The Get-Fat Season

There is no love sincerer than the love of food.
-George Bernard Shaw (1856 – 1950) — an Irish playwright who is the only person to be awarded both a Nobel Prize for Literature and an Oscar

My tummy has been very happy,
but my weighing scale hasn’t been so smiley.
I honestly don’t even dare to weigh myself but who cares.
Christmas is the get-fat season.
If you do not get fat, you’re not celebrating hard enough. 

Christmas, a time for catching up

It’s the best season, 
to rally round your friends.
Have a meal, a good laugh, photos taken, more memories made and to just catch up with each others’ lives.

That’s exactly why I met up with my clique on Monday night. 
One thing you must know is that, 
I had a heck of a dramatic school life back in school 
and these were the peeps that stuck with me since year one day one through it all.
Through all my changes, they saw me grow, saw me fall, saw try and hit the wall. 
But they nvr failed to back me up and loved me for who I am. 
They saw me for me, knew who I was. 
Love love so much love for you guys. 


Nandos for four!
She brings out the brightest smile in me. #bestie #bff #malaychinesecombi #prettz #babesofacc #selfiespam

The clique meet-up was short because the babe wanted to go home to watch Running Man with her fam, 
(we’re National Family Celebrations Youth Committee members, have to advocate family time)
and because we were missing Mr Brand.

I went ahead to meet my blogshop partner to discuss our revamp!
Currently, we’re running Kissmybones, so you can go ahead and grab up our remaining items ^^
However, it’s time to spice things up,
new name, new website, new supplier (say YAY!)
We’re dedicated to bring you the latest (female) fashion at pocket-friendly prices, promising good service and tips for matching^^
Do let us know how we can serve YOU better!

the Eve,

It was such a good day to sleep in.
I don’t know why I bothered to drag myself to “work” for half day. 
Seriously, no one worked anyway. 
I got to work, haven’t even sat for long, then left in search for a good breakfast with the girls. 

One thing I absolutely love doing in Singapore, is walking around the streets spontaneously;
and then stumbling upon gems. 
By gems, I really mean new places to eat/shop. HAHAH
That’s exactly what happened that morning.

We found: The Loft Cafe
Waffles have been a big craze lately, and when we saw that the place served waffles, 
we went right through the door.
It’s a pretty quaint place, had soothing music playing and the windows overlooked the streets of Chinatown. 
I can imagine the place flooded on the weekends, 
with sore-footed people from Chinatown. 


Eggs Benedict with toast. (Not particularly fantastic tho)


Waffle Fondue, (the tealight was too far away from the Chocolate Saucer so the sauce wasn’t hot at all. The waffle was kinda thin and too crispy.)


Good lighting calls for a selfie^^

After work, 
I went to check out Vivafit, which is a ladies gym. 
They had a pretty enticing package going on, but I realised it wasn’t for me.
One, it’s kinda out of budget.
Two, I won’t really be in Raffles Place much, so the location is inconvenient. 
Three, I really don’t think there’s time during the peak period to gym. 

So well, I’d kick start my own regime, after intern HAHAH.

I also headed down to find a new supplier and we were really happy with what we found^^ (I foresee my own cupboard bursting too)

A family that eats together, stays together. 

The foodie-ism runs in the blood,
we all love love to eat!
Esp love it when we all come together to eat, everything tastes better and we get to have more variety^^
This year’s Xmas dinner was held at my place (boring, means I can’t dress up)
But well, the table was filled with tasty dishes so I didn’t complain much.
I know I keep eating okay, I get it that my tummy is growing but well,
I promise I’d exercise, (next year hahahah)


Taken with the lil Canadian girl, sigh why won’t you take me with you?



Christmas day,

The weather was so bad for sleeping in >:(      Christmas whyyyyy.
It was a very family affair. 
Spent the day with the lil kids, 
we went for some water play at the Bukit Batok Civil Service Club!
Had lovely sunny swimming weather
For those who don’t know how the place looks, 
you can take reference from below. 
They also have one huge-ass slide. 


My family friendly swimsuit hehehe.
It was kinda fun,
pushes away all your troubles for a bit. 

After we showered,
went to have lunch at bukit gombak’s Alif Restaurant!
Settled lunch for 6 with only $26^^ #budgetmeal #lovepratas #sgeats

that curry + sugar makes the most wonderful mixture ever?


Milo dino; Banana Prata and my fav Cheese Mushroom prata!

Sogurt, sogood!

We then travelled to Jem,
just to try Sogurt’s new Banana Milk flavour!
For the Christmas season, they were even having 1-for-1! yaynesss

that you can take photos of your sogurt, instagram it, show them to a Sogirl, and get a surprise!
The next time I visit, I get an extra stamp on my loyalty card, (teehee)

My sissy and I shopped at Westgate too!
It seriously boasts of a lot of big brands, 
and I pretty like the concept of having half of an indoor and half of an outdoor mall!
I got a top from Temt which carries Valleygirl (a brand from the Down Under- Aussie- Australia)
Sorry I didn’t snap a pic of that. 

Went to Topshop too
and was thrilled to find a piece of treasure in the Sales section!
Honestly, their non-sales items are so overpriced.
But check this out:


Black furry top for $29 only!
Can’t express my love for this loot because it’s gonna be such a breeze to match, 
covers my tummy after food 
and it’ll be classy I’m sure. ^^

This pretty much sums up my day 
because after this,
I went home to have leftovers for dinner. (which was still an amazing spread)

We also opened up our prezzies!
You’re supposed to wait till Boxing day,
but well, 
we couldn’t wait. HAHAHAH.
Realised that all of my presents are things that make me pretty ^^
Got a new name from my annoying Aussie cousin: “Ai-Mei-Da” 爱美达
can’t deny I’m vain right?

Got new nail polish sets, 
perfumes from my momsie 
and Lancome Eyebrow pencil from my aunt!


Navy Blue spag top from my momsie! Been eyeing this for soooo long, so so happy to receive it^^
Merry Christmas everyone!
It’s boxing day already, 
I can’t wait to go watch Frozen and do more shopping with my sister. 

I thought I’d talk a abit about love before I sleep tho. 
1) Know what you want. 
2) Don’t settle, don’t give yourself away too fast. 
3) If someone really wants you, they’d fight for you. They won’t just give up, they’d do all it takes because nothing else would matter.
4) Don’t make homes out of human beings. Build yourself, have lots of experiences and things to share. You’re perfectly fine alone.
5) I know we always want company, miss a touch/a feeling. But those wonderful things are worth waiting for, to be spent with the right one.

This Christmas, 
you might be alone.
But you’d nvr know, next Christmas might be different.


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Christmas, just another excuse for feasting and shopping

Don’t you just agree with me?
Christmas is such a jolly season, 
because we get to shop and eat!

Woke up on Saturday morning with my mum beside me.
We had a lil chat while I rolled around for a bit before I got up. 
Momsie and I were on a mission, to head to town and gather Xmas gifts for everyone! 

We headed to Takashimaya where we bought:
a Blue silk tie for my cousin (Pierre Cardin)
Versace perfumes for my aunts
& A tee for my lil bro.

because breakfast was kinda rushed and miserable.
So, my mum and I went to Crystal Jade Palace Restaurant for dimsum!

I didn’t buy anything for myself because well, I know I’d be shopping again on Boxing Day hahahhaha.
So I headed back home to rest and prepare for the night!

Girls’ night out

Was really looking forward to this because well, 
I seldom get to spend time with girls. 
Hailing from a girls’ school (Crescent Girls’ School),
one would think that I would have a group of really close gfs to be with all the time and stuff. 
But I guess my straightforward personality has made it such that I have more guy friends than girls.
That’s not wrong, but well, girl company is always nice. 

some of my CGS girls decided to have a Xmas dinner + gift exchange.
It was supposed to be at Bel’s house at first, but we had to change to Timbre, which was fine too honestly.

I seriously like the colour of my sephora lip lacquer in photos butttttt it wears off really fast after I eat/drink etc.
Anw, these are my last surviving photos of my gun tat (cause I had to erase it the next day for filming)

Everyone was super late wth hahahhaha.
Was starving by the time we ate!


Truffle fries, buffalo wings, half half pizza (Roasted Duck and seafood!)

My drink for the night: Mango Mojito

Should have put my arms around Agnes cause the whole photo is damn pretty but awkz. HAHAH
After Timbre, 
we went to Zouk’s roadside to HTHT and do our silly gift exchange. 
We had an amazing rollercoaster ride in Sparky
& drunk me was talking loudly as usual.
God I needa shut up. HAHHAA

Got home at 1am, my mum walked over to me like a cute angry bird hahahaha.


Shall end my Sat post with a lil selfie.

Graduation Video filming

Had such a hard time waking up on Sunday morning. 
Mostly because I had such a hard time the night before battling my cramps (why am I a girl sigh)
But I pulled myself out of bed at 10.30 to start prepping cause I had to get my ass to school.

For graduation video filming!
It’s really quite an honour to be on cast, 
to represent my course in the video (not sure if everyone is happy that I’m representing them but oh wells)
which everyone will watch on screen at grad ceremony
and which everyone would have a copy to bring home.
Can’t wait to have a look at the resulting video, 
hope the edits are good and all 
because the video was filmed and edited by Y1 NP Mass Comm students. 

When I walked into school,
felt like I haven’t been here in a long while.
I realised a school is only a nice place to come back to when there’s life and people. 
I took some snapshots of the campus, for memory.

the whole filming was kinda ill-prepared for, badly planned.
We re-did a lot of scenes because instructions weren’t clear and stuff. 
But well, we tried our best to have fun along the way. 

We had a really early dinner at 5+ because we were gonna have a night shoot. 
Thankfully Sandy drove and we went to The Grandstand for food!
After a bit of walking, we decided on  Casallena Tapas Wine Bar Bistro.
There wasn’t a very wide selection of main courses and I really didn’t want anymore pizza, 
so I chose a pasta instead.

The meatballs were soft but it was really just an average taste. 
And costed about $14.


Arrabiata penne with Wagyu meatballs (nonspicy)
We went back to sch and waited for the sun to set.
We then hurriedly finished our scene,
it was quite funny cause some people were forgetting their lines and we were cracking jokes. 
So thankful to have met these girls for grad video filming!

Although this photo is damn grainy but we all look so happy and pretty^^ (BA girls still the prettiest)
Felt bad that I had to rush off to meet my family for second dinner. (yeah la fatdieme whatever)


At Junction 10 Level 1!

This is not my picture (TBH) It’s a korean restaurant in korea but the one I went to had all these too. HAHHAHA does that work for you guys?
Ended the night with a really happy surprise in my mail.
My scheduler haz arrived from Korea!!
Got it off at this link!
I cannot live without physical paper schedulers, I’d feel so super ultra lost. 

Urgfh kill me it’s so pretty.
Can’t start a new year without a scheduler.
2013 has been the most crazy ride I’ve ever been on.
Too many tears, frowns, falling downs 
but that also meant a lot of picking up, friends who stuck by, lessons and self-discovery. 

Really need to close everything well this year and prep up for a new 2014!

Can’t wait for Xmas break!


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Frustrating Friday;

I know my beautician said I have to change my temper,
but seriously it’s impossible when there’s just so many annoyances around that increase your blood temperature. 
It’s known far and wide that “Amanda is straightforward, don’t get too offended cause bitch is just her middle name.”
So yeah, you’ve been warned,
this is a power-packed bitch post. 

So I wake up all snuggly and unwilling to get up for work on a cool Friday morning. (yay tgif right? So not)
Got to sleep in slightly later cause a fellow intern offered to pick me up in his cab the night before. 
Everything was good till I got last minute notice from him asking me to meet at his area instead to take the cab.
Like what???? 
You’re in the cab, it makes more sense for you to come to me right? Plus you offered. 
And if you wanted to make this arrangement, you should have told me the night before so I can plan my time accordingly. 
But well I was generally appeased since he did come to me in the end anyways. 

It was quite a rushed morning as our internship teacher came to return us our interim reports.
She came despite catching the Influenza B, (hopefully it didn’t pass on to me)
I was satisfied with my grade tbh and it could have all ended nicely.
If not for someone who tried to kick up an argument on why the person who lends his report to someone should get punished in the event that the someone plagiarises his work.
His argument being, “You won’t know if that person has the intention to copy. You can just be providing guidance with your paper”
Wait, hold on for one second.
Sure, the person may be super lost in his direction while writing his report.
But that’s what the rubrics are for. 
And urm, if someone didn’t want to copy, why would they have gone through the trouble to ask you for your paper?
If you already have answers, do you honestly think one would still spend time to think of something else better than the suggested answer?
I just gave up trying to reason with someone who wouldn’t budge. 
The teacher, Mrs Yong was being extremely motherly and patient. Using the example of how she guides and teaches her kids. 
But of course he wasn’t convinced.
But who cares?
I know sometimes, I too seem snobbish. 
But I’m no where near your level. 
You think you’re so good don’t you?
Yeah we all know, you have a good command of English and you do know a fair bit. 
But you don’t have to stuff it into people’s faces all the time and correct people so rudely. 
You LAUGH when people pronounce words wrongly. 
Come on, IQ with no EQ, what good would that do?

After this, went for lunch and there was this huge mess as we were supposed to rehearse before our performance for our dept’s Xmas gathering. 
It was such a last min put-together but well we survived. 
A director praised my singing (I sang Last Christmas and it wasn’t my best. My voice screws up when it meets a mic hahhhaa)
We had a dept wide Secret Santa and this is what I got.


Sephora travel set!
Really happy with it!
My Santa must know I am such a vainpox but I love it oh-so-much!

Peperoni Pizzeria (BAD REVIEW)

I was so looking forward to dinner cause I thought it would be awesome. 
Went with 6 other PWC NP interns to Suntec city where we chilled at Smoothie king first. (first time!)
Refer below for our happy faces teehee.
We chatted, gossiped, caught up and then proceeded to Peperoni Pizzeria(Suntec City) at 7.30pm for dinner. 
It was an awful long queue and long wait. 
We only  got a seat at 8.30pm or so.
But we gave Friday evening as a benefit of doubt. 
We ordered an 21″ pizza with two flavours to share, as well as a jug of ice lemon tea. 
Pictures first before I go into bitching. 

After such a long wait, we were starving and couldn’t wait to eat our pizza. 
We waited for 30 mins and then decided to ask about our order.
the lady staff, who took our order told us that we DID NOT order our pizza. 
WE WERE BEYOND PISSED because she wasn’t even sorry and pushed all the blame to us,claiming that we didn’t order cause we wanted some time to think. (what a stupid lousy excuse)

1) Who would wait for so long in the queue, just to order a jug of ice lemon tea??
2) You didn’t repeat our order.
3) If you really thought we needed some time to decide, why didn’t you bother checking back 10-15 mins later?

This woman then happily walked out of the shop as her shift ended, WITHOUT ANY APOLOGY AT ALL.
Even the manager, did not apologise. “I’ll just make it for you now.”
The effffffing fuck.

However, I must commend this young boy (probably a temp) who was trying to be extra nice to us to make it up, what a sweetheart. 

But wells, being raging auditors were like omg this place sucks never gonna come back here again, “Let’s raise AFRs” HAHA

And seriously, they are a RESTAURANT but they don’t even have those leather sleeves to collect cash from customers. 
Money was collected by hand. 
CONTROL PROBLEM RIGHT THERE GUYS. (shit we are such audit workaholics)

Honestly didn’t wanna go into this topic but let me bring up a note that the rude lady staff and manager are foreigners.
Have they already claimed this land as their own and that they can do whatever they wish here?
Have they diluted our culture?
Do they not know the way we live? and basic manners atop of that? NOT TO MENTION BEING IN THE SERVICE INDUSTRY. 
Even the local 17/18 year old boy knows better than you. 
Seriously had it. 
Don’t wanna mention the nationality of the two staff but I really hate this group of people. 
Please go somewhere else just go.

Gelare Ice Cream @ Suntec City

With a really big tummy full of fire, 
we decided to get some ice cream to cool off. 

Can’t really see the wordings here but they do have a lot of flavours! We tried cookie dough, Jamaican chocolate and something else I can’t remember. Oh, you can choose the syrup^^

But well, at least made a safe trip home. 
My mum was like “Please take bus back, I’ll reimburse you $1”
HAHAH she thinks its really unsafe at night. 

Was glad Friday was over, so that it couldn’t screw up any further.

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Always a first time

“But there’s always a first time for everything”
― Melissa de la CruzBlue Bloods


I just spent a bomb  last night ($45) to get Kiehl’s Washable Cleansing Milk which is suitable for Dry, Normal to Dry or Sensitive(this is me) Skin Types. 
But well, money spent to save your face has to be good money spent. 
It’s my very first time trying their products!
She threw in free samples too, nvr say no to freebies. #auntiemodeon

Was googling Cleansing milk and saw pretty good reviews of the product and hence decided to give it a go!


Will give my own personal review after using it for a longer period of time, pls pls save my skin.

Paris Baguette Cafe @ Wisma Atria

Yes I know what’s running through your mind now.
“WHAT? You haven’t been there before?? Omg so slowwwww still call yourself a foodie.”

Hahahha sorry, I’m quite slow when I’m catching up with trends.
Thank you Bel for popping my Paris Baguette cherry with me^^

Gastronomia Da Paolo

Had a good cup of caramel latte from them to wake me up on a Tuesday morningg. 
I love when buildings incorporate nature in them!
Soooo much prettier and just perks me up^^

Too bad this isn’t where I intern full time at. 

Looking forward to a lot more first times!


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Weekend (pt. 2)


I still can’t believe Zoukout came and was over in a blink of an eye. (would have forced my eyes open for the longest time if it made the night pause)

It was my VIRGIN Zoukout and I couldn’t explain how much I was anticipating the night!


Yay my orange Zoukout wristband!

Love love love my gun (temporary) tattoo from Scape! 

My floral bralet still doing its magic ever since I bought it (preloved).

My lip lacquer from Sephora^^

I swear I have a sucky phone which took sucky drunk ugly Zoukout photos. Nonetheless, here are two.
Dash Berlin’s set was sick and we partied till sunrise.
It was the most amazing experience of my life.
Thanks to Val and her friends!

It was quite a dramatic night thou. :/
I was trying to meet up with Val to drink and she was all the way at Equarius hotel which is 30 mins walk by foot (no kidding)
I got super lost for like 1 hour before I met her. :/
I quickly took drinks to get high and got to know some of her friends. 

We then rushedd for Zedd’s set at 1am.
While on the way there, I tripped and fell (so high I didn’t see a step)


My ugz wound that Bel thinks is sexy. It hurt everytime a sweaty skin touched me that night sighhhh. Pls don’t scar.
Along the way, the big group separated because of different walking speeds
and also because Val’s gf got really drunk and dead. 
I didn’t see her for the whole night sadly.

Also, one of the couples in the group quarrelled in the middle of the night and went separate ways. 

Darrel, lost us and went back to the hotel to get his phone and heard only his first song at 5/6+am hahahahaha.
He even picked a fight, how naughty. 

But overall, it was a crazy good memorable night with a lot of smiles, shouting singing dancing jumping skin boys girls beach sand drunk people hahahaha.

I reached home at 8.30am ohmaigod.
Slept for a bit and went back to JB in the afternoon to check out the new AEON mall KulaiJaya. (which is super near my gramps’ place) 
In case you guys don’t know, I’m pure Singaporean but my dad’s Malaysian.

The mall is the 5th AEON mall in Johor and boasts big brands such as Sakae Sushi, Starbucks, Kenny Rogers and many more!
We shopped a lot and ate well as usual.
Most items were at least 30% cheaper than SG!


Sakae’s food is too commercialized to be authentic but well, good chawanmushi.
Big jam otw back and it was sooooo draining. Me hate traffic jams :<
So that kinda wraps up my super long weekend. 

Thank you for reading!
(below is my promised picture of my Gold Chain necklace from scape^^)


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Weekend (pt. 1)

The whole point of the week, is the weekend.  - Angela Montenegro (Bones)

Had a crazy activities filled weekend! 
Don’t even know where to startttt.
Instead of a refuelling/recharging weekend, I stretchhedddd myself (a bit too much thou)

Let’s take a look:

Friday evening;

If you read my previous post, 
you’d know I went for a manicure on Thursday. 

I decided to take the beauty treatments one step further,

made a facial appointment for Friday evening!  (You should have guessed from the pic abovee)
It was my very FIRST facial so please don’t go judging me so fast like ohmergod she’s such a spoilt atas girl.

Was really excited, mostly because I have a problem forehead. (as seen below, #nofilter)
It usually gets red and more obvious. 
Been trying to tackle it by applying pimple cream and toner but to no avail :/


Look at my pimple farm sighpie.
beauté de Charmant 
(Doesn’t everything sound better in French? HAHAH)
1) This facial salon shares the same shop space as my hair salon (Hair Partners-which I will review another time^^)
Just to sidetrack a lil and give some background, my mum and aunts have been going to Hair Partners for hair treatments for a really long time and they were the ones that introduced me to the salon. 
It’s ALWAYS good for girls to have a trusted hair salon, 
the LAST thing you want is someone to botch up your crown. 

So, Hair Partners and Beaute de Charmant have shared the shop space for a long time. 
(That by itself kinda proves that she’s reliable right?)

2) The problem with most facial shops is that: 
It’s daylight robbery, ESP when you don’t even know how good they are yet. 

Beaute de Charmant DOES NOT force you to sign packages or buy their products unless you ask her to recommend (:
You can just pay for one off facial treatments!

Let me show you how to find the placeee


Took this off google maps. The place might be a little hard to find as it is in the HDB estate areas :/

Look out for the Hair Partners signage as Beaute de Charmant only has a sign outside her room door.

Go up a lil flight of stairs, love the welcoming Xmas decor^^

It’s quite a small cosy room, with two beds that look like this.
I couldn’t take any pictures of the process cause I went alone (*cues crying*)

But well, I did a Deep Cleansing facial for $48

Joyce, the owner of the shop attended to me. (She’s a super nice, sweet lady)
I believe she works alone so she can be quite packed! (Make an appt early!)

Can I just say her fingers are like super smooth and every touch gave me tingles (HAHAH sounds damn wrong but it’s the truth)

She helped me cleanse, squeeze out my pimples and did a mask for me. 
The squeezing part hurt 🙁

The most valuable part of the facial was all the tips she gave, as well as her diagnosis of my skin!

She told me that my skin was VERY sensitive (CODE RED SIRENS GO OFF BEEP BEEP)
This was because I was doing a lot of things wrong: 

x  ”You put too much pimple cream, it’s too strong! Your skin is too dry now.”
x “You wash your face too hard and too fast!”
x “You sleep late often right?”
x “You need to change your temper, you quite bad-tempered right?” (WHOOPS HAHHA)

So, in order to save my skin, I have to:

-Not put pimple cream everyday as it would dry up my skin. I can choose to alternate or make sure I only put the cream on the pimple itself (Not the whole forehead). Btw, please use cotton buds to apply the pimple cream as our fingers have tons of unseen bacteria. 

– Buy a bottle of cleansing milk to replenish my skin’s moisture (I’ve also started to apply moisturiser twice a day). She advises that at night, I should double cleanse. 
Which essentially means I have to first wash my face with cleansing milk, and then cleansing foam. 

– Wash my face with COLD water.
If you’re wondering why, feel free to check out the following links:

– Wash in soft circular motions upwards, which prevents sagging in  future^^
Start from your chin and work your way up. 
Remember don’t apply too much force!
 (I tried to rmbr how her fingers moved around my face, and the strength she used. Takes discipline to change thou :/ )

– Use tissue paper to dab my face after washing, as towels are usually not as clean (why didn’t I think of this earlier)

& of course, do my best to sleep earlier and be better tempered heheh. 


Make your appt todayyyyyy. ^^


Saturday was like the longest day of my life, literally. 

It started at 8am-ish, 
because we had to send my maid off to the airport.
She went back to Indonesia to see her son (Can’t imagine how it’s like being separated from your own kid)

The airport always has really pretty decor for festivals. 
This Christmas, it’s a Spongebob themed!


“Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?” “SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS!”

Don’t you wish Singapore snowed, just a lil?

I loved this beautiful display, with a lil train circling around its tracks & a bobbing hot air balloon. I could stay here for ages. I wish I could see this scene in real life.

Fell in love with the super big huge bearrrrr.

Everyone keeps saying we look super alike when we smile.

Mango quilted bag, denim bustier, black denim shorts from JayJays and sandals from H&M! #ootd #awkward pic
After all that, 
we went to Itacho Sushi for brunch!
They have th best sushi I swear, their rice is super soft and addictive.

Had a really satisfying meal,
before heading to town to shop!
Its christmas period and the streets were flooded with promos, campaigns etc. 

We took a photo with #weplaynow peeps!
#weplaynow is a FREE mobile app on Google play store and itunes where you can play LOADS of free gamess.

Made a trip to Metro as they were having storewide sales!
Which covers cosmetics and lingerie! (other departmental stores don’t give discounts on these)

This is me in the changing room waiting to try some bras. (No you don’t get to see me in my bra) Apparently been using the wrong type of bras and my fats are spilling in the wrong places, causing me to be flatter than I should. TRYING MY BEST TO RESOLVE IT NOWWWW.
We then left Metro to head over to Scape where I bought a really pretty gold chain necklace, 
Upload pictures when I pair it next time!

Wanted a drink pretty badly and saw some people wearing: “Ask me for free Gong Cha” shirt.
So we went to find out. 
Had to download an app (Yes again, keep downloading till my phone memory burst)
and got $3 off our Matcha iceblended with azuki beans. (was not too bad I guess)
Still can’t find a matcha drink better than the one at Sushi King in KSL. 

After which, I got FORCED home to rest before ZOUKOUT 2013!
Will continue the weekend post in the next post!

Stay happy, life has so much more.

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Nail Alcove


Hey there, 
(I’m all smiles because I got my Venti Xmas drink yesterday, hiphiphurray!)

The main focus of this photo though, 
is my naked nails. (which desperately needs pampering)

This post is gonna be featuring Nail Alcove!
(It’s not an ad, not getting paid for this, just wanted to do a friendly review!)

Why Nail Alcove?
Well, I got to know Chloe (Owner of Nail Alcove) because we stay in the same estate.
She used to do homebased nail services and now she has upgraded to a lil cosy shop. 
I’ve been following Nail Alcove on FB and instagram
and I must say their designs are SUPER prettz.

there was a great review by another blogger, Cherie tay! (Check out her post here).
Harper’s bazzar also featured NA in their Beauty Black Book

I made an appt to go down after work for a manicure!


I walked from work, as it was really nearby and these beautiful lanterns adorned the streets of Chinatown.

PictureDidn’t take me long before I found the place, with the help of their lil sign board!

Once you walk up a short flight of stairs, 
you’d see a glass door.

Remove your shoes and press the doorbell. 

Then step into..
Nail Alcove!


Tingles every artsy vibe in me.

Cushions to make you feel like home!

View of the whole shop.

Busy busy, as the manicurists keep up with the ladies coming in for Xmas designs~

the design


Before you go for your appointment,
you HAVE to do homework. 

You should have a rough idea of how you’d want your nails to look like!

Hence, I went onto instagram to search for inspirations. 
Try the following hashtags:

Eventually, I decided on the design on the left!
(I’m a sucker for classic designs)


This trip, I decided to do a Express Gelish Manicure,
which includes Nail shaping, buff, gel colour and cuticle oil. 

Here, you can see lovely Chloe working hard to give my nails a complete makeover.

After 30-45 mins,  
my nails were Christmas purrrfect.

I was so happy with the result!

If you’re wondering why the fourth finger is gold, 
It’s becauseeeee
(if you like it then you should put on a ring on it. 
HAHAHHA I love to break into song mid-sentence, please excuse me.)

Chloe was such a darling to add a bling stone to each of my fingers for free! (YAY!)


She was even so kind to give me a $5 voucher for my next visit!

This is because, 
I REALLY REALLY wanted to do a pedicure and try the foot scrub.

I forgot to bring slippers with me. ):

So, do rmbr to bring your slippers if you wanna pamper your feet^^

I’ve also attached the price list below for your easy reference!
Even little girls and MEN(yes you have to add $5 thou if you’re a dude) aren’t left out! 
So bring your everyone you know, to Nail Alcove today!

59B Temple Street;
5 minutes from the CBD area, 
a 3 minute walk to the trendy Ann Siang hill 
and right smack in the middle of a food haven.

Alight from Chinatown MRT and take Exit A!
Turn right, and walk towards Mcdonalds.
Cross the little lane, 
and you’ll find yourself in the paradise of lovely nails.

+65 62266278
Everyday: 11 – 9pm

“If you’re looking for an intimate and tailored manicure experience, no rush, no factory lines, no hard sells, here’s the place to be.”

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