Research – Intercontinental Hotel & Joyden Hall

We have finally got around to planning our wedding (yay!) After some discussion with our family, we decided to start our research based on the following criteria:
  • Banquet Size – 25 tables
  • Budget – $150 per head
  • Type – Wedding Lunch
  • Date – 18/11/18 (hopefully our geomancer agrees with it!)

There were a couple of hotels that we shortlisted but we decided to check out my favorite – Intercontinental Hotel as the first stop!

This was my first choice because of its clean look & although it exceeds the budget a wee bit, I felt that the price was pretty worth it. We attended the wedding showcase but sadly the perks given were not too attractive and the date we were tentatively looking at was booked already. Plus, we found out that the minimum tables here are now 30+ for a weekend lunch so that’ll be out for us (for now)

They really have a lovely space for those keen though. They have a really pretty stairway (top which you have can use to take your wedding photos on the actual day. There’s even a small area (bottom) beside the main banquet hall which you can use for your ROM!

Here are the different themes available:

I especially love their wedding cards’ designs PLUS it will match your chosen theme!

Sadly, we think we do not have fate with this one here. After that, we headed over to Joyden Hall at Bugis + to check our their event space.

It’s a pretty new place and we liked the photos that we’ve seen online as well. Plus, it was really cheap at around SGD 1000 per table. Sadly, all that we saw was this poster as there was another event ongoing at the same time. However, the sales manager didn’t seem really keen to answer our queries during the email correspondences and we decided not to go for it as I’ve heard of many feedback on how the service of the sales manager/coordinator can affect your whole wedding and mood.
We’re open for more location suggestions meanwhile which will fit our criteria! Let us know if you have any places

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