Piece of peace world tour Singapore 2017

Last chance to check out the Lego Piece of Peace World Tour 2017 here in Singapore, that ends on 3rd September. I personally feel the photos  don’t do justice to the piece – each of which are super intricate and no easy feat. Trust the japanese to do these – i’m pretty proud that singapore has a bunch of adept lego master builders too !


2017-08-17 19.49.12 2017-08-17 20.29.34 2017-08-17 19.57.28 CIMG1150 CIMG1166
Date: 27 July – 3 September 2017
Time:10:00 AM – 9:00 PM (Mon – Thu), 10:00 AM – 12:00 AM (Fri – Sun and Public Holidays)
Venue: Fort Canning Arts Center – 5 Cox Terrace, 179620
Tickets: Mon – Thu: $17 (Adult), $13 (Child / Senior Citizen)
Fri – Sun & Public Holidays: $19 (Adult), $15 (Child / Senior Citizen)

p.s. yes your taxi can actually drive it to it say no entry.

  • PAssion Card Members enjoy 10% off ticket prices
  • PAssion Card Members enjoy 15% off ticket prices with a minimum purchase of 3 tickets

Find out more @ https://www.facebook.com/PieceOfPeaceSG/ or https://www.facebook.com/LEGOSingapore/

Really kid friendly! The highlight of the exhibition is the 43 reconstructed World Heritage sites from 34 countries – of which 9 are from ASEAN member countries to commemorate ASEAN’s 50th anniversary. A number of ‘Amazing Singapore’ LEGO® builds, crowdsourced by our very own local Singaporeans, will also be on display.piece-by-peace-exhibition-singapore-tour-628x888

Additionally, there will be a giant topographical map of the island for members of the public to add their personal touch – whether it is towering skyscrapers or peaceful green spaces – a collaborative re-imagination of Singapore. As part of the LEGO Build Amazing campaign – a year-long commitment by the brand to inspire kids to think creatively and unleash their future potential for success – a BuildAmazingSG zone will also be set up at the exhibition to spark kids’ boundless imagination and help them discover endless creative possibilities.CIMG1188

This exhibition will prove to be a family-friendly, educational and fun-filled event for both adults and children. Like me – the big kid I am took great pleasure in lying in a pit full of Legos *Ouch lol

2017-08-17 20.51.43


The 25th global production of Disney’s The Lion King to come to Singapore in 2018

The Lion King is coming back to Singapore next year!The Lion King 2018

Join the waitlist today for tickets and further information at:











THE LION KING’s worldwide gross exceeds that of any film, Broadway show or other entertainment title in box office history.

THE LION KING has won six 1998 Tony® Awards: Best Musical, Best Scenic Design (Richard Hudson), Best Costume Design (Julie Taymor), Best Lighting Design (Donald Holder), Best Choreography (Garth Fagan) and Best Direction of a Musical. THE LION KING has also earned more than 70 major arts awards including the 1998 NY Drama Critics Circle Award for Best Musical, the 1999 Grammy® for

Best Musical Show Album, the 1999 Evening Standard Award for Theatrical Event of the Year and the 1999 Laurence Olivier Awards for Best Choreography and Best Costume Design.

The show’s director, costume designer and mask co-designer Julie Taymor continues to play an integral part in the show’s ongoing success. The first woman to win a Tony Award® for Direction of a Musical, Taymor has in recent years supervised new productions of the show around the world. (yay!)

The Broadway score features Elton John and Tim Rice’s music from The Lion King animated film along with three new songs by John and Rice; additional musical material by South African Lebo M, Mark Mancina, Jay Rifkin, Julie Taymor and Hans Zimmer; and music from “Rhythm of the Pride Lands,”an album inspired by the original music in the film, written by Lebo M, Mark Mancina and Hans Zimmer. The resulting sound of THE LION KING is a fusion of Western popular music and the distinctive sounds and rhythms of Africa, ranging from the Academy Award®-winning song “Can You Feel the Love Tonight” to the haunting ballad “Shadowland.”

The book has been adapted by Roger Allers, who co-directed The Lion King animated feature, and Irene Mecchi, who co-wrote the film’s screenplay. Other members of the creative team include: Michael Curry, who designed the masks and puppets with Taymor, Steve Canyon Kennedy (sound design),

Michael Ward (hair and makeup design), Anthony Lyn (associate director), Marey Griffith (associate choreographer), Clement Ishmael (music supervisor) and Doc Zorthian (production supervisor). Anne Quart serves as associate producer.

Cado launches World’s No 1 Clean Air delivery rate air purifiers in Singapore

It’s haze season: time to get an air purifier!

Let me introduce you to CADO brand of air purifiers – see In just 20 mins – cado’s air purifier removes 99.99% bacteria, *swoons*, these air purifiers are now available in Singapore thru Massmark international who distributes amongst others, brands like Honeywell, Babyliss, Revlon and Vidal Sassoon <3 <3 <3
Cado air purifiers are powered by photocatalysis tehcnology – enabling filters to last longer. The photochlea system breaks down and eliminates dirt and bacteria in the filters, the units also block the PM2.5 particulates, developed by japanese engineers Cado will be sold at Gain City, Mega Discount Store and Parisilk.Because_you_need_to_drive_in_clean_air_too_____cado_portable_air_purifiers_._Featuring_the_MP-c20ucado

The brand is known to achieve the highest rating of CADR clean air delivery rate

It also is able to “inhale” air above 30cm from the floor, living space and catches fast falling pollen before it reaches the floor. THE silver ion antibacteria HEPA filer suppresses breeding of viruses, mold and bacteria, while some big units have a twin fan that circulate large volumes of air at high speed. Cleaning air at about 13.8m3 per minute.

the AP-C300 is a great workhorse that is available in 2 shades

champagne gold, and black and is able to catch PM2.5,It is also able to deodorizer tobacco smoke

More via http://en.cado.co.jp


Cleansing – the first and most essential step of the skincare ritual – turns into a refreshing
start of the day in the morning and a soothing indulgence in the evening with The Face Inc’s cleansing products, which are inspired by and formulated specially for Asian skin.

While I received these products back in April – it did take me some time in between moving homes and just being plain busy at work – to test these.

It does take me alot of deliberation and courage to try skincare products, and I’m glad The Face Inc products are suited so far to my skin. The range has a citrus scent to it which is light and pleasant.

I was pleased to find out Face Inc’s products are exclusively available online (thefaceinc.com) and at select SASA stores. To assist customers in selecting the best skincare regime, the dermatologists at The Face Inc have developed a detailed online questionnaire, personified by a virtual Dr. Rei. Through a structured series of questions aided by pictures, the intelligent online service analyses individual skin condition and precisely customises a range of products specific to the skin concerns of the customer, taking away any guesswork and the need to self-prescribe.

Take for example the Cleanser by The Face inc that was developed by dermatologists and French skincare researchers, the brand’s Cleansing Gel is a proprietary cleansing formulation that thoroughly cleanses all skin types, while enhancing the skin condition.

Cucumber extract tones and softens the skin, and has gentle exfoliating properties, while the addition of Sodium Chloride acts as a natural astringent and antiseptic agent. As the Cleansing Gel melts away impurities without stripping away moisture, it also firms the skin
and balances pH level. The clear gel foams beautifully when massaged on the face, and indulges the senses with its mild and refreshing scent.


skininc singapore sasa skininc trio cleanser skininc toner skininc cleansing cream

In the evening, take it all off with a two-step cleansing process, first with The Face Inc’s Cleansing Milk, a creamy yet light makeup remover that can dissolve long-
wearing and waterproof eye and lip makeup with a gentle wipe.

It was surprising non oily and comfortable on the skin. Rich in Aloe Vera extract, which has soothing anti-inflammatory properties, it tones, gently removes dead skin cells and cleanses deep down intothe pores, revealing soft and supple skin. After makeup removal,
I take a second step and use my bioderma micellar water to cleanse once more. Since people always emphasize to double cleanse.

I follow up after this makeup removal process with the cleanser and lastly the Face Inc toner.

The Face Inc’s Active Toner not only balances and prepares the skin for serum and moisturiser but also pampers with an impressive suite of benefits. Completely alcohol-free, the toner contains AHAs for an enhanced cleansing process deep down to the pores. The duo of Citric and Lactic Acids remove dead skin cells, reducing fine wrinkles, discoloration and roughness to reveal radiant skin below. At the same time, the star ingredient of Allantoin increases the extra-cellular water content for replenished skin and stimulates cell regeneration, this helps one to have radiant skin! :)

All in all it’s great so far but I think the bottles will only last min perhaps 5 weeks or so so it does seem a little tiny but hey! It’s FRESH because i noticed i tend to not use up an entire big bottle of product anyway and at times i move to to other brands hence I guess this size is ideal! even for traveling. It’s not too small nor too big.


Just this week! The Face Inc also launched two new products:

Their Cell Renewal Essence and Anti Oxidant Serum.

Cell Renewal Essence is a proprietary high-performance formulation that increases cell renewal and stimulates collagen production.

The absolute superstar ingredient is Retinol, a form of Vitamin A, which numerous researches have shown to have multiple anti-aging benefits for the skin.

Retinol is an effective cell-communicating ingredient that prompts skin cells to behave like a healthy, younger cell. It resurfaces and rejuvenates the skin by penetrating beyond the outer layers of the skin to repair the dermis where collagen and elastin reside, and increases the production of collagen for taut and even skin. Not only that, Retinol acts as
an anti-oxidant that counters free radicals that causes fine lines and other signs of aging. To boost the effectiveness of the anti-aging powerhouse, Salicylic Acid is added to remove dead skin to better facilitate new cell growth.
I would only recommend retinol products for use at night:)

Read more about retinol http://blogs.webmd.com/healthy-skin/2011/08/retinol-when-to-use-it-and-when-to-avoid-it.html


As for the The Face Inc’s Anti-Oxidant Serum is recommended to be used after the
Cell Renewal Essence. The serum is formulated with a clinically-recommended maximum
concentration of Vitamin C, in the forms of Ascorbic Acid – a Vitamin C royalty, which has been extensively researched and clinically proven to work wonders for extra-stubborn skin concerns, and Ascorbyl Tetraisoplamitate – known for its skin-lightening, photo-protective and hydrating effects on the skin.

Regular use of the Anti-Oxidant Serum will result in the reduction of brown spots, suppression of pigmentation and effective control of the adverse effects of photo-damage. The Vitamin C in the serum also boosts collagen and elastin production for firmer skin, and reduces inflammation and irritation. It also increases the effectiveness of sunscreens and boosts the skin’s natural defence against UV exposure.

The clear gel is recommended to be used once a day in the evening.



Announcing the Launch of the LG G5 – held at universals studios KT grill on March 23rd, there i had bumped into Tiffany and Jon along with techielobang.com/ . The Phone will launch in April and will retail at $988  https://www.facebook.com/LGMobileSingapore/

Indeed it was a super fun day (despite the hot hot weather), thank you LG and Joanne and team for hosting a whole lot of us. We definitely enjoyed our express play passes hahahah. I’m not sure about the rest but Tiffany, Jon and I hopped onto the battlestar galactica :)

Onto great things now! THE LGG5- want to find out how you can win it? LOL well sorry for now i don’t know about the giveaways in Singapore yet but if you live in US!! you’re gonna be lucky.


The pivitol moment: here’s some unboxing action


The new definition of smart: Turn the G5 into a digital camera, Hi-Fi player or virtual reality device and more

The LG G5 smartphone features a metal uni-body featuring a Slide-out Battery and a Modular Type design that gives a greater smartphone experience. Yes we’re going back to battery packs lol . Much better than carrying a portable charger around i’ll say.

2016-03-23 14.13.51lr

Complete with LG Friends, a collection of companion devices, the G5 can be transformed into a digital camera, Hi-Fi player powered by B&O and more. The G5 will come in titan, pink and gold colors.  I sure love the pink version!!

p.s if you’re a US resident, you can try your luck at winning this wonderful phone! http://www.cnet.com/news/cnets-lg-g5-giveaway/

As a special part of the launch this April – the G5’s battery charging kit, which comprises an extra battery and charger, worth S$168, will be included with every purchase while stocks last.
The phone features a135-degree wide angle lens lets you choose between standard or wide angle lens to get more in the shot. Don’t need no go pro to do this.

Second, the Always-on Display makes notifications just a glance away with the time, date and more available anytime without waking the G5. Third, the 3D Arc Glass featured in the smartphone’s 5.3-inch display creates a gentle curve and a smooth colorful metal surface through an advanced microdizing process which takes anodized aluminum to a whole new level.


You can play with VR, a 360 camera, a rolling bot, or even zhng it with B&O speakers, or the likes. There’s so much you can do. Here’s the VR attachment which was fun, and lightweight. I took a go on the LG rollercoaster ride using the VR. hahaha . Boy did i feel wobbly in my legs.

2016-03-23 14.24.16


Yes- how animated- I didn’t know i was capable of that many expressions. Gotta thank Chester for these shots. 

At just 134.3g, it is two thirds lighter than its market counterparts. The device is compatible with 360-degree images and videos captured with LG 360 CAM as well as all Google Cardboard content.

2016-03-23 14.03.50lr

Here’s the 360cam. Watch the video to see how it works!

The LG 360 CAM is a compact 360-degree angle camera equipped with two 13MP 200-degree wide angle cameras, 1,200mAh battery and 4GB internal memory, which can be supplemented by a microSD card. The LG 360 CAM can be easily connected to the LG G5 allowing users to create 360-degree content. The LG 360 CAM provides 2K video and 5.1 surround channel recording on three microphones to help users effortlessly create high-quality 360-degree contents. Thanks to the partnership with Google, images taken with the 360 CAM can be uploaded to Google Street View and YouTube360, adding the fun of sharing creative contents with others. The images will also be available to view on the LG 360 VR or other smartphones or devices that are capable of 360-degree content.


From May 1 to May 31, 2016, purchase the “360 Bundle” comprising the LG 360 VR and LG 360 CAM at a promotional price of S$590 (Usual Price S$946). Get ready to be whisked away to fictitious and faraway worlds.

2016-03-23 13.56.47

LG Hi-Fi Plus with B&O PLAY

The LG Hi-Fi Plus with B&O PLAY is an innovative portable Hi-Fi DAC developed in collaboration with B&O PLAY to meet the needs of those who seek to enjoy top-notch sounds that have traditionally only been available through high-end audio devices. LG Hi-Fi Plus with B&O PLAY stands out for its simple yet elegant Scandinavian design as well as premium sound technology. In addition to the 32-bit Hi-Fi DAC upsampling technology first introduced on the LG V10, LG Hi-Fi Plus with B&O PLAY also supports 32-bit 384KHz high-definition audio playback. LG Hi-Fi Plus with B&O PLAY can be used either as a module with the LG G5 or as a separate Hi-Fi DAC by connecting to any smartphone or PC.


LGg5 rolling botLG Rolling Bot

Next say hello to your new friend BB8 , aka Rolling Boat – you can spy on your pets with it, maybe even your domestic helper  babies? The rolling bot can be used to turn off or on appliances even if you aren’t there! Talk about smart home :)) Your little bot has an 8MP camera, sweet huh.

With an IP camera connectable via Wi-Fi, users can remotely monitor the interior of their homes with the LG G5 via live streaming. Good bye security cameras, hello moving bot!


In June 2016, Purchase with Purchase the LG Rolling Bot at S$398 (Usual Price S$498).

If you’re all about the specs. The phone is powered by:

Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 820 Processor

The LG G5 is equipped with the powerful yet energy-efficient Snapdragon 820 processor which offers advanced features such as 64-bit performance, Adreno 530 graphics and lower-power Qualcomm® HexagonTM DSP as well as Qualcomm Spectra™ 14-bit dual image signal processors (ISPs) designed to deliver high resolution DSLR-quality images and additional power savings. The Snapdragon 820 processor also has an integrated X12 LTE modem that supports Category 12 download speeds of up to 600 Mbps and LTE Category 13 uplink speeds of up to 150 Mbps.

aptX™ HD: 24-bit Hi-Fi Wireless Audio

The LG G5 is equipped with aptX HD, an enhanced codec that supports 24-bit sound over Bluetooth, delivering rich and clear sound over wireless connections without any loss. When paired with the LG TONE Platinum, users can experience superb quality Hi-Fi audio that sounds amazingly close to the original source.


Qualcomm® Quick Charge™ 3.0

The LG G5 offers Quick Charge 3.0 for incredibly fast charging. By employing an intelligent algorithm, Quick Charge 3.0 is 27 percent faster and 45 percent more efficient than the previous generation.


Low Power Location Estimation (LPLE) Technology

The LG G5 has excellent battery life, thanks to the Low Power Location Estimation technology. This solution enhances the battery efficiency by as much as 41.9 percent by improving the power consumption related to location-based apps.

Key Specifications:

  • Chipset: Qualcomm®Snapdragon™ 820 Processor
  • Display: 3-inch Quad HD IPS Quantum Display (2560 x 1440 / 554ppi)
  • Memory: 4GB LPDDR4 RAM / 32GB UFS ROM / microSD (up to 2TB)
  • Camera: Rear: Standard 16MP, Wide 8MP / Front: 8MP
  • Battery: 2,800mAh (removable)
  • OS: Android 0 Marshmallow
  • Size: 149.4 x 73.9 x 7.7mm
  • Weight: 159g
  • Network: LTE / 3G / 2G
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi 802.11 a, b, g, n, ac / USB Type-C) / NFC / Bluetooth 4.2
  • Colors: Titan / Gold / Pink


The Finalsip App launch

 SOCIAL NETWORKING APP ‘WITH BENEFITS’,FINALSIP, LAUNCHES IN SINGAPORE_estellekiora_hostest_with_the_mostest._Thanks_for_the_night Repost__epicpr_Specially_concocted_shots_for_the_launch_of__FinalSip
With FinalSip, everyone stands to gain they say.

Now kudos to Singapore for bringing such a new concept of a lifestyle dating/shopping app to life. How’s scoring a hot date, racking up bonus points, and exchange them for luxury gifts. It all sounds too good to be true – yet a tad confusing to me. It’s more on the good side nonetheless.

Singapore-based social networking website FinalSip.com last night unveiled its exciting new mobile platform with an exclusive party hosted by Irene Ang at Zafferano. Attended by the likes of Hanli Hoefer, Dj Andrew T and more. The FinalSip app aims to transform the world of online social networking by incentivising members to connect on – and offline with the promise of material benefits, obtainable through a virtual real-time game. Ok go on you say…

Designed to cut through hidden agendas and do away with awkward online small talk, FinalSip encourages members to boldly declare their interest in that someone, and pushes them to bring their virtual correspondence to real life – in exchange for points redeemable for material items, including the latest high-end gadgets, dining and spa vouchers and gift vouchers for highlycoveted designer brands like Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Tiffany & Co.
Following the soft launch in January 2014, FinalSip has since garnered over 10,000 registered users, the profiles of who run the gamut of young executives and affluent personalities, locals and expatriates, socialites and partygoers.

Thoughts of the author: It’s been awhile since I’ve gone to an event with this many good looking people. Looks like the founders have a good network to all the people in the scene.
“The dating and socializing landscape in Singapore is becoming more and more transactional inthat people are dating for materialistic and superficial reasons, no matter how much we deny it,”said Eugene Lu, founder and developer of FinalSip. With FinalSip, Eugene’s team had wanted to create a platform where you can meet new people while doing away with hidden agendas.


How to play FinalSip
Begin by first registering as a member and downloading the FinalSip app. On the app, browse
through profiles of members at “The Bar” to find someone you’ll like to know better.

Using your drink credits – obtainable by purchase or simply waiting to be allotted at certain
intervals – play the game to vie for the chance to access a private chat. The aim of the game is to be the one to get the “final sip” of the bottle – take your chances and hope to be the one to buy the last shot in the bottle before the timer runs out, or (if you’re really interested) splurge on the whole bottle to access to a private chat to fix a meet-up. If the meet-up is successful, both parties “certify” each other and are awarded bonus points, which can then be used to redeem tantalizing luxury items by participating merchants from “The Mall”. Redeemable items range from dining vouchers to the highly coveted designer bags.Screenshot 2014-06-11 22.56.07

As much as I would like to cut to the chase, this still sounds a tad complicated for me.

My first thoughts were if this was like Tindre which I quite openly have told my friends I’ve tried the app. I even told the boyfriend that, for the heck of it. It’s like another level up.

Membership to FinalSip is free. Beyond access to the FinalSip game, members are also entitled to attractive perks at select participating merchants. The list currently includes Sultans of Shave, Fordham & Grand, FIL, Fabulous Aesthetics and MDS Collections.

The FinalSip mobile app will soon be available for free download in the iTunes App Store for
iOS devices, and the Google Play Store for Android devices.
Coming soon too is – FinalSip Taiwan

Plans to roll out FinalSip into Taiwan, the second market after Singapore to get the app, are
currently underway. Taiwanese columnist and blogger Elsa Tseng has been appointed as
FinalSip’s Country Director for Taiwan by Lu in June 2014 and is tasked with the responsibility
of setting up operations in Taiwan. Now Elsa whom I have met in person is statuesque and really beautiful and as the only lady on Final Sip’s founding team, she’s gonna represent the ladies for sure.

Bruichladdich – Black Art

Launch of the newest Bruichladdich Black Art 4 in Singapore

Screenshot 2014-06-11 17.08.28

The secret creation of master distiller Jim McEwan, the composition of this bewitching dram is a mystery to all but its creator. Now into its fourth incarnation, Black Art 4 is more mysterious than ever.

A 1990 vintage, it was matured in American Oak before being double matured in premium wine casks. Bottled at a cask strength of 49.2% ABV, Black Art is an unpeated single malt scotch whisky which is matured and bottled on Islay, Scotland.

And for that fact – that it is unpeated . I like it even better.

“Stars, hide your fires; Let not light see my black and deep desires.”
William Shakespeare, Macbeth
The bottle of the Black Art 4 for one thing – speaks volumes and here are the Distillery notes:

Very limited release

Bottled at Cask Strength of 49.2% ABV

Unpeated Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky *oh lord*

1990 Vintage, 23 Aged Years

Matured Entirely on Islay

Bottled at Distillery
Tasting notes:





Murray Campbell

The regional brand ambassador of BruichladdichBruichladdich Bruichladdich

You could also say that whisky is in his blood and Murray is only being true to his roots. His mother was born in Islay, an iconic whisky region in Scotland known for its powerful and peated whiskies, while his father was from Oban, a small resort town which grew up around a distillery that was founded in 1794. In fact, his grandparents, aunties and uncles are still living in Islay. He also had as mentor his uncle, Duncan McGillivray, a renowned distiller and General Manager of Bruichladdich, who helped to sharpen his knowledge of whiskies and the business itself.
Joining Bruichladdich was a happy coincidence which happened almost by chance. He arrived in Shanghai in 2007 to study Mandarin at a local university. It was in Shanghai that he attended an inaugural Whisky Live event which subsequently convinced him of the potential of the China market for whisky.
During a trip back to Scotland, he met with the Sales Director for Bruichladdich to discuss his thoughts on introducing the whisky to Shanghai bars.

Instead, he was offered the job of Asian Regional Sales Manager. This was an appointment which saw him being stationed in Shanghai with responsibilities for seven markets in Asia. As Regional Sales Manager, he took on the challenge of building the Bruichladdich brand in Asia, spearheading whisky events and conducting tastings in some of the continent’s biggest cities.
He relocated to Taiwan mid last year to take on the role of Regional Brand Ambassador for Bruichladdich following its acquisition by Remy Cointreau.

Happenstance or Fate? – Bruichladdich has the answer :)

DESPERADOS – World’s first tequila flavoured beer shakes up the scene

Looking to spice up your party? How about some of the world’s first and leading tequila flavoured beer. #Desperados! *cue guzzzling* lol.Me_and_my_shaggy_haired_bf.._at_the_launch_of__desperados__beer__licencetoparty_at_the_former_police_station_on_beachroad__Love_the_quaint_venue_and_the__tequilaflavored_beer.
Desperados is a unique combination of gold-coloured, full-bodied lager beer  with a kick of tequila flavour to achieve a fine, balanced premium brew that offers a distinct  taste, light bitterness and refreshing citric notes. It is intense but easy to drink.

Launched today by Asia Pacific Breweries Singapore (APB Singapore), the Desperados brew exudes a spontaneous, adventurous and vibrant persona that looks to reignite nightlife by changing the way consumers enjoy beer. I certainly had my fill of it, but damn was I driving on the night they launched and well quite so responsible, I helped myself to just 1 bottle. Talk about Discipline!

The launch party was held at Beach Road’s old police quartered. how quaint and underground. Certainly all the people in the scene were there that night, what a surprise too that an ex client is now working for APB! :) Much love too to the PR team and Douglas Khee for such an awesome neon ignited partay. (Think light sticks, UV wall murals by street art crew, light dancers and even…….LED stilt walkers *whoa*.

First launched in 1995 in France, Desperados has become a forerunner in the new flavoured beer segment with presence in 70 countries around the world today. This beer is obviously
exceptionally well-received,  and in countries like the United Kingdom and Germany, Desperados is a must-have party beer and an iconic brand among young adults.  Definitely a must have for a house warming party too! *I’m getting all sorts of ideas here!*

Onwards to responsible drinking!

Which I Definitely Advocate!

Desperados – best enjoyed responsibly

Desperados promotes the licence to party responsibly, so one enjoys and more importantly

remembers the ultimate night out. With the U-Dside campaign running in conjunction with the

brand, Desperados encourages young, fun-loving adults to make a decision to enjoy alcohol

responsibly and make the most of their night. As the campaign tagline states, “while you

can’t control everything in life, you can control how much you drink.”

Visit www.u-dside.com

In Singapore, Desperados is available in its signature 33cl long neck, thick glass, embossed

transparent bottle at leading party bars, pubs and nightclubs like Zouk, Attica and Pump

Room; and convenience stores and supermarkets near you
For further information on how to get you and your kinship a bottle!  check out:

Desperados’ website: www.desperadosbeer.com

Facebook page: www.facebook.com/Desperados

Win a trip to JAPAN with #TheGreatAdventure contest!

Title:  Win a trip to JAPAN with #TheGreatAdventure contest!

Who loves adventure? Me, me! Because I know I do. You know what, Black Box is running the #TheGreatAdventure contest now and they are giving away a pair of air tickets to Japan, together with 9 other prizes! How awesome is that.

Sweet isn’t it. I’m gonna participate too. JAPAN, here I come! My User ID is AletheaBB so please support and help me win a trip to Japan!

Subscribe: http://bit.ly/1eUkoeb
Join the contest here:


If you are planning for an adventure of your own, do check out www.skyscanner.com.sg or download the Skyscanner app (http://bit.ly/1mNQABv) to help you find the cheapest flights, hotels and car hire for FREE.

If you have no idea what Black Box is about, you are definitely missing out on something. You must be wondering. What! Not another beauty box again.

Blackbox is a bi-monthly beautybox of 5 samplers – all free

My April Black Box contained *drumroll*

Phyto secret de Nuit Sampler (Full sized 75ml cost $78)
Darlie Charcoal Clean All Shiny White (traveler size) – Super handy!
The Nuxe white range (asians being asians…)
5 Adore pads samples
Lush Aesthetics $28 Laserface treatment (really worth it if you asked me since I frequently go for spectra laser which costs about $300 a session.)
Essential Hairmask samplers
A full sized himalayan herbals lipbalm


How can you get hold of this box?

All you have to do is subscribe to Black Box at www.blackbox.sg/index.php#1. And did I say it is a bi-monthly box? The next edition will be in June (that’s next month!). You can do the math when the next next edition will be available.

You might also want to check out this video by Black Box to familiarize yourself with how it works: http://bit.ly/1nuCtor




For more information, check out Black Box at

Website: www.blackbox.sg

Facebook: www.facebook.com/BlackBoxSG