148 MacKenzie Road, Singapore, 228724
(Near Mount Sofia and Niven Road)

Scotch Corner is an independent bottler and distributor of single cask malt whisky from Scotland. They provide the following:


I was glad to receive an invitation for a whisky tasting session recently.

For one: Unlike most women, I’m not sure how I grew to choose whisky over vodka and champagne.

I do love my whisky – having once managed the PR accounts of Pernod Ricard and Chivas Regal. I attribute my love of whisky to be one that’s more realistic and honest – simple because it doesn’t deal me a hang over nor do I feel nausea when I over do it. No wonder whisky survived The Prohibition Period… that medicinal smokiness was the saving of Laphroaig during Prohibition, when technically it should have been banned form entry into the US. Instead it wad imported perfectly legally- as a medicinal spirit. (Ah don’t we humans love to circumvent the laws).

The perfect accompaniment for Whisky is great company and Jazz. As the late Artie Shaw puts it ” the best jazz comes from the bottom of a whisky bottle”

Distilled alcohol was known in Latin as aqua vitae = “water of life”. This was translated to Gaelic as Irish: uisce beatha and Scottish Gaelic: uisge beatha = “lively water” or “water of life”. The Gaelic “usquebaugh”, meaning “Water of Life”, phonetically became “usky” and then “whisky” in English. While whisky did not orginate in Scotland, Scotland has internationally protected the term “Scotch”. For a whisky to be labeled Scotch it has to be produced in Scotland. If it is to be called Scotch, it cannot be produced anywhere else. The Scotch Corner brand & name reflects this. Scotch Corner whisky are unblended, single malt, with no flavorings and bottled right at the source straight from the cask.

Blended Scotch whisky constitutes about 90% of the whisky produced in Scotland. Notable blended Scotch whisky brands include Johnnie Walker, The Famous Grouse, Ballatine’s and Chivas Regal. (I do enjoy Chivas 18 and Ballatine’s). The unblended ones are as rare as it gets – and aren’t available for mass consumption.

If the bottle is the product of malt whiskies produced at more than one distillery, the whisky is called a blended malt or vatted malt, or pure malt. If a single malt is mixed with grain whisky, the result is a blended whisky. Single malts can be bottled by the distillery that produced them or by an independent bottler such as Scotch Corner.

There is close to 100 distilleries in Scotland each producing a single malt that is totally unique to the distillery it was distilled in & the cask used for aging.

Whisky Regions:

Year upon year while kept in these casks, the whisky much like cognacs loses a portion of its original volume.  Evaporation continues over subsequent years at a god knows what rate per barrel. A good whisky is likely to lose approximately thirty percent of its original volume by the time it is ready for bottling.

Oak wood contains a large number of chemical compounds and almost every one of them can add a little something to the flavor profile and personality of your whisky when kept in contact with. The most recognizable of these are a wide range of vanilla, tea like tannins or even tobacco flavors or aroma. Aging on wood also adds pigmented color elements and hydrolyze-able compounds which is said to contribute to how it feels in your mouth.
Here are 2 bottles of The Glenlivet, both from 1977. Notice the color difference? This is due to the different wooden casks used.

Single Malt Scotch is single malt whisky made in Scotland using a pot still distillation process at a single distillery, with malted barley as the only grain ingredient.

Here’s what PEAT looks like.

The expression The Angels Share refers to the quantity of the whiskey or wine, which is lost to evaporation during the aging process

All Scotch whisky must be aged in oak barrels for at least three years. Some like The Maccallan have chosen to age in only sherry casks. Originally, The Macallan was matured only in oak sherry casks brought to the distillery from Jerez, Spain. Beginning in 2004, The Macallan introduced a new main product, the Fine Oak series, with the whisky mellowed in bourbon oak casks as well as sherry ones

Here’s what we got to taste at Scotch Corner. Thank you Andrew and David for your hosting us.


GLENBURGIE 26 Y.O (love this).

For older whiskies trust me – you would like to add some water to it to bring out the taste. Sometimes the high alcohol content makes it really sharp so water helps to bring out the aromas and give it a somewhat more balanced feel on your palette so you can appreciate what’s coming through.

I won’t go through the tasting notes simply because its something to be experienced yourself.

As a general guide, I think whiskies age 18 and up are mostly pretty good to drink on its own.

P.S I once had beef skewers marinated with Chivas 18 (amazing it was)

(THIS IS MY FAVOURITE! 26 year old Glenburgie)

Whisky lovers – do pop on by – I promise Scotch Corner has alot to offer. If you are up for it to, you can ask Andrew about the history of Scotland and I’m pretty sure he would be happy to share his knowledge beyond Whisky.

Anyone a fan of Japanese Whisky – Japanese Whisky has been gaining quite alot of attention as of late. Andrew had told us it was created by a Japanese who schooled in Scotland and who then got married to a scottish lady. :) Fun facts I never knew.

Well Cheers and as they say in Scotland, sláinte mhath (good health)!

Launch of The Glenlivet Back In Time watch by Azimuth @ Fullerton Bay Hotel

Whenever I get an invitation to a whiskey event –  I hardly bring myself to say no. Let alone whiskey paired with watches. Glenlivet and Azimuth comes together to launch “Back In Time” , a swiss watch from Azimuth by Singaporean Mr. Alvin Lye.

Alvin is the owner of Monster Time, a boutique that trades vintage watches at Far East Plaza . Just last year, The Glenlivet nominated Alvin as its recipient of the Glenlivet Pioneering Spirit for 2012. This Pioneering Spirit campaign recognizes unique, trailblazing Singaporeans who have stood out in their field and made a difference in the community they serve.

Strangely though, it wasn’t watches that Alvin started with in the beginning. “I stumbled upon this trade because I used to buy and sell antique coins over the internet to help pay for my university fees,” confesses Alvin. “A friend then asked me to try selling watches, so I dwelled in it a little and just got further and further into it till I found myself setting up a website to sell them!”

That website was Time Antiques which Alvin started in 1996. It was at the time, one of the few websites in the world that dealt with watches. Seven years later, he set up ‘Monster Time’ to focus on pre-owned contemporary watches and eventually merged the two businesses to Monster Time Vintage Watches.

The Azimuth has a watch whose movement goes backward on the watch dial. Rather novel. I was alot more interested in the vintage displays that night showcasing your JLCs, Rolex and a few obsecure but old watch brands. I really loved the mystery watch piece (which functions similarlly to how a cartier mystery clock would),  really cool.

And then came the highlight of the night – Tasting The Glenlivet Single Malt Whiskeys . From the 12 year old vintage, all the way up to the 25. We had Mr. Rajan Menon from Pernod Ricard to impart his whiskey appreciation knowledge to us.

We were taught to nose whiskey, taste it. Sometimes the same proportion of water is then added to your whiskey to separate its alcohol content from the taste elements. I am however not a fan of adding water to mine.

Whiskey snobs might think the older a whiskey the better it is. For me this isn’t the case all the time. I do prefer the Glenlivet 18 to the Glenlivet 21. But give me the 25 anytime.

If you are keen to read Alvin’s story  on his foray into the conservative swiss watch industry with Azimuth you can read more here on

Chivas – Here’s To The Ladies

After raising a toast to male camaraderie and friendship last december on an ever so perfect date 12,12,12 , Chivas Regal now turns to the ladies to give them their due.

Renowned Japanese mixologist, Mr. Satoshi (from Orgo) was on hand to present an
entirely novel way of experiencing Chivas cocktails – for the first time ever, Chivas 12 was
mixed with fresh fruits to create refreshing cocktails that married whisky with fruits and milk in perfect harmony.

Here’s a photo of the Mixologist Extraordinaire and me :)

With both muddle and glass in hand, Satoshi taught my bestie and I (and the rest of the media) secrets to mixing fruits, milk, homemade syrups and Chivas 12 in just the right proportions to make the perfect cocktail for your own parties. A room full of domestic goddesses you say.

The Chivas Handshake also made its return after its debut at the launch of Here’s to Real
Friends last December. The Handshake is currently available at Orgo and will be making its
way to other modern on-trade outlets later this year.

Chivas Regal continues to raise a glass to 2013 with a range of events that salute friendship. Stay tuned to the latest news on Chivas Regal and the Here’s to Real Friends campaign by logging on to the official Facebook page at

Time to unbox those whisky bottles of yours

Chivas Cocktails Recipes

1) Chivas Handshake

50ml Chivas Regal 12 Years
Top up Ginger ale
Lime Squeeze
Dash of Angostura bitter

Method: Build
Glassware: Collin Glass

2) Chivas Passion Mule

30ml Chivas Regal 12 Years
1 Passion Fruit
1 Slice Ginger
¼ teaspoon Clove
½ teaspoon Cinnamon
10-15ml Sugar

3) Chivas Tea Cocktail

30ml Chivas Regal 12 Years
60ml Green Tea, Berry and Vanilla Tea
2 Strawberries
10-15ml Sugar

Here are my tools :)

basically you push freshfruits in a glass, add syrup (cinnamon syrup, hibicus syrup or chamomile syrup) , I was told the syrups could me made with caster sugar and the ingredient of choice which you bring to a boil. After you’ve placed the amount of sugar syrup you like, muddle the fruit to release its flavors, add chivas (using a jigger or pony), add milk, and lastly add ice and stir the concoction. Ladies will love this no doubt :) And I’m sure the boys too.