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Surabaya Itinerary – Mount Ijen & Bromo


I realized that the export to WordPress has some errors and the image quality got reduced by a lot. Feel free to head to for my original post! 

Many people has been asking for my itinerary to Mount Bromo and Mount Ijen, thus I decided to revive the blog to blog about it. I shall try to keep it more active for now in order to remember the details for the upcoming wedding plans as well hehe!
Anyway, I’ll try to keep it short & simple!

Day 1  – Paragliding

We had a super early morning flight to Surabaya, and arrived around 9am at the Surabaya airport.


Caught a good deal from Singapore Airlines – Flight was $193.90 per person!

Wahid was our driver throughout the trip and he really provided us with really great service throughout! So we drove for about 4 hours in order to reach Batu Village, where we went up to Mount Banyak for Paragliding (Paralayang in their language)

The paragliding took a total of about 20 minutes (so you can take your time to enjoy the view) and was an additional cost on top of our package. 

Damage: IDR 400,000 / SGD 40 per person.

Yes, that tiny spec is me! And the view was pretty incredible!
It started raining heavily after our paragliding, so we decided to hide out at their local food stall.
Food and drinks here is really cheap! IDR 10,000 is about SGD 1!
Pop Mie with Eggs!
Happy S with his Kopi

Anyway, after settling our lunch, we drove another 4 hours to reach the Bromo area. As we had to wake up at 3am for the hike, we decided to nap sleep earlier around 10pm that night. And yes, if you want to catch the sunrise at Mount Bromo, you have to wake that early.����

Day 2 – Mount Bromo

So we had a jeep come to pick us up around 3.30am and the driver brought us to Penanjakan Peak to catch the sunrise overlooking Mount Bromo. Sadly, it was drizzling that day and the whole place was really cloudy (and foggy)

Actually, we had no idea which is Mount Bromo, but we’re guessing this is it ����
A photo of us with Mount Bromo (?) at the back!
A glimpse of the sunrise, covered with clouds and fog.

We then took the jeep over to Mount Bromo to climb walk up to the crater. The hike up took less than 45 minutes and the locals there even provide pony rides up for people whom are lazier or simply just want some photo op (haha) at IDR 50,000 (SGD 5).

For us, we decided to use our own two “cars” (legs in hokkien) to walk up as the ponies looked really tiny and we wanted to thoroughly explore the place and enjoy the hike & view. The Bromo crater was really pretty BUT I almost died of fright walking up the narrow path along the crater as it was crazy narrow and the drop down didn’t look pretty ����

A quick stop right before Mount Bromo so that we could take pictures again
 (we tipped the jeep driver pretty well because of this HAHA)
“Taxi” services with the ponies as shown on the left
Pretty pony resting along the mountain
S with the Teletubbies Mountain!
Just keep walking~
Got a wee bit tired from climbing up the long flight of stairs before reaching…
The pretty crater at Mount Bromo! 
The super narrow path
I didn’t dare to climb all the way up in fear that I would slip and fall off the steep slopes
S on his GoPro Mavic
Another mountain checked off the list!

After the trip to Bromo, we had another 6 hours drive to reach Ijen. We took another nap till 12am and headed towards Mount Ijen! When we checked out of our timing, the owner (Albert) was evem kind enough to pack us breakfast at that timing to eat on the go!

Day 3 – Mount Ijen

The climb up to Mount Ijen was more manageable as compared to the other mountains, just be prepared to climb really steep slopes upwards! There is a mini “mama shop” halfway up and I would highly recommend for anyone to rent a gas mask at IDR 50,000 as the sulphur fumes can be overbearing at some parts of the climb.

We were also supposed to go down to enjoy the blue flame sulphur but an accident took place here 2 weeks back and they now prohibit visitors from going down (for May at least). Thus, the only thing we could do was to spot 2 pathetic blue flames from afar LOL.

Yes, the legendary blue flames, spotted from darn far away 🙁

Next, our guide brought us to another spot to view the sunrise. This time round, we were blessed with great skies and we managed to enjoy the pretty stars above while waiting for the sunrise! It started getting slightly cloudy when the sun was rising though, so we didn���t manage to see a nice sunrise (again).

Galaxy spotted!!!��������
Two Caucasians against the sunrise

We were then brought to view the pretty Ijen Lake which was coloured green from the chemical reaction from the sulphur. I must say that our mountain guide was extremely good for this hike ��� he took really great photos of us and always brought us to good spots so we could capture really pretty pictures with not many people around!

Our guide knows the best angles to take pictures!
Here’s one with him! ����
Spot the hint of sunrise behind!

Anyway, the hike back down was way easier as it was a perpetual down slopes and there was light so we got to enjoy the pretty view as well!

S with his GoPro Hero
Sulphur that they mine at Mount Ijen

And that was pretty much of hiking expedition to Surabaya! We then explored the town a bit for the night and we went to this mall called City of Tomorrow (Cito). We had dinner at A&W (can���t resist) and also massage (they call it reflexology there) at Rp 60,000 for 1 hour! Stunned at the cheap rates before that would mean that they���re earning like S$1 for every 10 minutes. We did some shopping at the supermarket there and headed back to our hotel – Premier Inn Surabaya Juanda (self-booked) to rest early for the flight home the next day!����

Heard they’re bringing this back to Singapore!!!
Free breakfast at our hotel! 

Thanks for reading (or skipping) to the end haha!


TOTAL DAMAGE = SGD 650 (per person)


Flight (2 pax)

Singapore Airlines – SGD 387.78


Tour Package (2 pax)

IDR 3,300,000 (SGD 330)
Transport & mountain guide to all locations, plus the car & jeep ride up the mountain.
Paragliding, accommodation, meals, and the entrance fee to both Mount Bromo and Mount Ijen.

Entrance Fee (per pax)

Mount Bromo’s Entrance Fee = IDR 230,000 (SGD 23)
Mount Ijen’s Entrance Fee = IDR 103,000 (SGD 10.50)

Accommodation (2 pax)

Ijen Bondowoso Home Stay – IDR 125,000 (SGD 13) 
Premier Inn Surabaya Juanda – SGD 55.50 (provides free shuttle to the airport too!)


IDR 400,000 per pax (SGD 40)
Food (2 pax)
SGD 120 for 4 days, estimated
(we paid for our guide’s meal as well *it’s not compulsory*)
Shopping & Massage
SGD 50 per pax, estimated
Tipping (2 pax)
SGD 100, estimated
Travel Insurance (2 pax)
(we got it at a 50% discount during the promotional period)


Firstly, get an Annual Travel Insurance plan if you travel frequently!
AXA now has a 50% discount now if you sign up till 19th of July 2017.
Sign up here with your best friend/other half to satisfy your wanderlust hehe!
Travel Insurance Promotion!

Another thing, get this package from our driver directly, I would highly encourage for you to pay in their local currency as the price will be at IDR 1,500,000 (SGD 150) per pax instead! Plus, he has a group promotion – go as a group of 6, but only pay for 5!

Suarabaya Package Promotion!

Kindly take note that it’s slightly different from our itinerary as he will bring you to a waterfall instead of paragliding. If you’d like to go paragliding, just let him know and he will let you know the price difference accordingly!

Please feel free to contact me via Instagram (as I rarely check on the blog post’s comments these days) if you’d like his contact details!


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