The Get-Fat Season

There is no love sincerer than the love of food.
-George Bernard Shaw (1856 – 1950) — an Irish playwright who is the only person to be awarded both a Nobel Prize for Literature and an Oscar

My tummy has been very happy,
but my weighing scale hasn’t been so smiley.
I honestly don’t even dare to weigh myself but who cares.
Christmas is the get-fat season.
If you do not get fat, you’re not celebrating hard enough. 

Christmas, a time for catching up

It’s the best season, 
to rally round your friends.
Have a meal, a good laugh, photos taken, more memories made and to just catch up with each others’ lives.

That’s exactly why I met up with my clique on Monday night. 
One thing you must know is that, 
I had a heck of a dramatic school life back in school 
and these were the peeps that stuck with me since year one day one through it all.
Through all my changes, they saw me grow, saw me fall, saw try and hit the wall. 
But they nvr failed to back me up and loved me for who I am. 
They saw me for me, knew who I was. 
Love love so much love for you guys. 


Nandos for four!
She brings out the brightest smile in me. #bestie #bff #malaychinesecombi #prettz #babesofacc #selfiespam

The clique meet-up was short because the babe wanted to go home to watch Running Man with her fam, 
(we’re National Family Celebrations Youth Committee members, have to advocate family time)
and because we were missing Mr Brand.

I went ahead to meet my blogshop partner to discuss our revamp!
Currently, we’re running Kissmybones, so you can go ahead and grab up our remaining items ^^
However, it’s time to spice things up,
new name, new website, new supplier (say YAY!)
We’re dedicated to bring you the latest (female) fashion at pocket-friendly prices, promising good service and tips for matching^^
Do let us know how we can serve YOU better!

the Eve,

It was such a good day to sleep in.
I don’t know why I bothered to drag myself to “work” for half day. 
Seriously, no one worked anyway. 
I got to work, haven’t even sat for long, then left in search for a good breakfast with the girls. 

One thing I absolutely love doing in Singapore, is walking around the streets spontaneously;
and then stumbling upon gems. 
By gems, I really mean new places to eat/shop. HAHAH
That’s exactly what happened that morning.

We found: The Loft Cafe
Waffles have been a big craze lately, and when we saw that the place served waffles, 
we went right through the door.
It’s a pretty quaint place, had soothing music playing and the windows overlooked the streets of Chinatown. 
I can imagine the place flooded on the weekends, 
with sore-footed people from Chinatown. 


Eggs Benedict with toast. (Not particularly fantastic tho)


Waffle Fondue, (the tealight was too far away from the Chocolate Saucer so the sauce wasn’t hot at all. The waffle was kinda thin and too crispy.)


Good lighting calls for a selfie^^

After work, 
I went to check out Vivafit, which is a ladies gym. 
They had a pretty enticing package going on, but I realised it wasn’t for me.
One, it’s kinda out of budget.
Two, I won’t really be in Raffles Place much, so the location is inconvenient. 
Three, I really don’t think there’s time during the peak period to gym. 

So well, I’d kick start my own regime, after intern HAHAH.

I also headed down to find a new supplier and we were really happy with what we found^^ (I foresee my own cupboard bursting too)

A family that eats together, stays together. 

The foodie-ism runs in the blood,
we all love love to eat!
Esp love it when we all come together to eat, everything tastes better and we get to have more variety^^
This year’s Xmas dinner was held at my place (boring, means I can’t dress up)
But well, the table was filled with tasty dishes so I didn’t complain much.
I know I keep eating okay, I get it that my tummy is growing but well,
I promise I’d exercise, (next year hahahah)


Taken with the lil Canadian girl, sigh why won’t you take me with you?



Christmas day,

The weather was so bad for sleeping in >:(      Christmas whyyyyy.
It was a very family affair. 
Spent the day with the lil kids, 
we went for some water play at the Bukit Batok Civil Service Club!
Had lovely sunny swimming weather
For those who don’t know how the place looks, 
you can take reference from below. 
They also have one huge-ass slide. 


My family friendly swimsuit hehehe.
It was kinda fun,
pushes away all your troubles for a bit. 

After we showered,
went to have lunch at bukit gombak’s Alif Restaurant!
Settled lunch for 6 with only $26^^ #budgetmeal #lovepratas #sgeats

that curry + sugar makes the most wonderful mixture ever?


Milo dino; Banana Prata and my fav Cheese Mushroom prata!

Sogurt, sogood!

We then travelled to Jem,
just to try Sogurt’s new Banana Milk flavour!
For the Christmas season, they were even having 1-for-1! yaynesss

that you can take photos of your sogurt, instagram it, show them to a Sogirl, and get a surprise!
The next time I visit, I get an extra stamp on my loyalty card, (teehee)

My sissy and I shopped at Westgate too!
It seriously boasts of a lot of big brands, 
and I pretty like the concept of having half of an indoor and half of an outdoor mall!
I got a top from Temt which carries Valleygirl (a brand from the Down Under- Aussie- Australia)
Sorry I didn’t snap a pic of that. 

Went to Topshop too
and was thrilled to find a piece of treasure in the Sales section!
Honestly, their non-sales items are so overpriced.
But check this out:


Black furry top for $29 only!
Can’t express my love for this loot because it’s gonna be such a breeze to match, 
covers my tummy after food 
and it’ll be classy I’m sure. ^^

This pretty much sums up my day 
because after this,
I went home to have leftovers for dinner. (which was still an amazing spread)

We also opened up our prezzies!
You’re supposed to wait till Boxing day,
but well, 
we couldn’t wait. HAHAHAH.
Realised that all of my presents are things that make me pretty ^^
Got a new name from my annoying Aussie cousin: “Ai-Mei-Da” 爱美达
can’t deny I’m vain right?

Got new nail polish sets, 
perfumes from my momsie 
and Lancome Eyebrow pencil from my aunt!


Navy Blue spag top from my momsie! Been eyeing this for soooo long, so so happy to receive it^^
Merry Christmas everyone!
It’s boxing day already, 
I can’t wait to go watch Frozen and do more shopping with my sister. 

I thought I’d talk a abit about love before I sleep tho. 
1) Know what you want. 
2) Don’t settle, don’t give yourself away too fast. 
3) If someone really wants you, they’d fight for you. They won’t just give up, they’d do all it takes because nothing else would matter.
4) Don’t make homes out of human beings. Build yourself, have lots of experiences and things to share. You’re perfectly fine alone.
5) I know we always want company, miss a touch/a feeling. But those wonderful things are worth waiting for, to be spent with the right one.

This Christmas, 
you might be alone.
But you’d nvr know, next Christmas might be different.


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