Colorwash – on first impressions

I’ve always loved Colorwash ever since Founder, Gemma threw Ketchup onto her nude chanel handbag back in 2013 [Screams were heard all over the room back then]. See Gemma is a lady who always makes it a point to host exciting launches, the last one was over at Gardens By The Bay to demonstrate how effective Colorwash’s High Density Transparent Coating is in the garden’s misty dome. hehehe

2016-07-28 15.00.46

This year- sees Colorwash team up with The General Company to bring us a leather craft workshop! Super fun <3 More on that in abit.

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Well the whole point of this year’s media session was to drive back home to idea that we really only get 1 shot at first impressions.

Science says people decide these 9 things within seconds of meeting you

Everything from whether you’re trustworthy, to whether you’re next in line for promotion, successful, adventurous etc are all being judged in those crucial seconds.

People decide on your trustworthiness in a tenth of a second.

Princeton researchers found this out by giving one group of university students 100 milliseconds to rate the attractiveness, competence, likeability, aggressiveness, and trustworthiness of actors’ faces.

Another group was able to take as long as they wanted. While other traits differed depending on time spent looking, trustworthiness was basically the same.

Food for thought isn’t it.

Now – it may actually be a worthy investment then to nail your first impression. And since men don’t have that much to accessorize with , unlike women, then things like bags, shoes and their suit are crucial in making an impression.
Now, since we live in tropical sweltering Singapore and we’re at the mercy of the monsoons, here are some tips courtesy of Gemma on how to keep your shoes perfect.
In the event of a downpour, stuff your leather shoes with crumpled newspaper ad dry them gently with a hair dryer (cool air only pls), before they are completely dry, insert shoe trees to make sure they dry out evenly, and maintain their shape. If you’re afraid newspaper will transfer colors to your leather goods, wrap the newspaper first with clean tracing paper to prevent ink stains. You can stuff you bags, briefcases , and more. It helps to prevent mould as it absorbs moisture and it also helps to maintain the shape of your leather goods – preventing wrinkles!
Belts and watchstraps also need TLC – using leather conditioner on them will extend their life expentancy and deter moisture and filth. Lazy to DIY , then bring it to a nearby Colorwash Outlet!
If you’ve the money to splurge on a hermes/chanel and the likes, then do do invest in the High Density Transparent Coating which protects your leather, prevents stains, and keeps its pristine, not forgetting how it can help in incidents where some one decides to ketchup you or spring /spill a surprise attack lol.

p.s just like how you like to carry wetwipes in your handbag, consider carrying Colorwash’s soft leather cleaner wipes which retail for just $4.90, its a handy thing to keep your bags clean or to wipe any unwanted stains off your goods ! Super handy! :)

I find the marine square branch to be most convenient heh. But there are also outlets at

Mandarin Gallery, Asia Square Tower 2, China Square Central, West Coast plaza and Alexandra Retail Centre.

colorwash marina

Now here we are before we got started on making our own vachetta leather namecard holders. [which mind you looked easy but wasn’t lol] Thank you to Colin from The General Co and also Xiehui from Stone For Gold for the coaching/help with scoring the leather and more.2016-07-28 15.15.272016-07-28 15.38.552016-07-28 16.20.142016-07-28 16.41.222016-07-28 16.58.06

I’m so proud about having made this from scratch! lol2016-07-28 17.00.042016-07-28 17.05.032016-07-28 17.00.582016-07-28 15.59.00

Pictured here is Xie Hui who imparted his skills to us! heh2016-07-28 15.58.47




So I popped by Mandarin Gallery today to get my Balenciaga coated with Colorwash’s High Density Transparent Coating, as well as to send in one of my Satin prada wristlets for cleaning.

It’s my first time at Colorwash and service was great, Florence the lovely store manager greeting me and answered all the questions I had. It cost about $50 to clean up wristlets of my size.

Didn’t really take a good enough close up shot of my wristlet to show you how dirty it was…. ah wells :)
For those who are keen to service or show your bags some TLC.

Here’s the price guide

Luxury goods special – How to maintain your bags. clutches and more


At the 10th Anniversary celebration of Colorwash and the launch of their High Density Transparent Coating for all your lovely bags… we were treated to a spectacle of having the boss douse bags like your chanel 2.55 and balenciagas with water, ketchup, pen ink which lead us all to “ooohhh and ahhhh and gasp”.

The chanel 2.55 seen here belongs to Ms Gemma Gil who is the managing director of Colorwash. A firm believer for sure of her company and her products, she had put up her pretty lambskin chanel flap handbag to the test. Allowing her brother who is part of the business as well to throw heinz ketchup onto the bag (as we protested!) LOL.

Well as seen on this coated portion of the bag: The ketchup was easily removed just by spritzing water on it. It slide off without a trace :)

At the uncoated section of the bag. Things weren’t looking that great. Check out the red stains on the stitches on a bag that is worth 7 thousand or so.

I had uploaded some photos on instagram that day which lead to some people commenting that they too were really shocked LOL. Thank goodness Colorwash can reverse the many types of damage and rough handling we inflict on our handbags!

Introducing the Colorwash High-Density Transparent Coating.

Priced at $120 no matter the size of your bag. It is well worth the amount of upkeeping your expensive bags isn’t it. The treatment however doesn’t last forever and it is recommended you bring your bag back every 6 months or so depending on how often you use it. The silicon coating wears out just like any other treatment :)

But since we live in Singapore where humidity levels are high, and where we face rain and are bear the brunt of it, this may well be worth the investment. Because we work hard too , we get pen stains on our bags don’t we. Pen ink is typically oil based and you can’t remove these since you can’t rub alcohol or water on your bags as it destroys the leather. Better to leave such things to the professionals.

High-Density Transparent Coating

The first in local leather care industry to incorporate Silicone into transparent coating, High- Density Transparent Coating is twice as effective in protecting bags and other items, from water and minor food stains.

Silicone brings many benefits into the equation. Known for its strong water-repelling and anti- abrasive properties, it creates a durable barrier between bags and stains. Its resistance to oxidation also slows down the perennial concern of color fading of leather. The molecular structure of Silicone also assists breathability for the living leather which prevents the growth of fungi by exhuming trapped heat and moisture through water vapor. Besides Silicone which has moisturizing properties, the coating is fortified with additional minerals to keep leather supple and soft. Further enhanced with cutting-edge molecular technology, the minuscule particles in High- Density Transparent Coating cover even the smallest seams, extending its application beyond leather products to include fabric and suede – a breakthrough in the market.

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ColorWash outlets in Singapore

ColorWash @ Alexandra, PSA Building #02-13
ColorWash @ Asia Square Tower Two #02-20 (Opens on 30th September 2013) ColorWash @ Bukit Timah Plaza, #B1-14
ColorWash @ China Square Central #01-01
ColorWash @ Katong V #02-05 (Opens on 25th October 2013)
ColorWash @ Mandarin Gallery #03-05
ColorWash @ Marina Square #B1-05
ColorWash @ Siglap Centre #B1-02
ColorWash @ United Square #B1-36A
ColorWash @ West Coast Plaza #02-48