SEA Games 2015 Launch Party

“Give me an S – S
Give me an I – I
Give me a N-G-A-P-O-R-E!” *inserts shrilly voice*

Would you cheer for Singapore?
I believe many Singaporeans would still watch our SG athletes during international sporting events 
and cheer them on
because we still do feel the warm community spirit when we come together. 
(despite the gazillion complains we make about our island, I get it, I really do.)

In this post, I will be recapping about my night at the SEA Games 2015 Launch Party!
It was a blast :>

Here you can see the stage, the nearby surroundings of Gardens by the Bay and the Moshpit area(the lil grass patch)!

We got there a lil late and the party was already going on,
really happening
& heartening to see Singaporeans showing their support for the event by being dressed in red!
I always love soaking up the energy and love in the atmosphere at these events.
Fret not, I wasn’t a spoilsport and threw on my red top as well!

The line up for the evening was really exciting,
I’d do a pictorial recount alright?

We caught Chen Wei Lian’s performance which was in line with promoting for the 2014 ASEAN Paralympics as well. I believe his story encourages many people to live life to the fullest despite the difficulties we face.

This is Charlie Lim, and I swear his vocals are amazing. Something you’d fall in love with while reading at a cafe, or play before bed :>
Because I personally fell in love with him,
I’m sharing his music with you alright?
Check out his site here:

Also, he’s just such a cutie, like a shy guy behind his specs sending love through the notes that fall off his guitar
So stalk him on insta here as well! @wherewascharlie

Here you see Daphne Khoo, singing the theme song of the SEA Games and ASEAN Paralympics; Greatest

The Minister gives his encouraging speech~

Mascot Nila welcomes everyone, isn’t it cute???

To officially launch the party, they got cyclists to cycle hard to create enough kinetic energy to light up the launching mechanism!
You can see the ball changing colours as they cycle! Pretty cool stuff

The party is on!

The Great Spy Experiment rockin’ the stage

So thankful to get a picture backstage :>

While walking around, bumped into the beautiful Eunice Anabel!

Backstage with Charlie, forgive my messy hair; was too happy hehe

With John Merlina and his band before their set!

Such a blur photo but this is DJ Aldrin and I swear his beats are awesome, can’t wait to catch him at Velvet on the 8th of March!

My clan mate and I, haven’t clubbed with you before but I know you’d make a good dance partner.

Met two beautiful girls and made friends!

A selfie group shot before parting; follow them on insta, @kimberleyyongofficial @fredabek @bizarreunicorns
With that, 
I’m thankful for the opportunity to get Mosh pit tickets and even backstage passes to meet the celebrities!
Also, I’m more than happy to meet new people and make new friends.

With that, I will cheer Singapore on for the Games!

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