Weekend (pt. 2)


I still can’t believe Zoukout came and was over in a blink of an eye. (would have forced my eyes open for the longest time if it made the night pause)

It was my VIRGIN Zoukout and I couldn’t explain how much I was anticipating the night!


Yay my orange Zoukout wristband!

Love love love my gun (temporary) tattoo from Scape! 

My floral bralet still doing its magic ever since I bought it (preloved).

My lip lacquer from Sephora^^

I swear I have a sucky phone which took sucky drunk ugly Zoukout photos. Nonetheless, here are two.
Dash Berlin’s set was sick and we partied till sunrise.
It was the most amazing experience of my life.
Thanks to Val and her friends!

It was quite a dramatic night thou. :/
I was trying to meet up with Val to drink and she was all the way at Equarius hotel which is 30 mins walk by foot (no kidding)
I got super lost for like 1 hour before I met her. :/
I quickly took drinks to get high and got to know some of her friends. 

We then rushedd for Zedd’s set at 1am.
While on the way there, I tripped and fell (so high I didn’t see a step)


My ugz wound that Bel thinks is sexy. It hurt everytime a sweaty skin touched me that night sighhhh. Pls don’t scar.
Along the way, the big group separated because of different walking speeds
and also because Val’s gf got really drunk and dead. 
I didn’t see her for the whole night sadly.

Also, one of the couples in the group quarrelled in the middle of the night and went separate ways. 

Darrel, lost us and went back to the hotel to get his phone and heard only his first song at 5/6+am hahahahaha.
He even picked a fight, how naughty. 

But overall, it was a crazy good memorable night with a lot of smiles, shouting singing dancing jumping skin boys girls beach sand drunk people hahahaha.

I reached home at 8.30am ohmaigod.
Slept for a bit and went back to JB in the afternoon to check out the new AEON mall KulaiJaya. (which is super near my gramps’ place) 
In case you guys don’t know, I’m pure Singaporean but my dad’s Malaysian.

The mall is the 5th AEON mall in Johor and boasts big brands such as Sakae Sushi, Starbucks, Kenny Rogers and many more!
We shopped a lot and ate well as usual.
Most items were at least 30% cheaper than SG!


Sakae’s food is too commercialized to be authentic but well, good chawanmushi.
Big jam otw back and it was sooooo draining. Me hate traffic jams :<
So that kinda wraps up my super long weekend. 

Thank you for reading!
(below is my promised picture of my Gold Chain necklace from scape^^)


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