SYNC Korean Fusion Bistro @ Westgate

Summer break means catching up with your lil sis. 
Who doubles as your photographer heheh. 

We decided to go to Sync because she was craving korean food 
and I’ve been wanting to check it out!

SYNC Korean Fusion Bistro at Westgate Mall, is powered by Samsung!
At this cozy little corner, you can try out the latest Samsung products and just chill out!
SYNC aims to bring food with technology to the people in a stylish and comfortable ambience, with K-movies playing for everyone to enjoy.

We were watching “Don’t worry, I’m a ghost” 
Well thanks, I’m sure that’s reassuring. HAHA

OH OH, Don’t forget to ask for the WIFI password because there is FREE WIFI!!!!!

I really like this corner!!!
This is DEFINITELY me. 
I get really cranky when I’m hungry cause my tummy will hurt thanks to all the gastric juice. 
Did you know that you have a tummy clock too? 
So if you have lunch today at 130pm, your stomach will produce gastric juice in anticipation of food the next day at 130pm too. 
And if you don’t eat then you’d feel horrid cause there’s so much acid in your tummy. 
Pretty much why my tummy is so screwed up, because my tummy clock is probably spoilt. 

SO > Let’s get to the food!

We ordered a value lunch set each. 

A set meal comes with a starter and a main for only $9.90!
Best part, there is NO SERVICE CHARGE at SYNC!

My sis got the Kimchi Cheese Fries and Bibimbap
while I ordered a serving of Mandu (the fried dumplings) and Jajangmyeon (which is actually a fusion food cause they use spaghetti noodles!) 

We really enjoyed the Kimchi Cheese Fries!
My sis thought the noodles were too salty. 
The bibimbap has no meat BTW, so if you’re a meat lover; you might wanna add some meat. 


Top up $2 for a drink!

Couldn’t help by take a photo at their lovely outdoor dining area.
Really love the chill vibes here, great for a quick Korean meal. 
I heard that there’s Lava Cake 1-for-1 on Weekday afternoons, so do check them out yourself (; 

SYNC Korean Fusion Bistro (Westgate Mall, Jurong East)

Call them at: 6369 9913

Mon – Thur, 11am – 11pm
Fri – Sat, 11am – 12am
Sundays 11am – 11pm

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