Adventure Cove Date

I’ve been to Adventure Cove with my family before, but it was a weekend so it was packed to the brim and I didn’t get to try the slides. 
So, when I chanced upon the 1-for-1 promotions on Wednesdays for Adventure Cove; 
I knew I had to drag Nev along with me to go!


I know we don’t have like the best bods but this is a mandatory shot so heh.
If you’ve been to other water theme parks, especially those overseas; 
Adventure cove would probably be kinda boring?
The slides are mostly similar.

But my favourite would have to be Snorkeling!
It makes it super worthwhile cause you don’t have to travel to Malaysia to get a snorkeling experience!
I’m proud that Nev (who can’t swim) mustered enough courage to snorkel with me.
It’s enchanting, looking at the fishies swim. 
All those colours and patterns on them. 
I wish I had more courage to go scuba diving.

Insadong Korea Town at RWS

We were starved after a day under the sun and in the water
so we made a stop at Insadong!

The boy does not understand my love for matcha.

Nev’s chicken chop

Spot the appetizer: it’s our favourite fried mushrooms!

My seafood egg soup with rice!

Satisfied face.

Caught the gloomy sunset

Photo moment.
It was a great day out with the boy. 

I know a lot of people are waiting to hear the story of how I asked Nev to be mine. 

Well, that post will be coming right up (; 

In the meantime, Happy summer holidays!

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