Dailou – Great food with a relaxing marina view for Punggol Peeps!

 DAILOU – you know aka BIG BOSS is a new restaurant in Punggol. We urge you to go before the place is packed and news spreads

dailou logo

Bringing together zichar & fun drinking place, Dailou is a 90s Canto theme inspired Singapore restaurant along the Punggol Marina Country Club. The classic and eclectic atmosphere would be perfect for guests to relax and unwind after spending the day in the bustling city. Signature dishes includes the Imperial Pot Crab “Dai Lou’s Money Bag” & “Knuckle Duster” haiyah i didn’t get to try these but soon I am sure.
Frankly who cares about interiors – all I want is good tasty food.
beer all day pricing
There’s also 3 for $13 Heineken at the bar :)

LOVE seafood like me? Well Punggol has a new hidden gem now! It’s near the LRT and well of course it will be great if you drive.

I popped by DAILOU to try the star dishes such as the Salted Egg Black Pepper crab *gasp* – with Mantou <3 It was sweet and salty, pretty well balanced. I must have had 3 mantous or something and I am pretty sure I can tank some 10 mantous all to myself hahahahha if given the opportunity. The sauce was fingerlicking good, the crab was good size. I shared 3 dishes with 3 friends [4 of us] and we were pretty well fed.  It comes in 2 sizes – But if you’re a crab lover then try it all!! Including their XO Crab beehoon!!

salted egg black pepper

The buttermilk pork cubes – were soft and way addictive that we polished this dish up real fast, and also the V4 heavenly king veggies that contain Petai. I likeeeee.

The tongue in cheek name of the dishes will entertain not just you but also your tastebuds

Here’s some photos  buttermilk pork cubes da si xi  knuckle duster

We heard they were fully booked last saturday so hey – call in advance if you’re going!
11 Northshore Drive, Marina Country Club S828670 #01-0R
Right beside the prawning pool.

Zichar Daily 12pm to 10.30pm
Bar 10.30pm to 12am (pending license extension to 2am)