Always a first time

“But there’s always a first time for everything”
― Melissa de la CruzBlue Bloods


I just spent a bomb  last night ($45) to get Kiehl’s Washable Cleansing Milk which is suitable for Dry, Normal to Dry or Sensitive(this is me) Skin Types. 
But well, money spent to save your face has to be good money spent. 
It’s my very first time trying their products!
She threw in free samples too, nvr say no to freebies. #auntiemodeon

Was googling Cleansing milk and saw pretty good reviews of the product and hence decided to give it a go!


Will give my own personal review after using it for a longer period of time, pls pls save my skin.

Paris Baguette Cafe @ Wisma Atria

Yes I know what’s running through your mind now.
“WHAT? You haven’t been there before?? Omg so slowwwww still call yourself a foodie.”

Hahahha sorry, I’m quite slow when I’m catching up with trends.
Thank you Bel for popping my Paris Baguette cherry with me^^

Gastronomia Da Paolo

Had a good cup of caramel latte from them to wake me up on a Tuesday morningg. 
I love when buildings incorporate nature in them!
Soooo much prettier and just perks me up^^

Too bad this isn’t where I intern full time at. 

Looking forward to a lot more first times!


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