Nice Nails – Far East Plaza #03-36

Really loving my Alice in wonderland inspired gellyfit gelish nails. Done by Ah Yeh, from Nice nails salon in Far East Plaza who’s now sponsoring my manicures.

What do you look for a in nail salon?

For me, location tops my list, along with service, expertise, product offerings. I don’t really like to be sold products or pushed to sign packages so Nice Nails is one of those places where the boss doesn’t believe in hard selling packages. She lets her nail technicians’ craft speak for themselves.

Pictured here is my Alice in wonderland nail art were all hard painted and drawn on with gellyfit polishes by the manager Ah Yeh :)

For my feet, I chose a classic pedicure with a more subtle but still elegant design. I always love nude nails, and polka dots! If you’re planning on doing a manicure, please bring or wear a pair of sandals, or flipflops there :) I remember the many times I turned up in a nail salon only to be told that if I wore shoes right after my pedicure it will be ruined (no amount of dripdry can save me hahaha).

So yes, I was prepared and wore a comfortable pair of flats to the nail salon during my own appointment.

Let’s take a look at some of their lovely designs (yes I can’t wait for halloween)

I’m also very much in love with the plaid design in the photo (center)

Aztec and more kawaii stuff

YES ! GELLYFIT! the brand that hails from Korea and is much gentler on your nails as compared to Harmony’ gelish (but hey I’ll take Harmony’s gelish anytime too,  it is fantastic as well).

These are the interiors of the salon however it will be going through a renovation very soon and thus I didn’t really capture much of the interiors since everything is going to change in a jiffy.

I was spying however on the nails of another client of theirs :)

The pretty lady chose a black and white design.

I love black and white, yes and I went as far as the snap some photos of monochrome nails from the many magazines Nice Nails had in their salon. I could lose myself in those, pages and pages of beautifully decorated nails. The nail salons in Japan and Korea and super amazingggggg.

Can’t wait for my halloween manicure, I’m already looking up a tonne of designs.

Want to pay Nice Nails a visit?

14 SCOTTS ROAD #03-36 SG 228213
TEL: 6737 1516/ 9059 1038

Quote “Alethea” to get get 5% off total bill
OR GET 1 free classic manicure with package signed

Gelish Manicures- $45
Gelish Pedicure- $55
Classic Manicure- $22
Classic Pedicure- $33
My gelish mani ($45) + Alice in Wonderland nail art (50) = $95.
Nail art design price depends on complexity of design. Mine cost $5 per finger.
My classic pedi ($33) + stripe and polka dot art ($20) + 2x 3D ribbon art ($5 each) = $63
*Note no discount off already packaged prices.

Pink Parlour – Alpha Light IPL reader promotion

Hello Ladies, try Pink Parlour’s all new Snow White treatment for the bikini and underarms to reveal the flawless sun bronzed goddess in you. This whitening treatment uses natural henna and soap chip mask to reveal visible results in just one session! :)


Procedure for Snow White treatments :

  1. Skin is cleansed.
  2. Skin is exfoliated with a cucumber scrub
  3. You get an option to add a whitening or soothing ampoule.
  4. Snow white whitening mask is applied on your skin and left on for 15mins. Mask is then removed
  5. Treatment is finished with application of Pink Parlour’s south beach whitening milk lotion.
  • Clients may feel a slight discomfort during mask.
  • Not suitable for very sensitive/thin skin or those on doctors medication..
  • For the best results, a total 8 sessions to be done weekly over a 2 month period is recommended.
  • By combining this treatment with South Beach Lightening home care products, results will be accelerated, more visible and better maintained.


Snow White Whitening Underarm / Elbow / Knees at : $38 up $48 Snow White Whitening Brazilian at : $58 up $68
Add On Ampoules Whitening / Soothing : $20


6+1 Snow White Whitening Underarm / Elbow / Knees at : $288 10+3 Snow White Whitening Underarm / Elbow / Knees at : $480

6+1 Snow White Whitening Brazilian at : $408 10+3 Snow White Whitening Brazilian at : $680

Terms & Conditions:

Valid till 30th September 2013. Valid at all Pink Parlour outlets. All prices is before GST. Promo Code : AltheaJane

Visit us at any of our six outlets!
1. Marina Square, #01-229
2. Far East Plaza, #05-83
3. Orchard Central, #03-20
4. NEX Shopping Mall, #01-47
5. Tampines 1, #05-09/10
6. East Coast ( Santa Grand Hotel ) , #01-04/05 Operating Hours: Mondays to Saturdays: 11:30am – 9:00pm Sundays: 10:30am – 7:00pm
( Except Nex 11.30am – 8.00pm )

Contact Number:

6100 7465 (PINK) 6100 8266 (TANN) 6100 5489 (KITY) 6100 9297 (WAXS) Make Bookings Via SMS / WhatsApp : +65 9830 7596

Book Online @
Download our Iphone booking app (PINK PARLOUR APP) or Game ( GET SMOOTH ) !
You can also find and get in touch with us the social way :

For more information about PINK PARLOUR, log on to

CLOVER SALON – waterfall braids and 38% off

As I’ve been quite satisfied with my hair colour recently and trying to avoid damage from having too many color changes to it. I’ve chosen to go just for a simple protein hair treatment and some styling recently with Vernice from Clover Salon. :)

A hair treatment for hair my length will cost around $168 before discount. For shorter hair it will probably cost $128. The hair tech will pick out either a color treatment, repair or a hydration treatment according to their analysis of your hair.

For those keen to touch up on your color, it cost $78. And for those who want to do a hair dye it will cost $148.


And hair styling will commence at $45.

Clover salon offers 2 types of treatments (Either the Wella or SP brand). Today I’m trying out Wella since I’ve previously done SP’s color lock.

Please drop me an email at if you’re keen on receiving Clover’s membership card. The card entitles you to 20% off chemical services with my hairstylist, Vernice. Prices above are before discount :) from now till August.

But guess what? there’s even better news!

From 2nd May

One of Vernice’s colleague starts of with washing my hair , and then applying the wella hair mask as well as serum. Afterwhich they start steaming my hair

Oh yes. my head is up in space now. Anyways this takes about 15minutes :)

Afterwhich Vernice and her colleague do a quick blowdry for me. And we’re done!

Now comes the fun! I’ve requested for Waterfall Braids :)

But first Vernice helps to trim my fringe down since it’s almost blocking my eyes

And then she got started. Vernice was really quick! By the time I whipped out my camera she was already half way thru.


Far East Plaza, #02-45
14 Scotts Road, Singapore 228213

Telephone Number: 6836 2748

Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday: 11.00am to 8.30pm

P.S Clover Salon is a frequent hair sponsor of the stars. Such as for the upcoming drama “The Dream Makers 志在四方 debuts 24 June 2013 9pm on Channel 8.

And also during the CNY celebration earlier this year by Channel 8

Clover Salon – March 2013

Just a few days back, I decided to welcome a new change to my hair. Vernice, my stylist suggested red (to cover my green dipdye) and here’s how I look as an “Ang Moh” lol.

I’m not extremely adventurous with my hairstyles as I would with my hair colors :) so here’s me with poker straight locks and full fringe.

Looking for a hair change?

Reader Perks: Enjoy 20% chemical services with my stylist Vernice

Please drop me an email at if you’re keen on receiving one :) The card entitles you to 20% off services with my hairstylist, Vernice :) . And is valid till end August 2013.

Did you know Red hair occurs naturally on approximately 1–2% of the human population? It occurs more frequently (2–6%) in people of northern or western European ancestry, and less frequently in other populations. Red hair appears in people with two copies of a recessive gene on chromosome 16 which causes a mutation in the MC1R protein.

The MC1R recessive variant gene that gives people red hair and non-tanning skin is also associated with freckles, though it is not uncommon to see a redhead without freckles. Eighty percent of redheads have an MC1R gene variant, and the prevalence of these alleles is highest in Scotland and Ireland. The alleles that code for red hair occur close to the alleles that affect skin color, so it seems that the phenotypic expression for lighter skin and red hair are interrelated. Interesting isn’t it? The full article on red hair ancestry and genetics can be found here