And he said, yes.

If you guys follow my IG, 
you’d have seen me post this photo on 09/05/2015. 

Many of you guys have been curious about what happened that night 
and how my traffic light colour finally turned from Amber to BRIGHT RED. 

Before the story can start, 
I need to bring you all the way back to last December. 

December is a happy month, for most people. 
Yes, I really like Christmas too. 
But it’s also the month which I lost my granny back in 2012 and I still miss her truckloads. 
Nev knows how December brings me pain and he thought of asking me to be his gf in December
so there’s more joy in Dec. 

I was really touched by his thoughtfulness.

He brought me to watch Interstellar in Gold Class and it was my virgin Gold Class experience!
Truly amazing ~ the seats are super comfy, you get a blankie and the food is SOOOO GOOD.
Can honestly vouch for the legendary lamb bites and truffle fries!
Never tasted food that delish before. 

We went to Outback steakhouse for dinner, but wasn’t very impressed with the food. 
The servings were huge tho. 

Our blue matchy outfits ^^

He was really happy, he probably thought I would say yes that night. 

He got his roommate to prepare 99 lighted tealights in a heart shape and it looked super pretty. 
And he asked me to be his. 

But at that time, 
I really wasn’t sure. 

I mean I liked him, but I wasn’t sure if it was enough, yknow? 
and I didn’t wanna make another mistake. 
I’ve made far too many this life. 
Can write storybook already LOL

And so, I asked for more time. 
He looked at the last tealight in the packet and gave it to me. 

“Light it when you’re ready.”

Ever since, 
it has been a rollercoaster ride. 

Many happy moments, but also a fair share of tough times. 

However, you know he really loves you and that he’s the right one when he fights for you. 
Nev never gave up on me. 
When we were upset with each other, we talked it out. 
We cried. 
We hugged. 

And I soon realised that I was dating a man, 
not some boy who would give me up over a petty mistake, 
but someone who was willing to guide me along, 
someone who wants and helps me to grow, 
helps me learn more about what relationships should be like. 
He is patient, endearing, understanding 
and it was all so new to me. 
(For all those who know my past, yeah you guys should know what I’m talking about)

And I can’t believe I almost lost him. 
Yes, during my tough Hall Prod days, I was a total wreck. 
I was tired.
I was emotional. 
I was going crazy. 
I didn’t know how to tell him how I was feeling or how I could feel better. 
All I wanted was to sleep and sleep and sleep.

But I’m so glad we made it through, 
and we are a lot stronger now. 

The recovery period after hall prod was a time of great discovery. 
I discovered and saw things in him I never saw before. 
We talked seriously about each other’s futures to see if we could match. 

Here’s the part where I wanna talk just a little about Nev. 
I know he has that bad boy vibe/player feeling who always talks about Dota and Soccer and well his usual dirty talk; 
but that aside, 
he really has a kind heart and he really wants to be a teacher to make a positive difference to the next generation.
I’m sure they will have really interesting and useful English/Lit classes. 
I just wish more people saw that in him instead of judging him all the time.
but I guess, those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind. 

With that said, 
who doesn’t like a man with a kind soul and passion? 

Nev is also a really good cook, a handy man, takes cares of me super well during my period cramps and when I fall sick so be jealous all of you :>

So coming back to May, 
I finally felt ready. 
And it was also after exams. 

9 is like our favourite number so the 9th was picked. 

I initially booked a table for dinner but he had work that night so I had to cancel.
But I found out he was going to Marina Bay Sands to find his hall mates so I decided to give him a surprise!

The plan was 
Go up to the hotel room > wait outside while he showers > light tea light > Sing “To Make you Feel my Love” > Ask him 

Sounds easy right? 
I was confident (okay no I was super nervous)

But once he unlocked the door, I panicked and when I saw him, I just laughed HAHAH
Front part is awkward as helllllll.
Watch the video below^^
Look out for his teary eyes hehe

Big thank you to the Sixers who helped out 
and everyone else who has given us our best wishes!

Below is my fav comic strip story 


Two strangers.

“Oh my arms need some stretching”

Went in for the kill ” I think I very baller” face.

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