Outfit Post @ SAM

I’m so excited, because this is my first ever real fashion fashion outfit post!
So glad to have found an #ootd enthusiast buddy in @audt. 
We have promised to meet up for random photoshoots heheh. 

Our first shoot was at SAM and we did two outfits each. 

The Monochrome (with a pop of colour)

Black High Collared Top from TEMT 
White Culottes from Kaizo
Boots from K Mart Australia
Bag from Taiwan
Shades from Scape Flea

The China Blue

China Blue Maxi Dress – MDS Collections $52
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Car-Rousel Cafe @ Kallang Wave Mall 

The SEA Games 2015 has thus come to an end. 
But I’m really proud of Singapore for hosting the games and bagging all those medals!
I really enjoyed myself – personally going down to soak down the atmosphere at the girls hockey games at Seng Kang and watching a 5 hour badminton Men’s Finals at Singapore Indoor Stadium on 12th June. 

Yes, for those of you who didn’t already know; 
I used to play hockey in sec sch but only for two years cause well my stamina sucks. 
I didn’t play too well and I don’t like to do things that I don’t perform in. 
I did try for two years, going for training religiously but welp.
(Am considering playing hockey for hall the coming sem tho)

So anw, back to the SEA Games, 
we checked out the SEA Games Carnival which was just outside Kallang Wave Mall and the Stadiums!
It was bursting with life, with tons of games and activities to participate in. 
Tons of children  and screaming parents meh

But hey, I got a picture with Nila!


Oh well, at least a balloon figurine of Nila.
We were really early so whilst waiting for the games to start, 
I psycho-ed my family to check out Car-Rousel Cafe!

It’s a new cafe on the block and where two of my fav girls work at. 

Good times, good food and good company!
It is a vintage automobile themed cafe, 
featuring homemade baked goods, specialty coffee as well as DIY burgers and salads!

I personally LOVE LOVE the whole theme, makes me feel like I’ve travelled back in time. 
It feels like a superb pitchstop, to get a cuppa and refuel  for the rest of the day

I was recommended the try the cheesecake ($3.50/slice) and IT WAS THE LAST SLICE
So, I really had to get it. 
And, I liked it! I did. 
It was a light flavour and….

Ahh, coffee. Tried a Flat White for the first time, and it’ll def not be my last cup.
We also got ourselves a Smoked Chicken Breast Vanwich and my my was I impressed!
The bread was really really soft, I think they use a sourdough bun!
You can choose your vegetables and sauces to customize your bun or just be lazy and leave it to the girls to decide (like what I did HAHAH)
Don’t forget to check out their new addition to the Menu, All-Day Breakfast set!
That beef pastrami bowl looks sooooo good.
1 Stadium Place, 
Kallang Wave Mall, 
Singapore 397628
(Nearest MRT: Stadium MRT)

Operates Mon – Sun: 08:00–22:00

Like them on FB: https://www.facebook.com/carrouselcafesg/ 
and IG: https://instagram.com/carrouselcafesg

Email me at amandayong09@gmail.com if you want me to check out your cafe or to let me know any new food spots/recommendations!

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SYNC Korean Fusion Bistro @ Westgate

Summer break means catching up with your lil sis. 
Who doubles as your photographer heheh. 

We decided to go to Sync because she was craving korean food 
and I’ve been wanting to check it out!

SYNC Korean Fusion Bistro at Westgate Mall, is powered by Samsung!
At this cozy little corner, you can try out the latest Samsung products and just chill out!
SYNC aims to bring food with technology to the people in a stylish and comfortable ambience, with K-movies playing for everyone to enjoy.

We were watching “Don’t worry, I’m a ghost” 
Well thanks, I’m sure that’s reassuring. HAHA

OH OH, Don’t forget to ask for the WIFI password because there is FREE WIFI!!!!!

I really like this corner!!!
This is DEFINITELY me. 
I get really cranky when I’m hungry cause my tummy will hurt thanks to all the gastric juice. 
Did you know that you have a tummy clock too? 
So if you have lunch today at 130pm, your stomach will produce gastric juice in anticipation of food the next day at 130pm too. 
And if you don’t eat then you’d feel horrid cause there’s so much acid in your tummy. 
Pretty much why my tummy is so screwed up, because my tummy clock is probably spoilt. 

SO > Let’s get to the food!

We ordered a value lunch set each. 

A set meal comes with a starter and a main for only $9.90!
Best part, there is NO SERVICE CHARGE at SYNC!

My sis got the Kimchi Cheese Fries and Bibimbap
while I ordered a serving of Mandu (the fried dumplings) and Jajangmyeon (which is actually a fusion food cause they use spaghetti noodles!) 

We really enjoyed the Kimchi Cheese Fries!
My sis thought the noodles were too salty. 
The bibimbap has no meat BTW, so if you’re a meat lover; you might wanna add some meat. 


Top up $2 for a drink!

Couldn’t help by take a photo at their lovely outdoor dining area.
Really love the chill vibes here, great for a quick Korean meal. 
I heard that there’s Lava Cake 1-for-1 on Weekday afternoons, so do check them out yourself (; 

SYNC Korean Fusion Bistro (Westgate Mall, Jurong East)

Call them at: 6369 9913

Mon – Thur, 11am – 11pm
Fri – Sat, 11am – 12am
Sundays 11am – 11pm

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And he said, yes.

If you guys follow my IG, 
you’d have seen me post this photo on 09/05/2015. 

Many of you guys have been curious about what happened that night 
and how my traffic light colour finally turned from Amber to BRIGHT RED. 

Before the story can start, 
I need to bring you all the way back to last December. 

December is a happy month, for most people. 
Yes, I really like Christmas too. 
But it’s also the month which I lost my granny back in 2012 and I still miss her truckloads. 
Nev knows how December brings me pain and he thought of asking me to be his gf in December
so there’s more joy in Dec. 

I was really touched by his thoughtfulness.

He brought me to watch Interstellar in Gold Class and it was my virgin Gold Class experience!
Truly amazing ~ the seats are super comfy, you get a blankie and the food is SOOOO GOOD.
Can honestly vouch for the legendary lamb bites and truffle fries!
Never tasted food that delish before. 

We went to Outback steakhouse for dinner, but wasn’t very impressed with the food. 
The servings were huge tho. 

Our blue matchy outfits ^^

He was really happy, he probably thought I would say yes that night. 

He got his roommate to prepare 99 lighted tealights in a heart shape and it looked super pretty. 
And he asked me to be his. 

But at that time, 
I really wasn’t sure. 

I mean I liked him, but I wasn’t sure if it was enough, yknow? 
and I didn’t wanna make another mistake. 
I’ve made far too many this life. 
Can write storybook already LOL

And so, I asked for more time. 
He looked at the last tealight in the packet and gave it to me. 

“Light it when you’re ready.”

Ever since, 
it has been a rollercoaster ride. 

Many happy moments, but also a fair share of tough times. 

However, you know he really loves you and that he’s the right one when he fights for you. 
Nev never gave up on me. 
When we were upset with each other, we talked it out. 
We cried. 
We hugged. 

And I soon realised that I was dating a man, 
not some boy who would give me up over a petty mistake, 
but someone who was willing to guide me along, 
someone who wants and helps me to grow, 
helps me learn more about what relationships should be like. 
He is patient, endearing, understanding 
and it was all so new to me. 
(For all those who know my past, yeah you guys should know what I’m talking about)

And I can’t believe I almost lost him. 
Yes, during my tough Hall Prod days, I was a total wreck. 
I was tired.
I was emotional. 
I was going crazy. 
I didn’t know how to tell him how I was feeling or how I could feel better. 
All I wanted was to sleep and sleep and sleep.

But I’m so glad we made it through, 
and we are a lot stronger now. 

The recovery period after hall prod was a time of great discovery. 
I discovered and saw things in him I never saw before. 
We talked seriously about each other’s futures to see if we could match. 

Here’s the part where I wanna talk just a little about Nev. 
I know he has that bad boy vibe/player feeling who always talks about Dota and Soccer and well his usual dirty talk; 
but that aside, 
he really has a kind heart and he really wants to be a teacher to make a positive difference to the next generation.
I’m sure they will have really interesting and useful English/Lit classes. 
I just wish more people saw that in him instead of judging him all the time.
but I guess, those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind. 

With that said, 
who doesn’t like a man with a kind soul and passion? 

Nev is also a really good cook, a handy man, takes cares of me super well during my period cramps and when I fall sick so be jealous all of you :>

So coming back to May, 
I finally felt ready. 
And it was also after exams. 

9 is like our favourite number so the 9th was picked. 

I initially booked a table for dinner but he had work that night so I had to cancel.
But I found out he was going to Marina Bay Sands to find his hall mates so I decided to give him a surprise!

The plan was 
Go up to the hotel room > wait outside while he showers > light tea light > Sing “To Make you Feel my Love” > Ask him 

Sounds easy right? 
I was confident (okay no I was super nervous)

But once he unlocked the door, I panicked and when I saw him, I just laughed HAHAH
Front part is awkward as helllllll.
Watch the video below^^
Look out for his teary eyes hehe

Big thank you to the Sixers who helped out 
and everyone else who has given us our best wishes!

Below is my fav comic strip story 


Two strangers.

“Oh my arms need some stretching”

Went in for the kill ” I think I very baller” face.
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Braun Buffel Fall/Winter Collection Preview

While I was away in Vietnam, 
I got an email invite to check out the latest Braun Buffel Fall/Winter Collection which will only be launched in stores starting from next month!

Was glad that I was able to bring a plus one and so I called along Audrey because we needed to catch up really badly!
Haven’t seen her since her wedding and I’m so happy for her marriage as well as for her little baby!

Audrey was sharing that she’s gonna open a Korean brand Churros shop in Singapore this year;
and I’m so excited to try!
It looks really good and it would be an affordable and delicious snack for a day out in town!
Will share more about it when she starts up shop (:

So, to share a bit about the collection: 
Fall/Winter is all about romance. 
The campaign was shot in Paris, the city of love. 
It’s also big on colours and textures!
You’d find greens, blues, browns, even fur and all the designs look really timeless.

Braun Buffel has always been known for their quality leather bags but more men carry the brand. 
Ladies, do check out their wide range of female bags and wallets as well. 
Will feature some beautiful pieces below. 

My mom herself is a Braun Buffel user and fan. 
She passed down some of her BB bags and they are still in great condition after many many years!


This boxy bag is my favourite! Still super trendy after so many years.
The preview started late cause they had many different media groups back to back 
so whilst waiting…
Top – Topshop SG
Palazzo Pants – Lazada Fashion
Heels – BATA
Bag- Ralph Lauren

Photo by Audrey.
We finally saw the bags at around 6pm!

This is the bag I’m holding as seen below. The green is the most amazing, it’s my dream to own a green handbag.

Snapped a shot with the Braun Buffel VP, he’s super nice and a charismatic man

I love their totes because they come with an organizer bag inside and the backpack that Audrey is spotting comes in the loveliest shade of blue!

The special SG50 bags! Aren’t they super super cute? I esp love the one on the left.
Please can I take it home?

Check out their really unique handles on these bucket bag and that fur on patent leather!

Checking out this bag like hey its the same colour as my pants!

In love with the document folder, it’s so sleek and superb for school/work!

Thank you for the lovely gift bags, Braun Buffel!

Took me a while to realise that the bag tag looking thing is actually a really sleek thumbdrive!

Super delish tarts as a little door gift.
Thank you Braun Buffel for having me once again,
was delighted to have an opportunity to take a look inside St. Regis as well as to check out all those lovely bags!

If you’d like to invite me to an event, I’d love to come!
Drop me an email at amandayong09@gmail.com

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Adventure Cove Date

I’ve been to Adventure Cove with my family before, but it was a weekend so it was packed to the brim and I didn’t get to try the slides. 
So, when I chanced upon the 1-for-1 promotions on Wednesdays for Adventure Cove; 
I knew I had to drag Nev along with me to go!


I know we don’t have like the best bods but this is a mandatory shot so heh.
If you’ve been to other water theme parks, especially those overseas; 
Adventure cove would probably be kinda boring?
The slides are mostly similar.

But my favourite would have to be Snorkeling!
It makes it super worthwhile cause you don’t have to travel to Malaysia to get a snorkeling experience!
I’m proud that Nev (who can’t swim) mustered enough courage to snorkel with me.
It’s enchanting, looking at the fishies swim. 
All those colours and patterns on them. 
I wish I had more courage to go scuba diving.

Insadong Korea Town at RWS

We were starved after a day under the sun and in the water
so we made a stop at Insadong!

The boy does not understand my love for matcha.

Nev’s chicken chop

Spot the appetizer: it’s our favourite fried mushrooms!

My seafood egg soup with rice!

Satisfied face.

Caught the gloomy sunset

Photo moment.
It was a great day out with the boy. 

I know a lot of people are waiting to hear the story of how I asked Nev to be mine. 

Well, that post will be coming right up (; 

In the meantime, Happy summer holidays!

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Food Tasting at Munch Salad Smith with SGinstababes

This is a super delayed post but I’m really free now during the holidays so I thought I’d update my blog. 

So, SGinstababes features many, many pretty Singaporean girls. 
Follow their account on IG and fill up the form on their bio for a chance to get featured!
I’ve been on their page once before and it helped me gain a lot of followers HAHHAA

And not to mention exclusive event invites!
So on 15th March this year, I got invited to head down to Munch Salad Smith at Novena for a food tasting sesh with the other babes. 

I was really excited for it was my first food tasting sesh!


I really enjoyed the rosti and eggs! The salad was good too; but the chicken was a tad too dry for me.

I went to the event alone, but thankfully I made friends with @joannaspy!

Munch was promoting their chicken salads for bulking! #beastmode

Dress c/o @therunwaycode. Got a bag of stuff from generous sponsors!

Basically, we filled the entire outlet (;
Overall, I had tons of fun at the event.
Really hope to attend more events and get to know more people!  

Anyone misses my long hair? HAHA
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