Cool websites to check out

Today, I’d like to share a couple of cool websites with you guys!

Including new sites to shop at, 
new places to get freebies (hehe, auntie mode on)

The Social Bacon

The Social Bacon allows me to:

  1. Pick and choose from their huge range of items to construct my Top 10 Favourites list
  2. I can then share my picks over social media platforms 
  3. which allows friends to shop seamlessly online through TSB

This is great because we always need a second opinion whilst shopping, don’t we?
I really hope you trust my taste hahaha

So, I get to create a store front that looks like this: 


Heheh, my cover photo is from my recent photoshoot!
And these are my top 10 favourites, (for now)! 
Featuring both male and female items to be fair alright! 
You can get really great steals like backpacks for $29.90 and even pretty maxi dresses!
So let’s say you’re interested in the Beige Backpack, 
you click on it
and you should see something like this:

A very user-friendly neat interface for you to shop without a hassle!

Select the colour
and then the size 
and click Buy now!


You would then be transferred to your shopping cart, essentially known as “Your Bag”. You can also see the many payment modes avail!


Fill up your billing and delivery details; I love that it autofills the address for me once I type my postal code. HEHEH #lazybum
As a frequent online shopper and blogshop owner, 
I would encourage registered mail;
especially when you really love an item 
or if your item is expensive. 
You really wouldn’t want it lost in the mail right?


Lastly, you are ensured that your payment will be made securely.
And then hurray,
new items through the mail :>

// Be a Merchant
These days, there are tons of young entrepreneurs out there with blogshops
& so you can join TSB as a Merchant as well!
With influencers choosing your items as Top 10 and sharing on their social media, 
I’m sure it will drive much traffic to your store!

(Once my blogshop is restored, I’d be sure to use TSB to promote my blogshop as well!)

Do note that TSB is still in their beta testing stage, 
so do put up with them and show your support alright?


I chanced upon this website after seeing a friend post a picture of her free sample received from!

Me being a typical auntie, had to check it out!


Was pleasantly surprised by this really kawaii home page and then went on to sign up for my free account!


Fill up your basic details first


You should then get a sign up confirmation, and an activation email from the Sample store!


Look out for an email that looks something like this


Next, you’d need to fill up a short profile about yourself. This allows Sample Store to know you better and to make product recommendations that are suitable for you!


This pictogram shows how SS works. So for a small sum, you get samples of many raved products sent straight to your doorstep!
And because I blog, 
I submitted an application to join their seeders program 
where I can accept invitations by brands to test their products and then write reviews about it!


The Sample Store is also currently running an Instagram contest, so don’t forget to join!
Amanda always shares the good stuff. 

If you have a cool site that you want me to check out, 
let me know!

Cheerios :>

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