Dester Singapore Gold Cup 2016

I was so happy today, let me tell you, because I got to see horses again!���� Was super psyched when Singapore Turf Club invited me down for this esteemed event!

The Singapore Gold Cup, one of the most prestigious horse races on the local racing is presented by a new title sponsor ��� Dester 100% Malt. Shiling and I had the chance to try the Dester Beer and was pleasantly surprised by its taste. It doesn’t taste like those typical beers, so even if you’re someone who prefers wine (like me), you will find that it tastes pretty good! Here’s a picture of us with the pretty decorations thet set up!

Tote Board and Singapore Turf Club also presented donation cheques totalling $1.5 million to 26 selected beneficiary organisations to uplift the local community by Giving Hope to vulnerable groups and Improving Lives of all in Singapore. I believe I helped to contribute by betting on the horses over there too! ���� It was a really thrilling event as there was no way to know which horse would win. This was the first race we betted on and our horse (number 5 – but forgot its name) won!

Betting was pretty straightforward, the minimum bet was $5 and you could either bet on “WIN” or “PLACE”.  “WIN” means that the horse you choose will come in first, out of all the other horses, while “PLACE” simply means that the horse will come in as one of the top 3! The rate of return for a WIN (min $6) is generally higher as compared to a PLACE (min $5.10) as the risk is higher as well! Sadly we didn’t bring enough cash with us (and there was sadly no ATMs there) and thus we had to restrict ourselves to betting on the minimum each round ���� 
Anyway, we were brought for a tour later in the afternoon to see the horses up close! Don’t they look majestic? The white horses at the end are used to guide the race horses in if I’m not wrong, because I always see them leading the way towards the race track. 

We have decided to go back to Singapore Turf Club on our own again in future to experience this all over again (while bringing more cash!) I would say that it is a really unique experience that everyone should at least go for once in their life, especially if you can get into the lounge, where you can view the race in comfort – fully air conditioned with all the awesome food (and desserts – macarons!!!) Can’t wait for the next one! ����

Cocktail Themed
Skirt: Megagamie

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