Weekend (pt. 1)

The whole point of the week, is the weekend.  - Angela Montenegro (Bones)

Had a crazy activities filled weekend! 
Don’t even know where to startttt.
Instead of a refuelling/recharging weekend, I stretchhedddd myself (a bit too much thou)

Let’s take a look:

Friday evening;

If you read my previous post, 
you’d know I went for a manicure on Thursday. 

I decided to take the beauty treatments one step further,

made a facial appointment for Friday evening!  (You should have guessed from the pic abovee)
It was my very FIRST facial so please don’t go judging me so fast like ohmergod she’s such a spoilt atas girl.

Was really excited, mostly because I have a problem forehead. (as seen below, #nofilter)
It usually gets red and more obvious. 
Been trying to tackle it by applying pimple cream and toner but to no avail :/


Look at my pimple farm sighpie.
beauté de Charmant 
(Doesn’t everything sound better in French? HAHAH)
1) This facial salon shares the same shop space as my hair salon (Hair Partners-which I will review another time^^)
Just to sidetrack a lil and give some background, my mum and aunts have been going to Hair Partners for hair treatments for a really long time and they were the ones that introduced me to the salon. 
It’s ALWAYS good for girls to have a trusted hair salon, 
the LAST thing you want is someone to botch up your crown. 

So, Hair Partners and Beaute de Charmant have shared the shop space for a long time. 
(That by itself kinda proves that she’s reliable right?)

2) The problem with most facial shops is that: 
It’s daylight robbery, ESP when you don’t even know how good they are yet. 

Beaute de Charmant DOES NOT force you to sign packages or buy their products unless you ask her to recommend (:
You can just pay for one off facial treatments!

Let me show you how to find the placeee


Took this off google maps. The place might be a little hard to find as it is in the HDB estate areas :/

Look out for the Hair Partners signage as Beaute de Charmant only has a sign outside her room door.

Go up a lil flight of stairs, love the welcoming Xmas decor^^

It’s quite a small cosy room, with two beds that look like this.
I couldn’t take any pictures of the process cause I went alone (*cues crying*)

But well, I did a Deep Cleansing facial for $48

Joyce, the owner of the shop attended to me. (She’s a super nice, sweet lady)
I believe she works alone so she can be quite packed! (Make an appt early!)

Can I just say her fingers are like super smooth and every touch gave me tingles (HAHAH sounds damn wrong but it’s the truth)

She helped me cleanse, squeeze out my pimples and did a mask for me. 
The squeezing part hurt 🙁

The most valuable part of the facial was all the tips she gave, as well as her diagnosis of my skin!

She told me that my skin was VERY sensitive (CODE RED SIRENS GO OFF BEEP BEEP)
This was because I was doing a lot of things wrong: 

x  ”You put too much pimple cream, it’s too strong! Your skin is too dry now.”
x “You wash your face too hard and too fast!”
x “You sleep late often right?”
x “You need to change your temper, you quite bad-tempered right?” (WHOOPS HAHHA)

So, in order to save my skin, I have to:

-Not put pimple cream everyday as it would dry up my skin. I can choose to alternate or make sure I only put the cream on the pimple itself (Not the whole forehead). Btw, please use cotton buds to apply the pimple cream as our fingers have tons of unseen bacteria. 

– Buy a bottle of cleansing milk to replenish my skin’s moisture (I’ve also started to apply moisturiser twice a day). She advises that at night, I should double cleanse. 
Which essentially means I have to first wash my face with cleansing milk, and then cleansing foam. 

– Wash my face with COLD water.
If you’re wondering why, feel free to check out the following links: 

– Wash in soft circular motions upwards, which prevents sagging in  future^^
Start from your chin and work your way up. 
Remember don’t apply too much force!
 (I tried to rmbr how her fingers moved around my face, and the strength she used. Takes discipline to change thou :/ )

– Use tissue paper to dab my face after washing, as towels are usually not as clean (why didn’t I think of this earlier)

& of course, do my best to sleep earlier and be better tempered heheh. 


Make your appt todayyyyyy. ^^


Saturday was like the longest day of my life, literally. 

It started at 8am-ish, 
because we had to send my maid off to the airport.
She went back to Indonesia to see her son (Can’t imagine how it’s like being separated from your own kid)

The airport always has really pretty decor for festivals. 
This Christmas, it’s a Spongebob themed!


“Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?” “SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS!”

Don’t you wish Singapore snowed, just a lil?

I loved this beautiful display, with a lil train circling around its tracks & a bobbing hot air balloon. I could stay here for ages. I wish I could see this scene in real life.

Fell in love with the super big huge bearrrrr.

Everyone keeps saying we look super alike when we smile.

Mango quilted bag, denim bustier, black denim shorts from JayJays and sandals from H&M! #ootd #awkward pic
After all that, 
we went to Itacho Sushi for brunch!
They have th best sushi I swear, their rice is super soft and addictive.

Had a really satisfying meal,
before heading to town to shop!
Its christmas period and the streets were flooded with promos, campaigns etc. 

We took a photo with #weplaynow peeps!
#weplaynow is a FREE mobile app on Google play store and itunes where you can play LOADS of free gamess.

Made a trip to Metro as they were having storewide sales!
Which covers cosmetics and lingerie! (other departmental stores don’t give discounts on these)

This is me in the changing room waiting to try some bras. (No you don’t get to see me in my bra) Apparently been using the wrong type of bras and my fats are spilling in the wrong places, causing me to be flatter than I should. TRYING MY BEST TO RESOLVE IT NOWWWW.
We then left Metro to head over to Scape where I bought a really pretty gold chain necklace, 
Upload pictures when I pair it next time!

Wanted a drink pretty badly and saw some people wearing: “Ask me for free Gong Cha” shirt.
So we went to find out. 
Had to download an app (Yes again, keep downloading till my phone memory burst)
and got $3 off our Matcha iceblended with azuki beans. (was not too bad I guess)
Still can’t find a matcha drink better than the one at Sushi King in KSL. 

After which, I got FORCED home to rest before ZOUKOUT 2013!
Will continue the weekend post in the next post!

Stay happy, life has so much more.

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