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De Nail Arts
Tel : 62876993
Heartland Mall (Kovan MRT), Level 3,
Blk 205 Hougang Street 21,
Singapore 550203


For those who live in Kovan! You’re probably familiar with this cozy little nail outfit in Heartland Mall, I’ll like to thank Young for providing the manicures for both my Mom and MIL on my wedding <3  Providing them with a space to bond and have some girl fun! 2016-10-06-PHOTO-00004247 2016-10-06-PHOTO-00004263

D’skin Oxygenating Treatment

And so it goes we all know that Oxygen is the most necessary element in the human body, but did you know as we age, cells do not receive the same amount of oxygen. Hence we’re left vulnerable to premature aging and decreased hydration etc. This explains why oxygen mask have been becoming popular over the years.

Well the good news is oxygen therapy – a rejuvenation treatment for dehydrated tired skin can help strengthen skin’s elasticity, even eliminate acne causing bateria as well as reduce fine lines and wrinkles. And with that it also evens out skin tone and diminishes open pores.

I wanted to look good on my pictures, i mean, who doesn’t  – so just before my Tokyo trip I booked a spot at D’skin for an Oxygenating Treatment, the therapist did a skin analysis before my facial and the results were abit dismal lol . I obviously have dehydrated yet oily skin -_-. Well not to worry I guess and that is what a facial is here to do – so I happily popped right into the treatment room.

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This was the KOVAN branch which is conveniently located at heartland mall right beside kovan mrt.  CIMG0139

Their treatment rooms are lovely, nicely dimmed out when you’re lying there and the music is soothing.

The facial hydrates, plumps and renews skin and results continue to improve in the following days. It’s even clinically tested and proven to increase hydration levels by up to 40%.

The facial started of with cleansing, and because i had quite abit of clogs, my therapist had to do a long session of extraction but i’m glad to get rid of the eeky clogs. To prep for the extraction – a steamer was used to loosen/open up the pores. The therapist usually offers to tidy your brows as well, but ever since i’ve been attempting to grow my brows thicker, I’ve always told them that wouldn’t be necessary,

Once my long long session of extraction was done, then some calming lotion is applied, along with what i believe to be a ‘high frequency’ treament-usually used to stimulate, sanitize and heal the skin. Something i always welcome at a facial. High frequency is typically used after extractions :) if you see your therapist with a glass probe wrapped in gauze that buzzes upon contact with your skin – that’s probably it.

After the high frequency treatment, an LED laser of sorts was used to rejuvenate my skin,

This light therapy facial uses a specialised LED handpiece to deliver wavelengths of light to your skin. The funny thing is the light can’t be seen wit the naked eye but the color can be seen via a camera. I think this LED is said to have an antibacterial effect, helping to treat acne. While also helping to stimulate collagen production to treat lines and wrinkles.

Afterwhich she used a jet to feed what seems to be oxygen to my skin, this treatment was really cold, which is good to calm down your skin’s redness.

The Oxy part of the treatment infuses a blend of Alpha-Hydroxy-Acid and Vitamin C via Oxyjet that pumps oxygen in high pressure while delivering the vitamin blend deep into the skin.  Skin is deep-cleansed and tired cells are revived to stimulate grow cell regeneration and collagen.
The Light part of the treatment comes in using Softlight 905nm for tissue regeneration and cell activity stimulation. This way, the Light part of the treatment delivers Oxygen circulation to the cells and tissues are enhanced.
I got a full 90 minutes of rejuvenation through this deep-cleansing treatment as it rehydrates and refreshes tired skin and boosts the production of collagen to ensure a youthful, smooth complexion.
The Miracle Oxylight Treatment is $498 for 90 minutes (before GST).  For first-time trials, the treatment is $99 (before GST).



After the jet therapy was done – then comes the pampering session where a mask was applied, in fact 2 types of masks, one for hydration and another for calming for about 20minutes, afterwhich the therapist returns to give me a wonderful face and scalp and upper back massage. Truly what I needed – esp when she massages the tight muscles away from my shoulder! God-sent.

This is perhaps the third time i’ve been to D’skin for a facial and each session is always thoughtfully and professionally done. I remember falling blissfully asleep each time, especially when they apply the mask.

The skin care range that D’Skin carries is great too, and I’ve finished up my whole bottle (in fact a few bottles of skincare from D’Skin. They’ve got a great range of aromatherapy  infused skincare, such as their lemon grass scented cleansing oil and their geranium scent hydra-protective calming cleanser .Screen Shot 2017-03-31 at 1.07.52 AM