisturizer and sunscreen (on most days, because if not you get freckles and these freckles may be cute now but they will grow into hideous patches on your face and I’m sure you wouldn’t want that do you?). 

Oh, and my BB cream is from The Face Shop and I’ve really been loving it. 
Makes my skin flawless!

However, using these products are not enough. 

Skin tip: Did you know that your skin changes and renews itself every 28 days?

As such, it is actually recommended to go for a facial once a month to clear the dead skin and maintain the new layer!

Porcelain Face Spa invited a few Smittens to try out and review their spa services. 
I was really happy to be selected and excited to finally do a facial!
Haven’t done one in forever.

Porcelain Face Spa provides premium skin care solutions to make porcelain complexion a reality for their customers. Believing strongly that beauty belongs to anyone who desires it, Porcelain offers highly personalized service by a beauty veteran and a team of highly-trained and deeply-passionate therapists.

Before I booked an appointment, their team dropped me a friendly phone call to find out more about my skin type and skin problems. After the short survey, they recommended the following treatment: 

OxyRevive Facial with RevitalEye Luxx. 

This is because I tend to have dry skin (I’m sure most of us do, after exposing our skin to the harsh sun and long hours of air-conditioning)!

Let’s go get porcelain skin!

First, I enjoyed a nice warm cup of tea. 
The room setup was clean, minimalist and professional.
They have a sink behind that sliding white door
and the therapist makes it a point to wash her hands before treating my face!
My comfy warm bed for 90 mins!
This simple gesture, shows how thoughtful the team is at Porcelain!
I didn’t bring out a contacts lens case and was glad that they had one prepared. 
Was even more assured that my skin would be in great hands!

I didn’t manage to get photos of the first few steps of the facial, 
but let me walk you through. 

The Oxy Revive Facial aims to revitalize your skin and return you the radiance that you deserve! 
It is a gentle therapy which uses oxygen to cleanse and remove your dead skin cells.
In the process, your clogged impurities would also be loosened!
This is then followed by an infusion of vitaminized oxygen spray to improve cell regeneration, reviving even the dullest skin back to its radiant, glowing self.

Porcelain Face Spa was really nice to throw in the much needed RevitalEye Luxx treatment for me as well!
It is an eye-perking treatment designed to combat the tell-tale signs of fatigue and repair your delicate eye contour. Combining a blend of serums with a 2-step ultrasonic procedure, it gives your eyes a high-powered boost by enhancing serum absorption and stimulating blood circulation.

Took this selfie in the midst of putting the nose pore pack! 

She showed me the strip after she removed it 
and thankfully, it was just a couple white heads. 

She treated half of my face and left the other side untreated for me to see the difference. 
Can you tell which side got the loving and which side didn’t? 
My therapist Zane was really nice and friendly. 
(she helped me get this shot hehehe)
She explained every step of the facial to me, and gave me skin tips on how I can maintain my skin. 

Zane also told me that some parts of my skin was sensitive (no wonder it gets really itchy sometimes!)
This was really valuable because then I can better take care of my skin. 

Porcelain uses their own in-house products 
to ensure the highest quality. 
They don’t believe in creamy products and so you wouldn’t find any cream-based items here!

Do check out their Revive Glycolic Acid Toner
which recently clinched 
Harper’s Bazaar‘s Beauty Awards 2015 – Best Anti-Ageing Toner!

 My no make up no filter face after the facial, and I must say my skin never felt so good!
It felt refreshed and really smooth :>

The eye treatment also helped to reduce the swelling and puffiness around my eyes
(caused by all the late nights in hall whoops).

Thank you Porcelain Face Spa for giving me porcelain skin!

Be sure to try out the treatment for yourself!

Quote “Amanda” for 30% off Ala Carte treatments!
​105 minutes │ $299.60

To book an appointment with Porcelain ,  give them a call at +65 62279692.

Visit them on Facebook or Twitter! 
Also on Instagram, @porcelainfacespa for daily bite-sized tips and skincare news.

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