Across the Sea

JB Tripping

JB tripping with my favourite peeps whom are the only people I’d sacrifice sleep for. Reaching Woodlands Checkpoint at 8.30am?! I almost died. ����
First stop for breakfast was supposed to be IT Roo but because we reached too early, it was not opened yet. So we decided to head to Replacement Lodge instead!
Nutella > Caramel
Love the ikura here, which complemented the eggs ben surprisingly

We headed back to City Square after that to wait for our driver from Bangkok Spa to come pick us up. Service is pretty good as the transportation was free and the massage here is pretty decent too.  I went for the 2 hours aromatherapy which was priced really cheaply at RM 159!

When your friend spots you sneaking pics of them ����

After the massage, we went for ze favourite Soon Soon Heng Ba Ku Teh for lunch and had durian in KSL after!

Went to ������������ for our karaoke session after, where we surprise our birthday girl with a cake! After which, we headed to Cedar Point, which is pretty similar to Chomp Chomp style, and the food here was on point. We had crab, fish, satay, chicken meat, pork ribs, etc, etc, all at a mere SGD 10++ ����

Up next: Our yearly countdown together, can’t wait!

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