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Sushi Bar @ FEP

Do you know what this means?

So glad to finally check out this raved place, 
was supposed to come here with Kim the other day, 
but thanks Jiet for making it happen today. 

The place only opens at 12.30pm 
but there was already a queue when we arrived about 12.25pm. 
Guess good things are worth waiting for eh?


It’s a small cosy place, and you can see the special recommendations on the board if you don’t know what to order!
But me being a very hardworking foodie, 
I researched the night before and already took note of what was good to order.

Chawanmushi goodness, $2.80

Salmon Sashimi, $6.90. Super thick slices of fresh salmon.

Salmon Aburi Roll, $13.90 for 8 rolls. The wonders of aburi is that it’s half cooked, so it sorta just melts in your mouth. :>

Sirloin Steak, $13.90 for 100g. Really interesting dips, with crispy sides and soft beef, yum yum in my tum!
I was kinda upset that I didn’t get to try the Tofu Cheesecake and the soft shell crab aburi roll :/
But overall, I ate well. 

A candid shot of me taking photos of the food, heheh. // Love my Rocket Volume mascara from Maybelline, really works right!!

After our food, we shopped around because Jiet is looking for a card holder.
Did I miss out the word “branded”?
So, this marks the first time that I, Amanda Yong, walked into LV and Gucci. 

Never been a biggie on brands, 
like I guess they really are more durable.
But heck they are expensive
and I don’t have that kind of money
and I don’t ask my parents to buy me such things. 

Anyhow, I’m so thankful I look glam today.
If not, I don’t even think LV and Gucci will open their doors to me

Check out my OOTD 


Mega ultra love this jumpsuit from H&M, so worth my $39.90. The V-cut is filled up nicely with a statement necklace and I chose one from Statement Muse, love their accessories! To elongate my look, I also put on my really high nude heels, which caused me to trip many times. Whoops :
We caught Non-stop at Lido;
the show was in Lido 1 and the theatre was HUGE AND EVEN HAD LIKE A MINI-STAGE?

The movie was like kinda meh overall; 
didn’t have a real peak or so. 
But well, guess who’s gonna be paranoid the next time I fly in April. 

What I liked about the movie though, 
is seeing how people cherish and live their days to the fullest. 

How Julianne Moore chooses the window seat so that she can get a good view if her heart acts up 
and suddenly dies.
& How Liam Neeson tries to continue to live his life, 
through the smoking and the drinking; 
and to do his job well and protect the people, and the little girl that reminded him of his daughter.

I remember a character from a book, who eats dessert before her main course, because she’s afraid she might die before she got to dessert. 
I know that sounds a little extreme, but to me; 
I think that’s all about seizing the moment. 

“But you grab a moment or you let it pass.”

Too many people play games,
guessing games, 
waiting games, 
games to test each other,
when will they end?

Only when the other is so far gone? When it’s too late?

What is the purpose of acting cold when you actually care?
What is the purpose of hiding what you feel and guessing each other’s intentions? 

Don’t tell me “to wear your heart on your sleeve, you have to vulnerable and so I won’t be so stupid to do it.”
My dear, to experience love, you need to be exposed to the possibility of a pain that is going to be worth it . 

Do you not realise that with every test, 
you tire out the person’s genuine heart?
You suspect 
you pry, 
you probe
you jump at every little mistake. 
There is no perfect person, this earth is teeming with flawed human beings. 
Take your pick or be alone. 
// Okay I’d continue with this train of thought at the end of the post.

After the movie, 
I headed to SMU for a short rehearsal and run through for the JTC event this coming Wed.
Really excited to gather interesting ideas for films 
and to be on set once more!

Will let you guys know the link of the video once its online the very next day!

Cafe Mondo @ Orchard Central (BOO :// )

Wanted to get some ice-cream before heading home, so we made our way to OC. 
Decided to try Cafe Mondo which is at Orchard Central, level 2.
This place is hard to miss, since it’s just beside the escalator. 


1) The Mushroom soup was really really sour and awful
2) The Cheese fries weren’t very heated up and the cheese was just like cheese slices melted over the fries. 
3) The ice cream tasted low-quality and like tap water



We got two scoops of ice cream free cause we spent like $20 but ewww bleh.

Don’t be fooled by this, I just have good photography skills. HAHAH WHO AM I KIDDIN’
Just don’t bother with this place kay? 

Accepting a flawed human being

Easier said than done? 
No shit.

We all know we have flaws. 
We all know other people have flaws. 
We know that we need to find someone who can accept our flaws and love us for who we are deep down. 
and we know that to get that, we must also accept and love others. 

But how do you get about doing that?

We all have a certain ideal in our heads,
a perfect someone that you know you’d fall in love with in a heartbeat.
Maybe you’d never meet this person, 
but well, 
in your imaginations, you have met him 1 million times or so at least.

For me, 
I’ve long imagined me sitting at a cafe,
book in my hand and a cup of cuppa.
And this guy in a white shirt, clean, decent faced;
walks over and starts talking to me about my book. 

I think there must be a certain something,
about guys that read. 
That they would understand how books create another world,
often which is better than reality,
that books are teachers, 

We would talk about characters as if they are real, 
about stories we would write, 
about cliche books and not so cliche ones,
and we’d laugh about silly things over his book and mine. 

For a while, 
I wanted to indulge in this ideal.
To hold on to the hope that maybe, 
this day would come and I would indeed meet such a person. 

I have prepared myself though, 
that things may not be as rosy as I expect. 
Like the guy I meet might be attached, 
or might have a personality problem. 

But still, I wanted to give myself time to wait on this guy. 

// Now though, 
I have new thoughts. 
I see the beauty in a genuine heart. 

Like how can you still find it within yourself to be picky/annoyed when you receive a sincere note with grammatical errors?
Yes, I see the flaws, but may I cliche-ly insert;
you realise you don’t mind. 
Because you read between the lines and realise, 
hey this person actually bothered for one, 
and two, decided to still write this even though they know English isn’t their strongest point. 

I think in this world full of suspecting hearts, 
sincerity is hard to sieve out. 
Take time to validate someone and their intentions,
but recognise acts of love/care when you receive them. 

With that said, a gentle reminder that love is a strong word, 
don’t use it loosely.

I need someone to pour myself into. —Sylvia Plath, The Unabridged Journals of Sylvia Plath 

(Damn I need to get this book)

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