Dr Wu – Mandelic acid & Hylauronic Acid range

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If almonds are you for your body – they’re good for your face too. Mandelic acid is an alpha hydroxy acid derived from bitter almonds.

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A mandelic acid peel contains the AHA mandelic acid, which is derived and extracted from bitter almonds. However, it differs from glycolic and lactic acids in that its molecules are larger and do not penetrate the skin as deeply. As a result, there is less overall irritation when compared with other AHAs, which is beneficial for those who have sensitive skin that is prone to inflammation. In addition, mandelic acid has an antibacterial effect on the skin, which makes it a viable choice for those with acne-prone skin who want to have a chemical peel but are worried about clogged pores and irritation as a result. Love it already right?

So guess what:
Dr WU is Taiwan’s No. 1 clinical skincare brand, and they have cemented their reputation as the top beauty and skincare brand for skin renewal since 2011 with the launch of their popular Intensive Renewal Serum with Mandelic Acid 18%. The first-of-its-kind to enable consumers to experience the same skin renewal treatment at a dermatologist’s office at the comfort of their own homes, the Serum had won numerous beauty awards both in Taiwan and overseas, and sold at a staggering rate of one bottle per 15 seconds. Sounds good? Read onCIMG0075

DR. WU has recently revised and enhanced the formula to launch the Renewal Serum with Mandelic Acid that is targeted at consumers with dry or sensitive skin. With the golden ration of 5:2:1 of Mandelic Acid, Salicylic Acid and Pyruvic Acid, the new formula is milder on the skin, can penetrate deeper into the skin layers and delivers faster results in skin renewal.

Used regularly DR. WU Renewal Serum with Mandelic Acid can effectively resolve skin problems such as acne, blackheads, enlarged pores and skin dullness to restore smooth and flawless skin.2017-05-17 11.51.51

Mandelic acid is the undisputed choice ingredient for at-home skin renewal.

  • The macromolecular structure of the mandelic acid is closer to our skin structure than the commonly-used glycolic acid. So, it is readily absorbed.
  • Mandelic acid is milder than azalea acid and/or other fruit acids.
  • Mandelic acid offers low or no irritation to our skin.
  • Mandelic acid can assist in faster and more effective metabolism of the dead skin cells.

After three years of intense research and testings, DR. WU clinical skincare research team, headed by Dr. Wu, has developed the all-new and enhanced Renewal Serum with Mandelic Acid to cater to the needs of consumers with dry and/or sensitive skin. Comprising the revolutionary golden ratio of 5% Mandelic Acid, 2% Salicylic Acid and 1% Pyruvic Acid, the new formulation can deliver an even more all-rounded skin renewal.

  • Mandelic Acid works effectively on the top skin layer, exfoliating the aged or dead skin cells gently.
  • Salicylic Acid aids in cleaning pores, clearing out the whiteheads and pimples.
  • Pyruvic Acids can penetrate into deeper layers of the skin, helping with correcting dullness and resulting in smooth and radiant skin.

The Renewal Serum with Mandelic Acid also includes other ingredients such as ABS Desert Blend and Pentavitin which helps in providing long-term hydration to the skin and rectifying conditions such as dry and flaking skin. So technical right? hahahaha

  1. Dr.WU Mandelic Renewal System utilizes the proprietary Dermo-Cells Renewal Technology to achieve five main beauty effects:
  2. Renewal of skin cells – gentle exfoliation of dead skin cells for smooth and fine skin
  3. Cleansing of pores – deep-layer repair to tighten pores
  4. Clearing of white heads – cleansing of the sebum to reduce formation of white heads
  5. Skin brightening – rectify dullness to reveal radiant skin
  6. Firming and anti-wrinkle – anti-aging properties for smooth and soft skin
[Renewal Serum with Mandelic Acid] 15ml / SGD 44.90

The ALL NEW gentle formula combines Three Acids in the perfect 5:2:1 Golden Ratio of Mandelic Acid, Salicylic Acid and Pyruvic Acid to penetrate deeper and faster for immediate skin regeneration! This breakthrough mild formula targets all epidermal layers with precision to eliminate skin troubles in one simple step — say bye-bye to acne, blackheads, enlarged pores and rough dullness! Take your skincare to a new level and restore flawless and smooth skin.

[Intensive Renewal Serum with Mandelic Acid 18%] 15ml / SGD 50.40

Intensive Renewal Serum With Mandelic Acid 18% is a revolutionary home spa facial treatment using several patented technologies and ingredients to refine skin texture, diminish fine lines and improves skin elasticity and firmness.

Available at WATSONS :) Oon Shu Ann not included lolol


SOS – Science on Skin

jaymee ong sos

A brand new skincare brand intelligently marries innovative science with the delicate art of beauty into a streamlined range of treatment products to boost your skin!  Comprising Cleanse+ Acne+ and Multivitamins+, SCIENCE ON SKIN (SOS) products are distinctively different from over the counter beauty products. SOS are dermatologist developed formulations with a real high concentration of active ingredients aimed at treating, rejuvenation and protecting skin from free radicals.

SOS science on skin acne multivitamins

SOS is fronted by the super multitalented model and host Jaymee Ong :) SOS science on skin  SOS science on skin3
Key ingredients found in the brand’s ACNE+ product include Zinc PCA which has been shown to be effective in controlling excess oil and the treatment of acne while moisturizing the skin. This works in tandem to boost effectiveness in the active ingredient of Iris Extract which is anti acne, anti inflammatory, anti bac and more. Licorice further calms and prevents redness while the trio of vitamins B3, C and B5 provides anti aging support and prevents moisture lost , all while maintaining your skins natural balance. The serum is nicely and lightly scented – as it contains tea tree , chamomile, chrysanthemum and lots of other floral botanicals to give it a lovely lovely scent!

Next up we have SOS Multivitamins+ which contain Vitamin A, C and E and a blend of stem cells, collagen, botanicals and potent peptides,

Vitamin A: Thickens and stimulates dermis, reduces wrinkles, increases blood flow. lso increases deposition of collagen and slows the aging process

Vitamin C and E work together to neutralize free radicals that age the skin, while stem sells dramatically improves skins’ elasticity and firmness for a younger appearance

Arbutin as you know inhibits tyrosinase and inhibits formation of melanin – hence its used often in whitening products. This reduces pigmentation and gives skin evenness while sodium hyaluronate and Provitamin B5 hydrates and keeps skin soft and silky.

What you’ll get is a healthy radiant glow, that’s firm.
This one contains camellia, camomillia (chamomile), and other botanicals too. <3

The fun thing about SOS is that products are packaged in a hermetic dual chamber pump that preserves purity and potency of the products.https://www.google.com.sg/?client=firefox-b#q=sos+science+on+skin+jaymee+ongjaymee ong sos watsons

WORD: Hyperpigmentation, age spots and uneven skin tone, these are prevalent across ethnicity and prevalent in most females. Sunblocks are important to prevent the onset of pigmented skin, but it is equally important to nourish the skin with suitable products that inhibit melanin production.

On another note: if you think nothing serious can come out of picking pimples, at most a scar, you are so wrong! a friend of mine picked too hard on a single pimple on her cheek recently, and got infected by Cellulitis which caused severe swelling of one side of her face – to make matters worst she is breastfeeding and that made medication difficult.

Cellulitis is infection of the skin caused by bacteria. Redness, swelling, tenderness, and warmth are characteristic features of cellulitis. This skin condition caused by bacterial infection can occur anywhere on the body surface.

If cellulitis is not treated it can reach deeper down into the underlying tissues which can give rise to serious complications. Facial cellulitis is infection of the facial skin. so please please just use your creams religiously such as ACNE+ and don’t go pick on your zits.

Stay tuned for more articles i have for you on suncreen and sun protection :)!

P.S  SOS is Available exclusively at Watsons!




Majolica Majorca unveils its winter collection for the year – Chapter 39


This year end – Majolica Majorca unveiled its winter collection, Chapter 39 ‘Pure Play’, together with its final 10th anniversary limited edition compact palette, ‘The Little Humming Book IV’ – perfect for highlighting; while Ma Cherie introduced its limited edition ‘Winter Floral Hair Fragrance – giving delectable scented hair to all girls *wink*

I love the Ma Cherie’s Winter Floral Hair Fragrance.

While things like hair sprays and styling stuff are common, hair fragrance certainly is something new for me but a welcome edition. Nothing like a longer lasting “fresh hair smell” that mimics the scents of freshly shampooed hair :)

Not only does the Ma Cherie Winter Floral Hair Fragrance prevent and eliminate odours, it also hydrates hair cuticles. Adding on to its distinct romantic floral and fruity fragrance, this hair fragrance embodies the scent of the Ma Cherie winter flower with green apple, red apple, pear, lychee top notes; and davana and rose for middle notes.”

The star product this season is the Lash Expander Edge Meister 17 which contains glittery blue stardust-like lengthening effect.

Formulated with gloss oil and blue lame specks
– A glossy glittery wet finish that accentuates jet-black and shiny lashes
Formulated with 4mm jet black long fibers and a liquid lengthening base
– For strong beautiful lashes.
A duo comb that widens and separates each and every lash.
– Smaller comb that widens difficult-to-get short lashes such as eye corner lashes and lower lashes.
Formulated with Speedy Dry oil and gentle treatment ingredients for lashes
– Long-lasting effect for the curls
– Vitamin E derivatives、Macadamia nuts oil
It is also Sweat, oil, tear and water-proof

Here’s some of the games we played, along with others like golfing with a giant mascara wand and more lol.

There was also a lovely wintery backdrop! Majolica Majorca always has all the little lovely touches which make all the difference.

Majolica Majorca Chapter 39 ‘Pure Play’

Lash Expander Edge Meister 17 – $25.90

The Little Humming Book IV – $25.90

Rouge Majex (Pure Apple, Poisonous Apple) – $17.50

Majoromantica P – $25.90

Majoromantica Melty Snow Hand Cream – $10.50


The Majolica Majorca Chapter 39 ‘Pure Play’ collection will be available at all Watsons stores, from 7 November 2013.

Stay tuned to the Majolica Majorca Facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/majolicamajorcasingapore for the launch of an upcoming contest giveaway on 14 November!

Ma Cherie Winter Limited Edition

‘Winter Floral Hair Fragrance’ – $16.90

The Ma Cherie ‘Winter Floral Hair Fragrance’ will be available at all Watsons stores, from 5 December 2013.

Stay tuned to the Ma Cherie Facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/Macheriesg for the launch of an upcoming contest giveaway on 14 November!


The New Tsubaki Shampoo by Shiseido – avaliable 4th july at watsons

Camellias are known as cháhuā (茶花) in Chinese, “tea flower”, an apt designation, as tsubaki (椿) in Japanese, as dongbaek-kkot (동백꽃) in Korean and as hoa trà or hoa chèin Vietnamese.

Camellia oil pressed from seeds of C. japonica, also called tsubaki oil or tsubaki-abura (椿油) in Japanese, has been traditionally used in Japan for hair care.

A study done by Shiseido helped to shed some light on asian hair. Melanin found in the black hair of japanese women were monitored in a study and researchers found that damage from exposure to UV or heat causes a loss of melanin within the hair fiber.

which in turn —-> leads to loss of shine and luster :( . When faced with heat and photo damage, melanin decomposes and flows out of your hair when you shampoo it, leaving holes behind. Perhaps’ that is bad news but here comes the good news!

Arginine, an amino acid found in soy, nuts, raisins, milk and brown rice (health ingredients isn’t it) actually helps to repair melanin holes. In fact, it restores lustre and shine once it is coated onto your hair.

The word Tsubaki as you already know, actually means Camellia :) and that’s what Tsubaki is about. The new Tsubaki shampoo that will be launched this 4th July at Watsons Stores in Singapore contains camellia oil which repairs the cuticle, and smoothes and softens your hair fiber allowing it to reflect light to give it glorious shine *cue music and wind in hair*

Ok sorry no special fx today, but Valerie and I, we’ve got a happy tree friend to grace our pictures.


Do use your Tsubaki shampoo wisely because the camellia oil used in it, is harvested by hand. The seeds are then sent to press using a traditional extration method. Only the first pure press is used. (kinda like extra virgin olive oil!)


Available in 3 ranges

Shining, Damage Care, and Head Spa (which is my favourite scent)

The 550ml bottles are priced with a slight variation

Shining Shampoo $17.90 – contains Camellia leaf essence
Damage Care Shampoo$18.90 – contains Camellia Repair Butter
Head Spa Shampoo $19.90 – Contains essential oils like Sage, Rosehip, Thyme and of course the Camellia flower extract. No wonder this smelt best. It’s the gold color bottle range :)

Camellia flower essence is said to be an anti-inflammatory agent too!

Each range also features a conditioner and treatment. Some ranges have hair mask, and the gold range now features a cleansing shampoo which is recommended for use once a week.

It helps with the models fronting your products are sooooo beautiful too. They are Mizuhara Kiko, Anne Watanabe (Daughter of Ken Watanabe of Hollywood fame), as well as Ebihara Yuri and Kojima Haruna from AKB.

The lovely ladies from Tsubaki and DSPG had some very lovely activities lined up for us, there was a memory game which admitted i sucked at, and then there was fashion illustration portraits done for us too :) by Sharon and Teresa from OICsingapore. These lovely ladies draw so well.

instagram them!

Bloggers in attendance  :)