Limited Edition Dyson Supersonic for Mother’s Day

What do you buy the super woman in your life? Well – you buy her the Dyson Supersonic!SG_Supersonic_mothersday_withcopy

Sleek isn’t it.

This special special Mother’s Day edition of the Dyson Supersonic comes with a complimentary pink leather travel case. Pretty nifty !

Available for S$599 at the following stores, while stocks last:

– TANGS (Tang Plaza / Vivocity)

– Takashimaya Department Store (Ngee Ann City)

– Robinsons (The Heeren / JEM)

– Harvey Norman (Millenia Walk / Parkway Parade / Jurong Point)

– Best Denki (Vivocity / Ngee Ann City / Parkway Parade / Great World City)

– Courts (Causeway Point, Courts Megastore, Nex Mall)

What’s highly recomended – is if you’re a TANGS member you can purchase it and earn 6% rebates on a regular day but at times up to 12%. Perhaps so for takashimaya members and robinsons too but since i am not a member of those- i’m not too sure how much rebates you get with those!

Hairstyling tips from Song Hye kyo

Many of us desire smooth and bouncy curls, but it can be challenging to give yourself a professional blowout at home.

Global technology company Dyson has released a video of Korean Wave actress Song Hye-Kyo, revealing her secrets of the perfect home blow-out. The video is now live on the official Dyson Facebook page ( A director’s cut will be exclusively available on the official Dyson website (

Watch Song Hye-Kyo introduce her secret hair styling tips using Dyson Supersonic™, and hear it from the lady on how to use the different attachments to achieve silky and voluminous hair.


Step 1 : High heat and high airflow setting, without any attachments

The powerful airflow of Dyson Supersonic blows straight to the roots speeding up the hair drying time.


To achieve some lift, you can use the diffuser with the lowest heat setting to brush the root of the hair upwards. This creates volume.


Step 2: Medium heat and high airflow setting, smoothing nozzle

When your hair is half dry, you can clip on the smoothing nozzle on the Dyson Supersonic and dry your hair downwards. The very strong airflow closes the cuticles, making your hair silky and shiny.


Step 3: High heat and high airflow setting, Styling nozzle

When your hair is around 80% dry, you can change to the styling nozzle. With a more narrow opening, the airflow and heat are more concentrated. This maks it easier to achieve Song’s signature lose curls.


Step 4: Cool shot and low airflow setting, disffuser

Last but not least, you should use the cold shot mode with the diffuser on to set the style so that it will last for the whole day.


Revlon Perfect Heat – Perfectionist 2 in 1 Dryer

Recently I was introduced to a few Revlon products- and needless to say the one that excited me and most others was the 2-in-1 Dryer.

Why? Because with the negative ions – that can only mean my hair or shall i say my thick mane will dry much quicker. Ionic technology creates millions of negative ions, and what the ionic hair dryers help to do is break down the water molecule so it evaporates much faster. I didn’t use to buy into ionic technology until a friend told me how her sister’s dog which has skin problems and couldn’t grow fur for 8-9years started sprouting maybe 40% of fur on his body after sleeping on an ionic mattress. This was coupled with her own experience of falling ill and having to stop work to a point that her body rejected both food and water, until her slept in her sister’s ion mattress and started to feel better. So with that testimony i guess I should really try that out or at least give ionic technology a benefit of a doubt. Or at least readup on Quora lol

2016-11-08-13-41-31 2016-11-08-14-31-56 2016-11-08-14-31-342016-11-08-14-29-36

So anyways as straight forward as it seems here’s one of the rare videos i actually make to show a product – hope you enjoy the sharing.

Now i can say byebye to my paddle brush and heavy duty hairdryer lol. Which if you must know i feel real sentimental about, despite being given a dyson supersonic.

The Revlon im super fond of because its a paddle brush dryer! :) Great for used and abused bleached hair like mine lol, I can see how using it is a breeze for many of you, especially for those with shoulder length hair, for those with long long hair like mine – this could help you get the airflow to your ‘suffocated’ scalp lol and it will help with shortening drying time- especially when you wash your hair daily like me!

If your hair tends to tangle- then this is perfect, you get one hand free to section out the parts you want to dry, where as if you’re holding on to the hair dryer and your other hair is holding a comb….gosh you’ll be forcing your way thru and yanking pretty hard on your tangles like how i do? Or sometimes you may just give up blowing dry your hair hahahha.


It’s also lightweight! so goodbye achy breaky arms. Hair dryers especially salon grade ones like mine are heavy ! Get it at


While waiting for my videos to upload on youtube, i found the time to review the Revlon Pro Instant Pedi too – and I’m a new convert now!
Key features:


    • The advanced technology of 35 revolutions per second helps remove corns and calluses instantly and just overall deadskin in just 2-3secs per use. Nice!
    • You don’t have to soak your feet before using it :)
    • Antimicrobial treatment on the buffer pad destroys 99.9% of bacteria on the roller
    • It’s safe as there’s no blades but of course do not use it on broken skin. duh.
    • Batteries are included!

Replacement buffer can easily be boughtSaves you time and money! Don’t have to go all the way to a nail salon to solve your skin problems

First in Southeast Asia – The Dyson Supersonic to launch in Singapore on 5th August 2016

Hear Ye, Dyson Supersonic hair dryer is coming to Singapore. It is slated to hit store shelves on 5th August 2016 for the retail price of S$599, and will be available at major departmental stores and electrical multiples. Exciting News Isn’t it – knowing that dyson is a brand that just wows us all the time – from home appliances and now BEAUTY!


Here’s a peek:

Doesn’t it just look amazing? It’s super sleek and its pretty light weight too.


2016-07-19 12.38.522016-07-19 12.39.01

I got a first look at it during the launch at the National Design Center and I was beyond thrilled to be given a go at it, along with a blow out at the popup hair bar! :)

2016-07-19 12.38.222016-07-19 12.38.31

The hairdryer does pack a punch and here’s some of the features which i absolutely LOVED about it.


  • It’s alot more silent than most hairdryers and I can actually hold a conversation while blow drying my hair. Which is great since my boyfriend has this funny habit of talking to me while i’m drying my hair.
  • The hair dryer uses the same air multiplier technology just like the dyson fans and hence it was able to relocate the motor to the handpiece and not the top of the dryer hence making it alot lighter.
  • The dryer comes with three different nozzles, including a smoothing nozzle and a diffuser. It has four heat settings – three hot airflow settings and a cold airflow setting.
  • 100°C Fast drying and styling

    80°C Regular drying

    60°C Gentle drying

    28°C Constant cold uhhuh!

  • The interesting thing is the nozzle is held to the hair dryer with a strong magnet [have you had instances where the nozzle flew out while you were drying your hair? It happened to me a few times! esp when i choose to blowdry at super high speed , and once when i picked it up in a hurry, my fingers were burnt . WELL GUESS WHAT! Never again – Dyson has solved this problem with its magnet! and a double layer nozzle so touching the nozzle will not burn your fingers. wow? Prayers answered with heat shield technology.
  • It has a microprocessor/sensor that controls heat so it will not damage your hair. The temperature is monitored every so often . The Dyson Supersonic™ hair dryer uses intelligent heat control to maintain Dyson’s optimum temperature, helping to prevent extreme heat damage. Less damaged hair reflects light in a single direction, making the hair appear shiny. YES! We’re talking science here!
  • It’s kinda the ferrari of hairdryers- with its V9 motor that has 13 impeller blades and gives up to 110K revolutions per min

Let’s look into the prototype

2016-07-19 13.23.01

Now’ lets have a go with it.

2016-07-19 13.00.25at_the__dyson__supersonic_popby_hair_blow_dry_bar-_love_is_an_understatement_of_what_I_feel_towards_the_Dyson_Supersonic_hairdryer__launching_this_august_at__tangssg

Pictured here is my hairstylist of the day – Mary from Salon Vim. Love her pink hair.And love the blow out she gave me.

2016-07-19 13.22.07

So I took a photo of her hair to share with you lol.

2016-07-19 13.09.50


Nextup: This was my brown hair before Shaun from Chez Vous toned it back down to a nice chestnut brown 2016-07-27 13.28.22

Good Hair Days

2016-07-27 23.41.28

So guys! after hearing all this talk – get in on the action.

To commemorate the launch, Tangs will be doing an exclusive online pre-order at their website ( from 20th July onwards. So all you customers who pre-order the hair dryer may opt to pick up their machines at Tangs or have it delivered to your homes from 5th August onwards.


As part of the official launch, Dyson will conduct a hair academy with beauty blogger Drea Chong on the evening of 5th August from 7pm – 9pm. Limited spots are available and are on a first-come-first served basis. If youre ‘ keen you may RSVP at the following link:

5 Aug 2016
7pm to 9pm
TANGS orchard.

Those keen to get up close and personal or have a hands-on with the new technology may visit selected stores including but not limited to Tangs Orchard, Tangs VivoCity, Best Denki VivoCity, and Robinsons JEM from early August.


2016-07-19 13.01.07  2016-07-19 12.44.10 2016-07-19 12.39.50

Hint: Dyson built a hair lab to test its hairdryers and created a global shortage of these lol. I guess you can say GO BIG or GO HOME here lol.2016-07-19 12.38.34  2016-07-19 12.39.11

Last looks – and if time permits – I’ll do an unboxing video! xx

Till then, i’ll leave you with some funny hair Myths courtesy of DYSON

Hair Myths

Hair is best brushed when wet

Hair is actually 50% weaker when wet. Wet hair stretches more than dry hair before it breaks. Wet hair has a co-efficient of friction that is significantly higher than dry hair, therefore combing/brushing whilst wet will increase the amount of force applied to the hair increasing the likelihood of breaks occurring.

Running cold water at the end of your shower makes your hair shiny [i was a tad upset reading this part lol]

The general premise of this rumour is that colder water will cause the cuticle layer (surface) of hair to close. Hair however is dead and there are no active mechanisms (e.g. opening &; closing of cuticle layers) caused by either hot or cold water. The hair cortex swells slightly with water due to penetration into the hair, however this occurs with both hot and cold water.

Cutting your hair frequently makes it grow faster

No it doesn’t, hair grows from the root & the body doesn’t know when it has been cut (shaving,plucking, tweezing is a different story). Cutting the hair removes split ends which help the hair stay more aligned and look healthier. Perceptually if you get your hair cut more frequently you will probably be more aware of how quickly it grows.

If you pluck a grey hair more will grow back

When a hair follicle begins growing grey hair, all new hairs from this follicle will be grey. If you pluck the hair the follicle will be forced back into the anagen growth phase and will produce another grey hair. There is no clear evidence that plucking a single hair will cause other hair follicles to start [DARN!] producing grey hairs instead.

The more you brush your hair, the healthier it will be

Brushing the hair mechanically damages the hair, breaking bonds in the cortex weakening it over time. The abrasion to the cuticle (surface) of the hair will break off small bits of cuticle that stick up due to other damage, this will enable the hair strands to align better which will make it temporarily look healthier however it is still more damaged than before & less resistant to chemical, environmental, physical &; heat damage in the future.

Fun Fact

In general, the weight needed to produce a natural hair thread rupture is 50-100 g. An average head has about 120,000 threads of hair and would support about 12 tons. MIGHTY MIGHTY HAIR!!