AS Hide Out


S & I first applied for our property in 2016 and I thought I’d like to pen down the process of our home purchase now that our T.O.P. is nearing (most probably within this month!!!) The TOP was supposed to be in 2019 but I guess properties these days are built really quickly.
Here’s a couple of pictures (photo credits to my dearest neighbours) of our home’s progress over the past 2 years! I almost feel like a proud mama watching it grow so quickly haha. Time to get started on our research for IDs and #homeinspo!
Construction in progress
You can see which blocks are getting built first
Growing up
View from the main entrance
Full height achieved
Green covers removed
Paintwork is done
Guardhouse added
Landscaping works
Proper walls up
Pool & lights done
Wandervale sign up
My favourite rabbit mascots
Can’t wait to see you! ����
Here is a photo of how our place was supposed to look in the brochure when they marketed it to us. It is actually pretty similar to what you see there, aye? 🙂

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