Local online apparel shopping (FOR THE BOYS)

Because, men shop too. 

Increasingly, male counterparts have been more open to the idea of online shopping. 
They too, enjoy a good deal and can be caught browsing through Carousell or scrolling through ASOS.
Hence, I’ve decided to compile some of my favourite male apparel shops to share with you guys!
You’d find something you like for sure. 

I’d like to mention that the FIT is very important for male clothings. 
No matter how good your fashion sense is, if they don’t fit; 
you’d look really sloppy and that’s not what we want right boys?
Therefore, make sure you take note of all the provided measurements of the clothing and match them to your own body. 
I suggest you make a note on your stats; so that you don’t have to measure it every time you shop online.

Read all about how to get the perfect fit here.

With that said, let’s check out a few go-to male shops to satisfy all your shopping needs!

Sabotage Store

This is definitely my favourite store!
(well, because I know it’s owner- Winson and he’s a really friendly and nice guy!)
I think his style is pretty great, you can follow him on IG @serwinson to check out how his everyday styles!

Sabotage Store manufactures most of their clothing. 
The cloth all carefully and specially curated by Winson himself and the manufacturing process is closely monitored to ensure the perfect shirt for you. 

The items are all reasonably priced as well, so you don’t have to break your wallet nor compromise on quality!

Sabotage Store also carries a bunch of accessories like watches, belts and arm candy but those sell out real fast so fastest fingers first!

You can touch and feel their items at the store, Define @ Scape Underground (Just beside the entrance, you can’t miss it!)


Don’t you just love that wooden button contrast?

Denim lives forever and Paisley prints are a must!

A for Arcade (Men)

I love A for Arcade because their designs are always so clean, sleek and chic!
They have an amazing range of fun items; even blazers and vests for a really affordable price!

It’s very British, preppy, totally on pointe, yet not over the top. 

“ARCADE is a global online fashion store that curates for the fashion forward individuals who are fun, unexpected and cheeky. It’s simple to us, ‘cause we believe fashion should be playful in the first place, and what we don is our attitude to life.”


I personally believe in Prince Charming and white suits.

Check out their Featured Page if you can’t decide!
if you are the touchy-feely type; head down to one of their retail racks!

The Showcase, Raffles Xchange #B1-57
Kissjane, CityLink Mall #B1-39
Kissjane, Bugis Junction #03-13A


Effiell is a Singapore based clothing retail that caters exclusively to Men of all ages. Effiell is founded and registered in April 2014 with the aim of providing a new platform for Men to shop as we believe there are limited online local stores available for us.     

   At Effiell, we set our goals to be the best not only in the quality of our apparels but more importantly the service that we feel has been lacking locally. Effiell is new and thus we are susceptible to changes fast and we take feedbacks & requests into serious considerations. Effiell aims to be your store-next-door so feel free to shop at our collections!       

I first stumbled upon Effiell at Scape Underground, MERJSG.
Yes, we share the same shop space HAHAH

I know the owners, two handsome bufflords 
and they got my friend to model before!

As you can see, the items are reasonably priced and the style is casual; 
really good items for school or the weekends!


Photo credit to @kanerayn, Follow him for great outfit inspos!


About fashion inspiration, 
my IG friend Vincent has really great taste.
Check his styles on IG @vloh1

Here’s a teaser. 

Above and Beyond SG

For all the hipsters who hate being called hipsters
and those who really like street wear, 
this is the site!

Their designs are really clean, nice and even unisex!

They are now operating via a preorder basis and their slots always go out really fast so fastest fingers first!

Before I end, I’d like to mention that another reason for this post is because; 
It’s high time we embraced local talent. 

Share with me your great buys by tagging me in your photos @awfullyamanda.
I’d love to see them!

Happy shopping boys~ 
Recommend me some other shops if you like and I’d check them out. 

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