Hiring a professional face painter?

Face painting little kids – As easy as facepainting looks, it can be pretty challenging! but i am happy to say that despite all these little quirks of my job as a face paint and body art artist /founder of party parlour, I really enjoy interacting with all my little bosses *grin* and putting a smile on their face, and not to mention all the supercool adults who love getting their faces painted too! Face paint isn’t just for halloween and kids parties, I get body art bookings for corporate events, product launches, even for hens’ night too!  Here’s Furby and Princess Sofia painted onto some of my client’s guests.

Most of the time however I spend my time painting squirmy little ones, battling their short attention spans, some curious tykes try poke their fingers into your facepaint and I’ve to think up all these creative ways to distract them from doing so!  I say any face painter is ready for motherhood any day lol. Sometimes I feel like a nanny – wiping cake and chocolate off their faces, wiping booger of their noses hahaha. I say that’s all in a days work! At times I feel like a baby sitter too in a good way of course.

Singapore stores don’t stock that many brands of face paint. And most of the paints don’t perform too well in terms of pigment and how it adheres to the skin and how it shows up in the light. Spotlight at Plaza Singapura stocks a variety however. Parents often ask me what sort of facepaints I use and whether it is safe, for sure I’ll insist on only the safest, as I am an individual with sensitive skin myself. :) I reckon some parents look at my tag face paint palette and think that those are regular poster colors *Gasp!*. They arent! Tag’s brand of face paints are akin to cosmetics and are US FDA approved as well as certified non toxic.

What are your favourite bodyart/ face paint designs?

My personal favourite is painting little cat/tiger faces, in fact, my first paid face paint job was for Winktolearn where Mr Lee Han Yang, the owner of the firm hired me to paint his 2 children, as well as Alexandra (his friend’s daughter). The photos were then used for a CD cover of his kids educational product! I still have the photo of the kids back in 2010 on my blog archive http://de-trompeloeil.blogspot.sg/2010_11_01_archive.html

needless to say when I first started out i was still learning the ropes of face painting, I am mostly self taught. Thankfully, I have improved and tese days I give private lessons to parents who are keen, or people who want to learn face painting so they can do so for fundraisers and charity events.


Here are some valuable tips for face painting beginners

These tips also help parents and clients differentiate between Professional Painters vs the less informed painter.

Acrylic craft paints are not meant to be used on the skin – nor are watercolor markers or pencils

Brands: reputable brands of face paint to look out for are Grimas, Kroylan, Mehron Paradise, TAG and Diamond FX. All paints have different qualities so it is worth trying different brands as you become more experienced to see what suits you best.

To get started and if you have a tight budget– consider a few basic colours:
White and Black – very important as used for majority of line work and faces.
The primary colors:Red Blue Yellow
With this three primary colors of facepaint you can get the secondary colors: purple, green, orange,
Also, you can blend it with white to get light pink, light blue, etc!

A good and cheap brand to start with is Snazaroo from the UK!

Also please note: Metallic craft glitter should not be used for face painting. The only safe glitters for face painting are made of polyester, and should be .008 microns in size or smaller. That is the size that the FDA classifies as “cosmetic size” and safe for use on skin.


Don’t you just love balloons? I love them in all forms. Sculpting especially.

Taking some time off to reflect on Party Parlour today and our balloon display works, i’m really proud we have some of the industries’ best balloon sculptors/ artist and that as a community we work closely together and share our ideas. My girls and I have our forte is in body art like our face painting and airbrush/ glitter tattoos but my guys are especially good with the ballloons :)  too.

Once again I’m really happy working alongside Jazz, Bertram, Joce, GL, Jasmin, William, Kae, Markson, Clement and the whole team. THANK YOU GUYS for making work so interesting. *beams*


here’s a candy theme arch the team at Party Parlour did a few months ago, and we’ll be recreating another of these , in November for our client’s wedding. Excited much!

Kae did this giant ice cream balloon sculpture for Melissa Shoes when they launched the Karl collection. Love it :) Anything that is larger than life is always fun.

As a business,we’re always keen to improve what we offer and thus here comes the lighted display arch that we have. Eye catching you say?

We also sculpt a variety of these tiny princess balloon sculptures for little girls on their birthday. Even I would love to have these sculpted for me everyday!

Since we were on the girly note: here’s some works done for a 18th birthday. I had a pretty memorable 18 birthday myself. Ages ago (time flies?!) Here’s 4 pink balloon columns with foil balloons in alphabet / numerals, and lots of lovingly sculpted flowers. Not to mention the princesses which all girls dreamt of being (yes it is a part of growing up. I don’t recommend it but well, we all have that phase. deal with it).

hahaha this is totally like a wedding photo. Done by Joce and GL . Metallic arch, large airplane balloon sculpture and a lifesized baby balloon. here’s a close up.



For a corporate client – we did a balloon arch for bastille day. Customized with the colors of the french flag.

Don’t you love rainbows and butterflies and jungle life? here’s our rendtion of the jungle  in LATEX FANTASTICA at a party near you lol.

Love the chiffon touch to this one :) here’s our version of the bride and groom

if you like a carnival theme as much as I do. these black silver and gold balloons are perfecto.

When Chinese New Year arrives, we churn out our balloon fortune god , flanked by a pretty lady by his side. Now, latex is such a versatile thing……


Even AN PAN man comes in a balloon version. *grin*.

Look for us on facebook if you are keen! www.facebook.compartyparlour

Last by not least

Guess which team was behind PM Lee’s decorations for his home earlier during CNY this year LOL.

Fun at work – with balloons. Meet our violin player and conductor



Aren’t our musicians cute? These are done by my company’s balloon sculptor joce. My favourite of which is the violin :) More of such works on our facebook page.
We recently also did a giant ice cream sculpture for Melissa Shoes  + Karl Lagerfeld :)


halloween make up

At my company, we’ve been gearing up for halloween and counting down pretty eagerly!
here’s a sneak peak of what we’ve been up to.



And believe it or not, it’s really simple! Achievable with even a UHU glue stick and lots of paint and tissue paper. If you are prepared to risk it.

For us: We use skin friendly professional face painting and make up supplies from Kyrolan, Snazaroo and more :)