Santa Claus is coming to town

I love Christmas! Because it is an excuse to meet up with all of my friends and torture myself with shopping for their presents! Anway, visuals from everything Christmas!����

Christmas Eve

Didn’t have the time for a date with S in a really long time so I decided to book his schedule for my favourite festive season! TBH, it wasn’t really to celebrate Christmas, but I just wanted to make full use of the lull period at work to head out teehee. Decided to visit Rochor Centre and its colourful buildings before it is demolished for the year �������
Me photobombing S.

Had dinner at Bugis after before meeting up with Rocky & SL for our Christmas celebration. Well, if you consider playing mahjong as a form of celebraton. Had our second pizza of the day for supper (because it look almost 2 hours for the delivery to arrive). I wish that I could say we had fun counting down, but we didn’t at all because we were so engrossed with playing mahjong, we only found out that it was Christmas day at 1+ am. ����

Pizza for 3!
Hunter Bebe waiting for food

Christmas Day

Had the annual Christmas celebration with JUMBO on the 25th instead because 26th is a public holiday (yay!) Spent most of the afternoon & night playing games. Followed by a food trail in Singapore. Pretty surprised we managed to stay up all night without falling asleep like the previously years; only heading home around 6am in the morning after all the makanz

Missing Joanne!
Loving ’em empty streets
Cr: Jeraldine!

Boxing Day 

Well, we spent most part of the day sleeping, and only woke up for food at night. Decided to head to town to catch the Christmas lights since we haven’t seen them this year. But first things first, dinner at Keisuke Kani King in *scape

The hard boiled eggs here are free flow. I repeat – FREE FLOW.
Tamago eggs are runny too!
Candid shot of me laughing at S 

Da feels.
On a side note, am really sad when drafting this post because I realised that I couldn’t find some of the photos either from the DSLR or digital cam. Guess I mixed up when combining the albums and somehow the photos weren’t saved ������������ Anyway, had a really enjoyable Christmas, looking forward to 2k17!

Thanks for all the love!

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