Quarter Century Old… And Engaged

And so, on the 18th of November, S proposed to me!���� It was a pretty special day for the both of us as we were both born on that day. So here are some details on what went down (from my POV) mainly to ensure that it doesn’t get forgotten and also to satisfy my dearest friends’ curiosity.
Every year, we TRY to organize a gathering for our friends to celebrate our birthdays together, so we actually decided on doing a BBQ gathering to celebrate our birthday together (just like the first ever birthday party we had together in 2008)
Thus, that was what I innocently thought it would be – just a simple BBQ and left all the planning to S when he offered to do so. He organized it at Punggol Ranch as he told me all the other chalets were booked already (which is the case usually as our birthday falls on a school holiday) 
He even told me he designed the poster below to send to our friends (which was only sent to me to keep up the appearances ����) But what really happened was that he sent a 9 page proposal plan detailing all program flow and logistics required for the special day itself; pretty sure it’s an occupational hazard from our SU days.

So the actual day came, and I headed out with Junhui in the morning to celebrate as she told me the previous week that she has gotten an off day on my birthday. I was even proudly showing off to my friends how sweet she was as she planned a whole day of activities with even the exact timings (only to find out after that it was because S asked her to ����) 
We went for bowling at Singapore Poly (the games there are really cheap by the way!), followed by a late lunch at Suki-Ya, and karaoke at Manekineko. We ended up running a tad late and had to cab down to the ranch because I was desperately trying to find a print shop to print some photos out for S birthday card.

After arriving at Punggol Ranch, I was brought into room 225. My girlfriend then brought out this box which contains a dress that S bought to change into, along with some pretty hair accessories! After fussing with the outfit (which was a little tight — think I grew fatter) and changing into the heels S requested for my sister to bring over, I was brought to another chalet (down another lane) where I was surprised with really pretty decorations!

Before I could even take the time to admire the balloon arch and candles decorations properly, someone passed me a laptop with a video done by S. The video showed footages of him asking my family permission to ask for my hand and also explaining why he was so busy recently.

The video ended with him asking me to look up… So I expected him to come out from our friends/family somewhere (so many of them were crowding around me, look at all the cameras around please ����)

But I spotted someone riding a horse right across the field! I didn’t know who it was initially as it was pretty dark and the spotlights around made it pretty hard to see *darn the night blindness* But upon taking a closer look, I realized that it was S (looking super suave on a horse) heading towards me!

He then alighted came down from the horse and started singing to me (that’s Zahid at the back looking super serious while playing the guitar!) The song he sang was “Baby I Love You x Regular Friends” – Jason Chen x Kimberley Chen Mashup

He popped the question…

And the answer was a no brainer! ����

We managed to sneak some personal time in after proposal, where S brought me inside the pretty room filled with lots of balloons and pretty fairy lights to give me my birthday/engagement gift. Shall keep it private, but you can see some snippets of it in the video below!

Next was photo taking session with everybody! Super touched that some of my friends even took off that day to help S to set up for the big day, and major thanks to everyone else who rushed down after work to witness our engagement!

Our families

Ace Generation



I almost even forgot it was our birthday that day, until two cakes appeared! One was my favourite lychee martini cake from Pines Garden and the other one was handmade by S and our friends –  a tsum tsum cake woohoo! (I think someone commented that we look like we were cutting out wedding cake here)

And that’s the end to the main highlights of the day! A lot of people were also asking me if I expected this, and the answer is honestly no. It was because S kept telling me that his capital for the ring is stuck in his shares and that he has to save up for it, so he kept hinting me that it would be the start of 2017 instead. But yes, apparently my detective skills isn’t up to par yet because he started planning for this since 2015 and none of my friends dropped even the tiniest of hint that this was happening ����

Well, you definitely outdid yourself on this one, thank you for putting so much effort into this, my fiance! #officiallyengaged

Congrats on skipping/making it until the end of this very long post, if you were too lazy to read through the details on top, the video below is a summary of what happened! 

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