Hairstyling tips from Song Hye kyo

Many of us desire smooth and bouncy curls, but it can be challenging to give yourself a professional blowout at home.

Global technology company Dyson has released a video of Korean Wave actress Song Hye-Kyo, revealing her secrets of the perfect home blow-out. The video is now live on the official Dyson Facebook page ( A director’s cut will be exclusively available on the official Dyson website (

Watch Song Hye-Kyo introduce her secret hair styling tips using Dyson Supersonic™, and hear it from the lady on how to use the different attachments to achieve silky and voluminous hair.


Step 1 : High heat and high airflow setting, without any attachments

The powerful airflow of Dyson Supersonic blows straight to the roots speeding up the hair drying time.


To achieve some lift, you can use the diffuser with the lowest heat setting to brush the root of the hair upwards. This creates volume.


Step 2: Medium heat and high airflow setting, smoothing nozzle

When your hair is half dry, you can clip on the smoothing nozzle on the Dyson Supersonic and dry your hair downwards. The very strong airflow closes the cuticles, making your hair silky and shiny.


Step 3: High heat and high airflow setting, Styling nozzle

When your hair is around 80% dry, you can change to the styling nozzle. With a more narrow opening, the airflow and heat are more concentrated. This maks it easier to achieve Song’s signature lose curls.


Step 4: Cool shot and low airflow setting, disffuser

Last but not least, you should use the cold shot mode with the diffuser on to set the style so that it will last for the whole day.


Laneige – Spring 2014 Preview

Tis the season to Experience, Experiment and Enjoy! Come 2014 (that’s just in a matter of days). Laneige will launch a really exciting range of eye shadow palettes, blushes and lipstick for Spring 2014.

Think 7 Pure Radiant Eye Shadow Palettes
6 Pure Radiant Blush Colours
20 Serum Intense lipsticks with amazing pigments and amounts of moisture in them.

The Serum Intense Lipsticks contain Glycerin and Physiogel lotion as well as Squalene and really it’s the softest out there with high amounts of pigments to boot.

I don’t about you but I want them all. I don’t remember wanted any range of make up this much (except perhaps when it comes to Chanel). But boy oh boy Laneige’s range is so versatile and in so many shades I really had a very hard time deciding on what I wanted.

So the 2014 Make Up trend hailing from korea is Natural Skin tone, well defined eyes and vivid lipstick (we’re still spotting gradient lips yes!).

Someone tell me why Song Hye Gyo is nothing but perfect! She’s the only korean actress I ever want to emulate. And this is really out of character for someone who doesn’t really chase or keep up with celebrities. Song Hye Gyo wears the Laneige Serum Intense Lipstick LR05 in flash pink here

I chose Laneige Pure Radient Shadow Palette in Urban Beige – which Cat Goh the Laneige international make up trainer shared could be used to create Ae Gyo Sal – which gives a youthful look. (under eye puffiness lol . Cat is really an amazing make up artist with a personality to boot!

oh yes -Aegyo Sal – it helps one to look innocent and youthful. such that some people turn to fillers to get them) . In that case if you want them using fillers i’ll be happy to recommend you to Dr Vanessa phua of Asiahealthpartners :) my aesthetics doctor. Dr Phua studied ophthalmology before becoming an aesthetics doctor so you are definitely in good hands :)

This is the make up that Cat did for me – korean eye brows as well as Aegyo sal  – all using Laneige. I love how she widen my eyes ! I’ve single eye lids and I really learnt alot from her

I also choose Laneige Pure Radiant Blush in Glow Pink because it has sparkles! But the range is so lovely I want all 6 colours!!!!  Especially No 6  – Natural Shading (second from the left) which you can use to bring more definition to your face. Amazing no? here’s how!

For Oval faces – create a natural 3D shadow by lightly brushing no 6 on your outer face line.

For rounder faces- create a slimmer look by brushing no 6 on in a V line with focus on your chin so that your face looks more oval.

And last but not least use it as a blusher. Love this look:)
indeed at the end of the night when it all comes off.

Laneige has the answers!

Laneige Fresh Brightening Cleansing Oil & Laneige Perfect Pore Cleansing Oil can take it all off in a jiffy without drying out your skin.

Laneige Boutiques are located here

You can find the cosmetic range at

Ion Orchard
Jurong Point
Plaza Singapura
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