Shih Lin x Boxing Day

I’m back, 
to talk about foodddddd (& shopping hehehe)!
On Boxing day, my sissy and I went out to shop the Boxing day Sales!
I spent quite a bit, 4 tops!

“Chase” crop top from Zara for $25.90; thought it’ll look cute paired with leather shorts (to match the leather-ish lettering)
White baseball patterned crop top from Forever 21 for $11 only, can you believe it? Perf for casual days. 
Maroon red suede top from The Editor’s Market, colour looks purple because of lighting. (Reserving this for CNY)
Black cut-in peplum top from TEM as well, absolutely loveee the cutting. 

First time purchasing from TEM as previous trips have always been disappointing upon trying the clothes on.
On a side note, I really need more bottoms. HAHAH

For our brunch/lunch, 
my sister and I made use of the Shih Lin vouchers I won from The Urbanwire, which is an entertainment and lifestyle E-zine started by NP FMS students since 2002, yay Ngee Ann Pride!
(Ps. The Urbanwire has tons of contests all the time, so like them on FB by clicking the link above and YOU could get lucky^^

For easy identification of their FB Page^^
I love to join contests, 
because the thrill of winning something without expecting myself to, is really satisfying. 
Makes me really happy that I was so fortunate.
(Call me auntie, I don’t care hahhaah at least I’m a happy one.)
Besides, who doesn’t like freebies??

One day, I stumbled upon this while scrolling through FB. 


The natural reaction/instinct of me (a big glutton) was to JOIN THE CONTEST. 

All I had to do was: 

1. FOLLOW @theurbanwire on Twitter

2. LIKE this photo

3. SHARE this photo

4. LIKE The UrbanWire‘s page

Then, I had to pick my FAVOURITE SHIHLIN SNACK and leave my EMAIL in the comment section below.

& I stood a chance of winning: 

1 x Crispy Salt Pepper Mushroom
1 x Sweet Plum Potato Fries
1 x XXL Crispy Chicken
1 x Handmade Oyster Mee Sua
1 x Seafood Tempura
1 x Crispy Floss Egg Crepe
1 x Limited Edition Pencil Umbrella

That’s essentially going to Shih Lin and saying “Give me one of everything.”

On 15th Nov, 
I was pleased to receive an email from The Urban Wire, with the good news that I have won myself a set of vouchers, HURRAY!
(I noted that the person writing the email shared the same surname as me, maybe that’s why I won kekekeke)

I am very thankful that my sister helped to collect the vouchers from WOM’s office, if not they would have been voided. :/
Hence, I was pleased to share the vouchers with her. 
I had used the XXL crispy chicken one without her, but it saved my life as I was starving while working my weekend job on one of the weekends,

We ordered one Crispy Salt Pepper Mushroom, one Sweet Plum Potato Fries and one Crispy Floss Egg Crepe.
It proved too much for both of us but I really enjoyed the mushrooms. 
They were crispy and made a great snack.
My sister on the other hand, prefered the crepe as it was the least oily out of the three. 

is that Shih lin cooks/prepares the food upon order and hence would require you to wait.
(for a substantial amount of time)
If you are in a rush, I highly advise you not to purchase from them (: 

Cheers to more good food this year in 2014!

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