At Kiehl’s, we focus on the quality of our ingredients and the efficacy of our formulations.

We are so confident in our formulas that we want our customers to “Try Before You Buy”. We are certain that we have a formula to solve each customer’s unique skin care needs and our customers can try the product and ensure it is right for them before making a purchase.

Our “Try Before You Buy” policy became a motto of Kiehl’s. This principle of personalized customer service plus customized sampling was established by our founder Irving Morse and has remained a Kiehl’s tradition for almost 100 years. Because Kiehl’s cares for our customers…you can find the full story in the press release as attached.

This August, Kiehl’s invites all customers to come in-store for a 5-minute personalized skincare consultation by our Kiehl’s Customer Representatives (KCRs) and get 5 complimentary samples to try.

I’m a big fan of the Midnight Recovery Serum (just a suggestion) *wink



1)      Redeem your 5-minute consultation and 5 free samples from this link: http://goo.gl/GIvBr0

2)      Flash the confirmation page at any Kiehl’s store to receive a 5-minute consultation by a Kiehl’s Customer Representative (KCR)

3)     The KCR will determine your skin needs and answers any queries you may have.

4)      Enjoy 5 free samples most appropriate to your needs


The beauty facebook – now a reality with VanityTrove

Introducing The ALL NEW Customizable VanityTrove!

VanityTrove now recommends the products BEST SUITED for you based on your Beauty Profile and Preferences. Thanks to the very hard working people at VT.

Here’s How it works:

Once you’ve completed your beauty profile on their website. You get to PICK AND CHOOSE your beauty samples from a wide array of beauty samples selection to go into your PERSONALISED trove.

You will then receive this exciting trove of self-picked goodness within 7 working days.

I love our postal service – and of course receiving what is befitting of a Happy Parcel Day (a term loving coined by Nadnut) hehe.

To ensure your beauty discovery is a smooth-sailing one, just follow through these simple steps below. Complete Beauty Profile to see some recommended products suited for you!

Here’s how:

1st Head on to: http://bit.ly/10AKDzc

You will be prompted to fill up your Beauty Profile by answering a few simple questions!

Simple enuff isn’t it?
Next, want to be the first to try out products you have been lemming for so long?

Add them to Wishlist, Like the Brand and the Product. This helps to unlock more samples for you, you will then be able to pick these samples when they are released!


Tell us more in depth of what you feel about all the products you have used by Adding them to your Beauty Table and Write a Review. Cos we hope to help you relive the moment and deliver the same pleasant experience again!

What’s on your beauty table? I’ve got brands like Khiels, La Mer, MJ, Decleor and more on mine. Along with my cosmetics – from Chanel, Kpalette to a few obscure brands that I’m sure will be up on VT soon.

These are literally some of the things I have on my table….

Here’s a peek at my wishlist


HEADS UP!  VanityTrove will be introducing new phase of beauty discovery whereby you will be plugged into the latest happenings of people you follow on VanityTrove. Read up on their latest reviews, brand likes and product likes, products they wish for.  Be sure to also follow people of your interest to know what is up with their beauty regime! It will be just like Facebook but for Beauty. :)

Add me up :)via my profile on VT – https://www.vanitytrove.com/u/alethea