Shaoyu Birthday

All these years when I was with S, I always felt that he was on the losing end for our birthday celebration. Because our birthdays were on the same day, he always ended up being the one planning for it to celebrate for him. So this year (even before he proposed), I decided to plan a day out after his last exam of uni life to celebrate his birthday!


Woke up early in the morning first thing to head to East Coast Park for our first ever cable skiing session! It was a new experience for the both of us at Singapore Wake Park and there was a 2 for 1 November Opening Promotion (yay!) I heard that the new owners actually revamped it to make cable skiing more manageable for beginners like us.
How to cable-ski?
Start off with this squatting position, and then slow stand up straight and attempt to balance while the skis speed off at 40km/hour! Sounds pretty simple? It is, technically, because our instructors Farhan & Yan were really patient and helpful giving us tips on how to balance better. But the nightmare comes when you fall off with the board detached – as it means that you have to swim all the way to the side by yourself and head back to the starting point (which happened pretty frequently for me ����)
Overall it was super fun and we stopped after 1 hour because our arms were aching from swimming and we were feeling pretty hungry. See how shag we look? HAHAHA. 

Level up board which was crazy heavy!

PS, our whole body starting aching the next day although I have no idea why as I don’t even remember feeling tired while cable skiing (other than the swimming part), but this proves to be a really good & fun sport!
Next we went to Bedok Mall and decided to head into a random Japanese restaurant to have our lunch as we were both starving after the exercise. The food here at Menya Musashi Takatora was surprisingly good though, and my favourite lava eggs were not overdone!
Some photo taking done in town while waiting for our appointed time for the next program, loving all the Christmas decorations!


I was really excited after finding out about this new massage place in town which offers COUPLE ONSEN. I missed the natural one in Japan so much, I decided to give Elements Wellness in CentrePoint a go with their Koyamaki Onsen Bath. 
So how it works is that they use this Contrast Hydrotherapy which we decided to follow (we tweaked the timing a little by ourselves): 
40 minutes – Onsen Therapy
2 minutes – Crystal Cold Shower (turn it all the way to the coldest temperature!)
10 minutes – Steam Bath (we didn’t find out about this till the very end, the steam bath is located within the showers itself and you can find the controls outside, beside the water dispenser)
3 minutes – Rinse Off
It is then followed by an hour of Swedish Massage, which was pretty different from the massages we were used to. In my opinion, the onsen was decent but would have been better if the temperatures were higher. The effect/minerals was not as good as compared to the hot springs in Kyoto, but it would most probably one of the better experiences you could have in Singapore. 


Headed over to Bishan Golden Village after to catch Moana in D-Box. Basically what happens is that the seats will actually move around according to what is happening in the movie.

It was pretty interesting and I can’t wait for the proper 4D movie experience in Bangkok soon! Ended our night with DTF XLB (my craving since forever!!!) and that’s the end to our Monday-not-blue-at-all ����

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