A noodle story

Glutton Amanda is back with another food writeup!

This time, I’m featuring A Noodle Story!
I stumbled upon it’s humble store while looking for lunch at Amoy Food Centre (which is a place where many working adults in the CBD area frequent, Amoy is teeming with good eats honestly).
Its display attracted me, as it was starkly different from the other traditional hawker stalls. 


Here you can see the two young owners, in front of their stall. (Photo credits to A Noodle Story’s FB)

What’s so special?

As someone who places a lot of emphasis on food, I look forward to my meals all the time. 
I hate to be disappointed by food.
Esp when I’m looking forward to eating a dish and it turns out really bad, my mood gets really super ruined and I’ll try to make up for it with a drink or dessert. 

A Noodle Story is here to save the day, 
by offering a genius fusion of Asian food using English techniques to come up with a Singaporean-styled Ramen! (I love when people challenge the “impossible” and refuse to force themselves to choose/settle but rather find a way to achieve the best of both worlds – BUT NOTE THAT THIS DOES NOT APPLY TO RELATIONSHIPS, NO CHEATING UH GUYS)

GOING BACK TO NOODLES, I bet you’re going like


Cannot be lah! Where got such thing?? What are you talking bout??
Hehehe, let me show you
Looks good right!!
Got this bowl of goodness for $5.50, which is a ‘small’ bowl. (They offer it in medium and big portions too)

Let’s look at the breakdown of the items in the bowl, (as well as their promises to you)
note that the prices have thus increased by $0.50 due to higher rental and ingredients costs.
NEVERTHELESS, very worth your money as a bowl of Japanese Ramen can easily cost you $13 or more.

Going in a clockwise manner, 
1) The egg is really the softest egg I have ever eaten. Know that I normally don’t eat these ramen eggs because I don’t quite like them but this is so soft it’s like some sort of beancurd looking egg.
2) The cha-su is REALLY SUPER TENDER (They lived up to their promise, *weeps*)
3) I must say the prawn is very innovative. If you STARE at my second picture above, there is even a soft paste filling encapsulating the prawn.
4) PRAWN FILLED wantons, not low-grade minced meat but PRAWNNNN.
5) nothing much to say about scallions? Just garnishing hahah
6) The noodles look like a thinner anorexic verson of our wanton mee but springgy QQ.

Figured that you might have thought my photos suck, 
sorry pardon me cause I’m using a really sucky spare phone now. 
Thus, I’ve attached their photos for your viewing:
Bet you’re hungry again heheheh, 
check them out at 

  • Amoy Street Food Centre #01-39


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