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Hey, remember when I shared about Sample Store?
Hope you girls have gotten your samples!

As part of the Seeders Program, 
I get to try free samples 
and share my reviews with my readers!


Was really excited to receive this!

Beauty Biotics

Skin Gets Younger, Faster, Longer
The BEAUTYBIOTICS range of Dream Cream products is a breakthrough, new range of dermatological cosmetics or functional skin care that erases imperfections upon first application, and continues to work at the skin’s cellular level to deliver intense hydration and regenerate skin collagen and elastin, 
leaving your skin supple and youthful in the long-term.

Based on medical aesthetics science, BEAUTYBIOTICS light-diffusing optic technology infuses skin with a soft light for a radiant and glowing complexion
BEAUTYBIOTICS also uses Nano Technology to pack more hydrating and age-defying active ingredients into one application and deliver them into deep layers of the skin to enhance skin cell regeneration.

BEAUTYBIOTICS is dermatologist tested for sensitive skin, and made in Japan for Asian skins with proven ingredients to:
•! Regenerate skin elastin and collagen for plumped up softness
•! Intensely hydrate for supple skin
•! Improve skin radiance and clarity 
•! Effectively whiten for luminous, bright skin

1) BeautyBiotics Dream Cream BB/CC Beauty Balm Colour Corrector, $39

Yknow how the best you can go is usually a 2-in-1 or 3-in-1 product?
This Dream Cream, is a 12-in-1 multitasker (with an advanced whitening formula)!

  1. Covers: Effectively covers blemishes, pores and wrinkles! It provides good and lasting coverage, concealing my pores and blackheads well. 
  2. Controls: Itching, Inflammation & sebum secretion
  3. Corrects: Dark spots, pigmentation and uneven tones (Available in 3 shades, Light, glitter and tan)
  4. Refortifies: Collagen Regeneration, Hydration and provides UV Protection with it’s SPF 40, PA +++



Before: Noticeable pimple scars, pores, uneven skin tones.


My skin is a lot smoother, blemishes concealed, pores minimized, and corrects my skin tone! HURRAY~
I personally love the product because:
1)  I have very dry skin and Dream Cream will re-hydrate my skin!
2) It doubles as a sun-block with the SPF 40, PA+++ which is superb for SG weather. 
3) It also helps to cover blemishes which means I can avoid layering too many products such as concealers on my face. 

BB+ Nano Luminescence Mineral Pearl Powder, $45

The Dream Cream BB+ series features another amazing product!

I got to try the Nano Luminescence Mineral Pearl Powder in Shimmer
(However, I’m not really used to my face being all glittery)

It provides Advanced UV Protection with SPF 40 PA+++! 
If you don’t know what SPF kinda means, it actually relates to the period of sun protection the product provides.
So the higher the SPF, the less you need to top up to get protected from the sun!
Girls usually worry about the stickiness that a sunblock brings so this powder solves that issue!

(Psst. It’s also waterproof!) I know it can get really hot in SG and sometimes we perspire (esp when we run to catch the bus)

 Also, the powder diffuses light through its light-diffusing pearl crystals to hide all the things girls hate:  
– Wrinkles
– Spots (This I really hate, and please be careful with spots cause they might grow into really ugly pigmentation so don’t forget your sunblock or SPF equipped products!) 
– Pores

 Also though it’s a powder, it has all the benefits of a cream for it hydrates, regenerates and repairs!

I believe that most Asians regard fair skin as beauty and guess what?
This powder promises to make skin One Tone Brighter
Say YAY to radiant skin! :>

DIRECTIONS: Apply evenly onto face using the powder puff that is provided. 
Reapply onto problem areas for enhanced coverage

UV White Nano Mineral Powder

Another great powder to talk about in this series!  

UV White is a clinical strength sun protection and whitening nano mineral powder that provides broad band UV protection and helps whiten skin at the same time.
This makes it a great sun protection alternative apart from applying sunscreen; providing high sun protection with 
 SPF 50/PA+++.

 The powerful Nano Collagen + Hyaluronic Acid + Alpha Arbutin Formula helps regenerate skin, reduce pigmentation and 
lighten dark spots!
It’s hydrating quality attracts me as well, for my skin is really dry after long hours of air con in the office :<

UV White is hence essentially a sunscreen in powder form, with whitening benefits and is such a breeze to apply!

DIRECTIONS: Apply evenly onto the face and areas with dark spots and wrinkles. 
Re-apply throughout the day as necessary.


It is very easy to apply! Pour a lil powder into the transparent “plate” and then use the puff to dab some powder and apply onto face! Convenient packaging which makes it easy to bring along with you anywhere :>


I’m ready for the sun!

What are you waiting for? 
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Note that BeautyBiotics Products are exclusively sold at Watsons Singapore outlets only!

Darlie All Shiny White Charcoal Clean Toothpaste

Before we start, 
let’s consider the following point: 

That a bright white smile plays a large part in creating a good first impression,
 whether it’s to bag a date or a job. 
White teeth make you look more employable and younger, as quoted from an article from Dailymail

I’m sure you agree that yellow teeth are quite a turn off.

With that said, let’s work towards a set of gleaming teeth today!

PS. Pardon the poor photo quality (used iphone 5s front cam :/ 
I really need to upgrade to a camera, any recommendations?




My teeth are in desperate need for whitening :
Clinically proven to effectively whiten your teeth in 14 days!

Darlie All Shiny White Charcoal Clean contains a speedy whitening agent which removes yellowish stains, to deliver effective whitening results. 

Combined with natural bamboo charcoal molecules which absorb dirt and can deeply clean your mouth, dual whitening benefits are achieved!

Not forgetting of course, fluoride for healthy teeth :>


Won’t you join me on this whitening journey?


You’d better.


heheh let’s go out there and shineeee ūüôā Big smiles everyone!
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Wanna try the Darlie ASW Charcoal too? 
Hop on over to Samplestore and redeem a free sample!

This product is available at selected major NTUC Fairprice, Giant, Cold Storage, Sheng Siong, Prime and other leading supermarkets; Watsons, Guardian, Unity and other cosmetic stores. 

This review is brought to you with love from Amanda, xoxo.

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